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Wasn't a bad trail. The scenery was pleasant and the inclines were a great workout. Going down seemed harder than going up. Was disappointed that with all the animals that are supposed to be there I only came across a cornsnake. Saw lots of butterflies and moths. One section of trail was broken. Overall, can be strenuous for those not used to a lot of inclines.

beautiful and narrow path surrounded by woods. loved it!

Great hike. Well marked, lost trail twice but easily regained. I recommend using the Forest Service map. Come prepared with hiking boots and two Nalgene bottles of water. There is a LOT of rock on this trail and you can easily turn an ankle or worse without ankle supporting boots. I did this in one day, but would do again in two. Many good campsites after Adam's Gap on the way to the state park. Stay on Pinhoti Trail until Hwy 281 as the trail head is further down from the park. You will have to hike left up 281 either way to reach the Cheaha State Park.

A nice and easy trail. and a beautiful little botanical garden by Pell City Garden Club.

rock climbing
1 day ago

Absolutely STUNNING! Have to go back soon because we barely scratched the surface! Didnt have time to get to Blue Hole or Devils Hollow, will be back later this week for sure!

2 days ago

Do not cross the bridge at Borden Creek at attempt to hike S on the unmarked trail on the W side of the creek. It's a nightmare of a trail. After parking at the Borden Creek Trailhead, follow the gravel road to the left which leads you to the bridge at Borden Creek. For some "brilliant" reason, the 200 Trail sign is set back in the woods at the beginning of the trail which you'll never see. Just before the bridge there is an entry point to the left where the actual 200 Trail begins. It's a very hike-able trail which has nice overlooks of Borden Creek as you head S.
There are numerous downed log obstacles to cross in addition to slick muddy ditches. This trail is not recommended for anyone with disabilities or injuries.
There's a point in the trail where you have to hike through a small cave for about 25 yards named "Fat Man's Squeeze" but it's not very difficult to fit through. Backpacks and equipment need to be taken off beforehand. Use a flashlight, headlamp, or cell phone flashlight to see your way through the cave. It's actually a pretty fun experience. There are magnificent cliffs and small waterfalls to see along the hike. If you want to join the 209 Trail, it requires a moderate creek crossing which was barely over knee level on (June 25th). There are no trail markers to know where the 209 trail is located. How you know you're there is Borden Creek joins the Sipsey Fork with the Sipsey flowing W. An easier route is to start your hike at the 200 Trail beginning on Cranal Road, it's only a 0.5 mi hike to the 209 junction according to the trail maps. These woods have mosquitos and ticks so put on repellent beforehand. I found a tick on my shin yesterday after completing the hike. It's very easy to get lost in this forest so carry a good map and know where you're going. We didn't see any snakes the entire day which is always comforting. They're there however, so don't ever underestimate a potential sighting or encounter with a Copperhead, Cottonmouth, or Rattlesnake in the Bankhead National Forest & Sipsey River areas. By taking trekking poles you can reduce the wear and tear on your body tremendously. Ankle high hiking boots are highly recommended. It makes stepping on uneven surfaces so much easier and can help prevent a sprained ankle.
Have plenty of water with you and snacks, You'll be in the forest a lot longer than you plan for. It's the unprepared folks who think hiking in the Bankhead is a piece of cake and get themselves into compromising positions deep into the woods. Tell someone where you're parked and what your trail route will be. This area can be a whole lot of fun so enter the woods prepared to ensure you'll be exiting the way you hoped and planned!

Nice clean trail to the waterfall and swimming area.

I grew up in Chandler Springs near this trail and have hiked it many times. It is not blazed as well as it should be, but the trail is easy to follow. The best time to hike it in my opinion is the fall when the leaves change. The views at the top of the gap are awesome and worth the tough climb.

trail running
2 days ago

This was a very hard trail to run. There were a lot of rocky areas that didn't allow for running. It was still very difficult but better for hiking.

trail running
2 days ago

This was a great trail to run. The rocks weren't that bad. Nice, fast route!

3 days ago

Good for a short walk, but parts of the walk around the lake are littered with feces from geese and ducks. Watch your step.