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Love Eklutna Lake. Many great hikes around here and I highly recommend staying a night or two at the Serenity Falls Hut after mile 12. Look forward to returning soon.

8 days ago

Very pleasant boardwalk except for loud traffic and nearby shooting range. Ducks and salmon. Sept 8, 2018.

All the stairs got me a little winded. After that though, it's like a choose your own adventure, scrambling up all the rock. Definitely flat at the top, hence the name. Went on a beautiful bluebird day and got views of everything from Iliamna to Denali. (of course, you can get that from the parking lot too... :P) Sept 8, 2018. Took me about an hour and a half to get from parking lot to the top, including breaks.

8 days ago

Beautiful in fall with all the red bunch berry (?) ! We walked this to get to and from Flattop Mtn.

It's a steep hike almost all the way up, great calf workout. Great views after 1 hour of hiking up at the first big hilltop and also at the top. Ran into a black bear on the way down in the trees. Bring bear spray. Also saw moose tracks. Others said they found blueberries to pick. Approximately 2.5 hours total or less (up and down) and 3.3 miles.

It was a fun scramble at the top but too many people. 1 hour and 15 minutes total up and back.

9 days ago

Beautiful hike. If you’re a beginner consider warming up for this hike with maybe one or two before. A steady incline with a few flat areas throughout. But mostly you’re trekking up. Beautiful views this time of year.

I don't think I would necessarily classify this hike as 'hard' but I also did it on an absolutely perfect day in terms of weather conditions. It would certainly be more challenging in poor weather or with small children.
Very busy trail but that was also probably increased due to the great weather and time I went (late afternoon on a Saturday).

made it 2/3 of the way with old dogs, it was raining, and we were concerned with wet boulders for the rest of the way up. but it's gorgeous at where we stopped

11 days ago

Did this last weekend. Some muddy spots. Great views in the valley.

Not easy
But fantastic views

Nice bike ride and easy trail. On a clear day you can see Mount Denali.

We didn't make it to the very top, but we got pretty close. We caught a ride with the bike shop downtown (Flattop Mountain Shuttle they were great, 5 stars for them too!) and had to turn around early enough to catch a ride back. Hard trail but fun, we'll have to try it next time we're in Alaska. Be sure to have your mountain goat shoes on!

Difficult hike especially with a bunch of snow but wonderful view from the top!

one of my favorite summer hikes. I start at the glen alps trail head and follow middle fork until the sign for wiliwaw lakes. This makes the hike just over 12 miles instead of 16.

15 days ago

Rigorous hike, rewarding views. We lucked out on weather this time, but it's typically pretty windy at the top.

Loved this hike! Easy to get turned around with all the side paths but the views are breathtaking! We have a 3.5 year old walking it and wore the baby!

Hikers in the mist. Wet, cloudy, and slippery conditions. Upper 1/3 is challenging but on a clear day would be very worth it.

21 days ago

Hard but so worth it! This was amazing.

22 days ago

This was a fun hike. I'm afraid of falling, so not only did the hike down take twice as long as the hike up, but most of the first part of the descent was done on my bum. The climb on the last part wasn't well marked. Fabulous views.

24 days ago

Love this trail for a quick walk! We only had about an hour to walk so it was perfect! We saw the salmon and lots of ducks! It was perfect for our toddler!

What a fun trail! That last bit up to the top was an absolute blast, but it’s no joke - we definitely had to use our hands and coming back down was even trickier. Just be careful and take it slow! We did this trail on a rainy, foggy day - I don’t really recommend this, as the trail isn’t very well marked near the top and those rocks are challenging enough without the rain. But it did mean that we had almost the whole trail to ourselves, and the fog made it eerie and moody and beautiful. Even though we didn’t get the views, it was like we were on another planet with all that fog enveloping the mountain. Gorgeous! Keep an eye out for the orange paint markers on the boulders to help you find your way. Our legs were shaking by the end of the hike and it was absolutely worth it!

1 month ago

1 month ago

Great bike ride!

1 month ago

Great hike. The first 3/4 is realistically moderate the last 1/4 is hard, but completely worth the view. The trail has a couple routes you can take as well. Great way to see the town of anchorage. Wind can get crazy but it’s fun. Well traveled so you won’t be alone

Very nice boardwalk, scenic view. Many birds, including bald eagle. Salmon in small stream. Some moose and bear sightings.

1 month ago

Gorgeous Hike, not a real clearly marked trail. There is a better trail that I cut up on the saddle but I’m not sure where this started. The only reason this received a 3 star rating from me and not higher was that it’s marked as moderate and the top mile is some pretty gnarled rock crawling and scree. Not undoable but not somewhere I’d bring a novice or kids. I did see the obligatory ptarmigan and about 6 moose, one cow calf pair that prompted a 150yrd retreat back up the trail as they were using the portion I needed at that particular moment. All in all a great hike!

Nice easy start then quite the “goat climb” to the top beautiful views all around saw a Dall Sheep that crossed the trail ahead of me. 6 Bald Eagles circling over head and a huge bull Moose off in the distance

Amazing views from the top and is challenging getting back down over the rocks. Fantastic hike!

nice easy trail, gradual incline until it gets steep at the end. I did it as an out and back because I didn't see exactly where the loop was. good hike if you only have a few hours took me 2.5 hours

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