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Anchorage, Alaska Map
4 days ago

Perfect day for this hike! Trail was a little muddy after the rain yesterday and then the top had some snow. But the trail was evident with all the foot traffic. Clear enough to see Denali and the views from the peak were incredible. Saw 3 moose on the way up and then 20 sheep (3 different groups) at the peak. Definitely will do again. Enjoy!

Beautiful rabbit lake . Went up to mchugh lake also. Snow is there to stay !! Very windy as usual. Layer layer layer

Quick beautiful hike. Definitely check the weather before you go because doing this trail after/during rainfall would make it a lot more dangerous. I would also consider it to be more moderate than easy. A little strenuous at times, but so worth it when you make it to the top.

awesome trail! the peak of the trail has an awesome look out! did the trail in October, and it was a little chilly at the top but just plan accordingly for the weather.

We ended up just going up ship creek pass to ship lake to see the reveal. It was amazing. Saw a bunch of moose on our way back couple nice bulls. Moderate hike with a creek the whole way up.

I live in Indian right next to the end of Powerline Pass, so I start this trail opposite of everyone else. it's just a gradual inclined hike from this direction. Views of the Turnagain Arm and Bird Ridge are pretty great

Gorgeous fall day. Beautiful colors below tree line and the lake a stunning, crisp navy blue.

Just did O’Malley today! Took 3.5 hours roundtrip, however my friend and I ran up to the ascent before little Omalley, then the ball fields, and then down the scree coming back. Every opportunity we could. It’s an incredible hike but does require some confidence when heading up the gulley of big Omalley. We took the goat paths whenever we could find them but it was not technical at all. The view from the top, on a bluebird day, is incredible and well worth the trek! Saw about 4 bull moose and a cow coming back. Pretty highly trafficked, but not too many people once you leave the ball fields and start heading up big Omalley. Totally doable hike!

I really liked this trail as an easy walk to escape the city. It is all paved, but there are some opportunities to go into the woods if you like (near Earthquake Park for example). It also has the outer planets of the Solar System trail that starts at downtown Anchorage which is very cute and educational. I got up to Neptune -- next time I will make it to Pluto (six hours from the sun in downtown - I started too late).

The last 200 feet is very difficult. I got to see some moose on a side trail and the view was outstanding. It was a heavily trafficked trail, but I knew that going in, from the other reviews. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a challenge.

23 days ago

The ease-ability to reward ratio on this hike is fantastic. Our group of three went out and back in around 3hrs but, only spent ten to fifteen at the lake. Real chill and gradual for the incline, nice views throughout, and a lovely reward of a pristine alpine lake at the end. Love!

Well worth the hike! It is absolutely beautiful and the Lake is amazing!

There is no way to get to the trail, it’s all neighborhood watch signs and no parking anywhere. Waste of time

Good views like every other mountain in the state, this app labels it as hard but it’s definitely not. It should be rated as moderate.

27 days ago

Had a frightening bear encounter with a sow and three cubs less than a mile in and sadly didn't get to do the hike this day. It's on my "to conquer" list now for sure. Be alert and be bear aware through here folks.

1 month ago

I like that it's more secluded that the airstrip hike and the greater elevation change.

There's lots of trail work going on so be careful you stay on track. This app helped a lot for that. Saw moose and lots of bear scat so be careful/ prepared while out and about.

Love Eklutna Lake. Many great hikes around here and I highly recommend staying a night or two at the Serenity Falls Hut after mile 12. Look forward to returning soon.

This peak took us almost 4hrs to reach the top, taking our time in some places due to the loose ground and a few steep areas that are probably out of most people’s comfort zone, but if you don’t mind heights, the view is unbelievable!

Was there a week ago. Absolutely worth the trek. Breathtaking hike.

1 month ago

Amazing views, and tons of water along the hike for pups to drink. The slow climb up to the lake makes the hike kind of easy. We would rate it “moderate” only because of the distance.

1 month ago

What a great trail! Moderately steep. It's a ridge hike so the views are amazing for the entire way. There are multiple false peaks and I considered turning back out of frustration a couple times but made it to the top. Definitely worth the hike!

More of a nature walk but well worth the view at the end! Beautiful September weather!!

mountain biking
1 month ago

I only did an out and back to top Powerline Pass from Flattop then turned around to get back to Flattop car park. Great option is to bike to Green Lake then hike from there to Grey Lake then 2 options to get to Powerline pass, I prefer to back track and take high trail to top of pass rather than up scree like steep slope. Views are lovely of the lakes down to Anchorage with sleeping lady Beyoncé. Bike back to Flattop trailhead is a blast with a bit of a push on the last section to make it feel like a workout after ~ 3 miles of coasting

1 month ago

Very pleasant boardwalk except for loud traffic and nearby shooting range. Ducks and salmon. Sept 8, 2018.

All the stairs got me a little winded. After that though, it's like a choose your own adventure, scrambling up all the rock. Definitely flat at the top, hence the name. Went on a beautiful bluebird day and got views of everything from Iliamna to Denali. (of course, you can get that from the parking lot too... :P) Sept 8, 2018. Took me about an hour and a half to get from parking lot to the top, including breaks.

1 month ago

Beautiful in fall with all the red bunch berry (?) ! We walked this to get to and from Flattop Mtn.

It's a steep hike almost all the way up, great calf workout. Great views after 1 hour of hiking up at the first big hilltop and also at the top. Ran into a black bear on the way down in the trees. Bring bear spray. Also saw moose tracks. Others said they found blueberries to pick. Approximately 2.5 hours total or less (up and down) and 3.3 miles.

It was a fun scramble at the top but too many people. 1 hour and 15 minutes total up and back.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. If you’re a beginner consider warming up for this hike with maybe one or two before. A steady incline with a few flat areas throughout. But mostly you’re trekking up. Beautiful views this time of year.

I don't think I would necessarily classify this hike as 'hard' but I also did it on an absolutely perfect day in terms of weather conditions. It would certainly be more challenging in poor weather or with small children.
Very busy trail but that was also probably increased due to the great weather and time I went (late afternoon on a Saturday).

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