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Always enjoyed this fairly quick yet challenging enough hike, with a great view of Anchorage. The American Flag at the peak makes a great photo.

Super bad weather when I did it, but the summit is totally worth it. Forested area for the first half of trail is bear area so make noise. Also saw moose on the way up. View from the summit is great, you can see put into the range as well as back towards anchorage.

1 day ago

The first two miles are really boring-then it starts to get good. Easy trail overall, doesn’t feel like you’re really gaining hardly any elevation. A lot of cars at the trailhead, but pretty sure 85% of them were for Flattop.

This is a wonderful place to bike or walk. We use these trails just about everyday!

Great trail with a reward at the top. Close to town and doesn’t take too long to complete. Great views of the valley on the backside of the mountain top.

Perfect spot for hikers and bikers of all levels. Wildlife is abundant! This is a great spot to see moose and other critters.

Easy hike with two high-reward destinations closely accessible. The hand trolley is awesome, and the river gorge is impressive and beautiful. Access both from the road on one side or Alyeska Resort.

absolutely beautiful hike. summit was cold, so bring appropriate wind breaker for your incredible summit photos. highly recommend, there is no othing else this beautiful and/or accessable from right outside Anchorage! Plus, if you go early, wildlife will be out. saw a massive grizzly and bull moose as you cross the first Bluff!

Amazing hike. Don’t stop at the hand trolly keep going. The forest is beautiful and the trail is well maintained.

Good trail little over grown. We didn’t make it all the way because it was to thick and had just rained so we turned around at mile 3. The trail is beautiful and I would recommend this trail.

The trail was beautiful and decently maintained beyond the Basher trailhead. You can access this trail from a couple points to include the Prospect heights trailhead. This is the 2nd time I’ve done it and gone clear to the top of the peak. The distance is alittle misleading, which is where the 4 stars came into play. The distance is more like 6 miles one way, Fitbit and gps verified! No bear sign or activity well travelled.

Tons of trails in the area, well maintained, nice walk, bring bug spray. My wife, son and I went on a geocache adventure and hit many of theses trails. Nice area, I'll be coming back.

6 days ago

The trail is poorly defined, but we were able to pick it up in places around the edge of the meadow. Very marsh like, so wear waterproof boots. Great view of the mountains in both directions when you are towards the middle, and true to its name, we saw 6 moose and didn’t even do the full loop.

This hike was more challenging than I had anticipated but with a decent payoff. Today was quite cloudy, so we couldn't fully appreciate the view from the top but the partial view was very pretty. We spotted a moose about halfway up and someone in another group had apparently seen a few bears. It took us roughly 2 hours to complete - given the extra time to meander around the summit and go off trail in some parts. The initial 3/4 of the trail on the way up was well sanded/graveled and incorporated wooden steps throughout to help with changes in elevation. By the final upward push, the trail became much steeper and somewhat slippery requiring us to use our hands for stabilization at several points. The trail was fairly crowded considering that it is a Thursday afternoon. We were within earshot of other people most of the hike. If you prefer to hike in peace and privacy I would not recommend this trail. Overall, I would give 5 stars for the accessibility and workout but 4 stars for the crowds, non-varied landscape and $5 dollar parking.

Great hiking trail with moderate terrain. It's a great place to bring the kids and dogs.

Beautiful hike with just the right amount of challenge. Hiked all 3 peaks with adults and kids as young as 8.

I am not a hiker, but I’m not a quitter either.. this trail tested me for sure. And it was definitely worth it. Which is why I will do it again!

10 days ago

We meant to hike the Powerline trail to Southfork. We got lost in conversation and followed the trail to the left which led us to Wolverine Peak. This was a hard hike that took us 3 hours to get up and 2 hours to come down. We took many breaks for water, snacks, and photos. Great for legs, but hard on knees through the rocky area. The winds were strong at the peak that I almost lost my hat. We ran into a porcupine on our way down. Overall, it was a great accident and we felt thrilled to check this trail off our list. The views were truly breathtaking. Go prepared!

11 days ago

I did the hike on June 25th. It was just what I was looking for. Its fairly flat. You start by going over a bit of a rise, nothing demanding, and then the rest relatively flat through a valley where it ends at a pretty lake. I should say that I was going to do the backside of Flat Top Mountain and noticed clouds rolling in and decided to do Rabbit Lake Trail instead. (The trail heads are very close to each other). In truth I’m out of shape and had just flown in the night before from NYC and was feeling out of sorts and did not want anything all that strenuous. The trail delivered. It’s quite beautiful. You definitely feel like you are out in nature. The work:benefit ratio is quite high.

Only saw one couple on the way out and they were off to the side picking berries or something. Otherwise I had the place to myself. On the return hike I passed a number of folks - family with four kids and a dog, a couple with dogs, mountain bikers (with dogs).

I definitely appreciate that I stepped off around 8:00. It took me a little over 4 hours.

Beautiful view
I had my dog and son with me
Watch out for lose rocks

The reason for 3 stars is the horrible gravel road you have to drive up to get to the trail head. Was definitely a one time thing for me. If you have a 4 wheel drive you'll be good. $5 for parking. Also as others mentioned this is more a moderate hike than easy.

13 days ago

Hiked this one on July 4, 2018. Wonderful views once you get up close to the top and there’s a couple different trail options you can take halfway up. Would definitely rate it moderate due to the incline. If you hike this one on a sunny day, there is no shade so keep that in mind. We brought our two dogs and had them on leashes, but it seemed that almost everyone else ignores those signs and we constantly had other dogs running up on ours. It didn’t seem like almost anyone else had their dogs on leashes up here, so if you have a dog that doesn’t play well with others this might not be the best place to bring them.

I don’t understand the hype about this mountain. Super crowded, dusty, rough, slippery trail, ok views...I understand it’s convenient but if you’re willing to go a little farther outside of town the hiking is so much better.

This hike was amazing but definitely accurately rated as hard! It’s a lot of elevation gain once you hit the intersection of Near Point and Wolverine Peak. The views are totally worth it, though! There’s lots of wildlife, too: while we didn’t see any goats or sheep on the slopes, it’s clearly good habitat for them, and we did see lots of arctic ground squirrels (so cute!). We did see a moose cow and calf on our way back down to the trailhead, which was amazing. Definitely worth the difficult trek!

Great but strenuous hike. Spectacular views from the top of the ridge.

Such an awesome trail, great to have this app to help me keep on the right path.

15 days ago

Not a hike I would do again on a cloud free day! There is no shade anywhere on the trail and when it’s hot it’s hot! The first 2 miles is through brush and the last two-ish is through the open valley and you get beautiful Mountain View’s all around! This hike is long. Especially if you park where alltrails told us where the trail was, make sure you drive all the way to the end of that road or you are adding a hard uphill mile to your hike. Overall a good decent moderate hike.

loved crossing the gorge on the hand tram

The hike was pretty hard if you don’t have the right shoes! We stopped midway on the rocks up top because it was slippery. Other than that the weather and views were beautiful 

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