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Great little trail in Girdwood. Its at the very end of Timberline Road, which is the first right after the brewery on Alyeksa Hwy. The trailhead starts right next to private property so be sure to be respectful to those living in the area. The first part of the trail isn't really hard and only takes about 5 minutes to get to the waterfall. Great views and nice and easy there. Sit back and enjoy the sites and sounds. My kid, who is 2 years old was able to do this part with no issues. However, just to the left of the waterfall is a smaller goat trail which goes back for over a mile. It is a little steep and had lots of blown down trees. If you are willing to climb up and over all that the views through the woods near the stream are nice. My gps went a little crazy and only registered .4 miles round trip. It's only about .1 to the waterfall but like I said, the trail goes back over a mile.

trail running
15 days ago

10 miles off the Glen highway and five dollars to park. It's great for trail running and biking as it's mostly level with a spectacular view the full 7 miles to the other end of the lake. The first mile the trail is mostly shared with ATVs but everyone was good about slowing down to keep the amount of dust down. After that the running/biking trail occasionally meets up with the ATV trail. Definitely worth it.

29 days ago

Can lose the trail pretty easily when there’s a little snow. The views aren’t that great but nice enough. But you’ll work up a sweat if you aren’t a regular hiker!

Just did this hike on 4/22/2018 and it was awesome! A bit muddy at the start with snow following after but no postholing. Would recommend trekking sticks and once we reached the ridge top it was covered in snow, but crunchy snow. Amazing views! I will be attempting this again later this summer. Round trip we knocked it out in 5 1/2 hours with multiple breaks for snacks and such.

1 month ago

We did this hike on 4/15 and we got stuck in snow that gave in under us, which wasn’t so fun. It was harder than we expected due to us breaking in snow to our hips and getting out of it, I’m an experienced hiker from Washington State and my friend’s from Chicago. I would do this hike again but prepare better for snow or come back in the summer.
Overall it’s a great hike with amazing views and I’d recommend it.

2 months ago

I was born and raised in WA and have done plenty of hiking in UT, so I’m no stranger to snowy hikes. That being said, my Anchorage-raised cousin, his pug, and I enjoyed the hike (although I would absolutely love to see the falls without the snow). My only word of caution is that when the snow gets packed down and hard, it can be very slippery. Try walking on the of the trail in order to keep your footing. I would also highly recommend waterproof pants.

3 months ago

don't go in the winter it sucks....everything is groomed for skiing

Hiked 1/21. Lots of snow, trail splits off at one point where you follow the main trail or just a track of footsteps, but both will get you there. A lot of post holing. Easier if you’ve been to the lakes and know where they are.

stunning views. easy trail to walk, run, hike or even bike

A more direct route to Near Point than using the Basher Trailhead. Access is through an easement in a residential area. There is no trail sign and no parking at the trailhead due to "Fire Lane" signs. The trail was frozen on 1 November, which made it much less muddy. A bit slippery on the way down, so I used my Kahtoola crampons.

Foggy the whole time!! Got a peek of the mountains near the air strip. Will need to come back on a clear day . Very easy just long.

Always beautiful no matter the weather. Lots of hiking around. Great for kayaking during summer, unless it gets super windy. Sweet trail to ride your bike on too. Close to anchorage, really good ice cream shop on the road there.

7 months ago

super easy, really beautiful! great trail for the family, even if you have strollers. You can also 4-wheel all the way back to the glacier.

Amazing fall colors. Great hike. Lots of blueberries!!

My wife and I hiked this trail on Sept. 8. First time for us. We found the scenery just absolutely beautiful in the fall colors. The lake itself was quite a reward in itself. Over all the hike was easy early on and moderate at the end with increased grades with the trails having more rocks. We did see 15 Dall Sheep.

There's just a milieu of trails back here, do know where your going. I saw lots bear poop! Nice maintained trail.

9 months ago

It was an amazing experience! We enjoyed and the day was so clear and beautiful! Had to do it again!

9 months ago

We very much enjoyed our first walk on the trail. Still having the remnants of a cold we only managed 2 miles but plan to return and bike Much more of it. We also plan to kayak as the water looks very inviting! People are mostly respectful with their dogs, being mindful to leash them as they pass our young children.

9 months ago

My most recent trip to Eklutna S.P. and the Eklutna Lakeside Trail was a leisure walk from the parking lot. In the past, I rode my bike and my 6-wheeler. Even though the trail splits back and forth for the walkers and bikers, and for the 4/6 wheelers, I do suggest going on days when the 4/6 wheelers are not allowed on the trail. If it is a dry day you might be fighting the dust from these vehicles. You should check, but the last time I looked, the 4/6 wheelers were allowed Sunday through Wednesday. The trail is very nice for all including small children, and the elevation is mostly flat. In recent years, the lake level has been a bit low, so you can explore all the dried and twisted tree trunks and limbs along the way. I do suggest bringing binoculars so you can see the bears and sheep above.

Easy to moderate difficulty due to distance. The hike took about 3.5 to four hours. Beautiful views of the Anchorage bowl and Chugach Mountains. All ages and abilities can participate. You can bike along the power line trail and lock your bike to a bike rack right before the bridge where the Hidden lake trail splits from the power line trail. We saw several moose along the way which like to graze along either side of the power line trail.

10 months ago

Great trail - easy to find and well-maintained the entire length, which isn't always the case in the Chugach. Lots of elevation gain, but it's a pretty steady climb, no real steep parts and nothing sketchy. View from the summit is incredible. We did the 4.8 mile ascent in 2:10 from Prospect Heights Trailhead. Ran pretty much the entire descent and made it in under an hour, but that's two teenagers who are basically mountain goats and a mid-40s lady who has done quite a bit of mountain climbing lately and regularly runs marathons...

10 months ago

Scenic as it gets with minimal effort

Awesome area! The lake was absolutely beautiful, great to bring your dog down to the lake and let them run around. Even saw a black bear!

10 months ago

easy trail for taking younger kids on. beautiful views of the lake and mountains.

I love this area! It's an easy, enjoyable walk I can do with my dog and son (under 2yrs). Everytime I go, I am amazed at the views. It's never the same!

11 months ago

Wouldn't call it difficult more like strenuous

Absolutely gorgeous! We biked it and saw a black cub.

WARNING. The steep part around mile 6.5, O'Malley Peak is not "Moderate". There is no trail, lots of loose rock and potential for injury. The views are worth it, just be careful; fore warned is four armed :)
Ca$h me owsi, how bow dat?

Great day, amazing views. The water is really cold but it was worth it. Parking is limited and we had to drive in a circle a few times but only after 10 minutes we got a spot. $5 for all day parking. Animals are welcome. You can rent kayaks and bikes on site. Several trails in the area so a few options for people who want to climb elevation.

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