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Did this trail with my 5 and 7 yr old. We had a great time. Nice waterfall and view from the overlook.

Short trail with some moderate incline at beginning. Tower was pretty cool, and there were some interesting geological features on this trail!

18 hours ago

Nice easy trail that's well maintained (support the Land Trust!). We suspected the waterfall wouldn't be running since we haven't had much rain lately and that turned out to be the case, but we'll go back at some point to see that. It's still a nice relaxing hike worth checking out, even sans waterfall.

19 hours ago

Really enjoy this trail. I have been on it a few times from childhood, first time on my own and just getting back into hiking after several years off - there are some tough spots, but most of that (if not all) is on the Pinhoti portion of the trail (which is also where the majority of the overlooks are), the Cave Creek portion is much less strenuous in my opinion.

For those who can’t find the crash site or McDill overlook, it is south of the southern curve of the Pinhoti where the Chinnabee and Cave Creek sign of “3” miles is. From there, about 1/4 mile or so. There are a couple of great overlooks.

I’ve read several comments of the trail not being well marked and people getting lost, and in some respects I have to agree. There are several spots where the tree paintings have faded completely or there are none for several hundred feet (that I saw). That said, the trail itself is well travelled this time of year so as long as you follow the well padded paths, you should probably be ok, but as mentioned by others, be sure to have a means to find your location (backup map and compass should always be with you). Also, though I mean no offense to anyone, you are trekking into the wilderness by yourself and you should be well aware of the risks doing so. Being underprepared is something that happens but can be avoided or at least minimized with prior research; being unprepared altogether is quite dangerous. Just because hundreds/thousands of others do it doesn’t make it “easy” or “safe.” Use common sense and be prepared as best you can.

Bring water, and more than you need. There is only one water source I saw, which is on the Cave Creek trail about a mile before/after the Pinhoti connection (depending on which way you are coming from).

Planning to go back.

1 day ago

We did this in Reverse today, Going red first gave us a chance to get warmed up before tackling the hills. Great trails, well marked and the view at the Chair was wonderful. Cant wait to see it again when the leaves start changing and the streams fill up.

There is Overflow parking just past North Trailhead parking.

We go to this trail often! I load the dogs up and love getting to enjoy this easy trail with them. Pay attention to where you step and don’t step off the boardwalk, snakes love this area and we have found very angry Cottonmouths before. The boardwalk is both pet and family friendly and has an awesome water view at the end. After you finish the boardwalk, if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the wooded trails by the parking lot! I highly recommend bug spray and long pants for that trail. It’s also easy to get turned around in the woods since the trails are unmarked, so give yourself plenty of daylight!

2 days ago

Great trail for a hike/run. I did the McKay Hollow Trail to the Southern Plateau Trail to make a loop out of it. The start of the trail (coming in by small pavilion and water fall) is quite steep, lots of rocks, boulders, and roots.

The long, flat section in the hollow makes for a great section to run. Ascending up out of the hollow to the South Plateau Trail is a fairly easy gradual ascent.

Once you make it up to the South Plateau Trail, you’re home free with a flat, easy trail to finish up with a run. Great workout that took me approximately two hours to complete.

Saw two bucks, both had nice racks, and three does. They didn’t give much of an opportunity for pictures. I did get a great shot of a doe eating grass on the side of the road while driving back home, though! Ha! But of course!

2 days ago

CONFUSING. Not well marked, so it was easy to get lost and get frustrated. Didn’t finish the trail, I just gave up halfway in and went back on the Poweline Trail instead.

Nice. Just make sure to bring plenty of water - I made the mistake to hike on a very hot day... barley any shade on this trail!

The caves are only open with permission or a special event. I don’t even know where to get permission or when an event is. Waste of a 2 hour drive.

3 days ago

Poorly maintained. Overgrown in spots and poorly marked. The beavers have left so no pond. Take a hint from the beavers and try another trail.

I had a really great time hiking for 4 hours there. I found the toughest sections to be fairly easy. There's a creek running alongside the Mud Trail. Some of the grasses alongside the trail get pretty tall so wear pants or keep an eye out for ticks. $5 to get into the park. I'm 41, in decent shape, and only hike occasionally when I'm out of town for work.

I was with a group of 5 when we decided to try this trail. We started off on another trail, the white, I believe, to get to this one. That one prior was a quick three mile and pretty flat; we started there because we parked at the main pavilion (first parking on right).

As soon as we started on the McKay Hollows Trail it quickly got rocky. Starting from where we were, it first went down the mountain, great scenery and not terrible. Going uphill, was another story. The trail is hard to follow since you are walking on just rocks and tree roots. Sometimes the rocks were color coded for the trail.

For the 4.4 mile trail, it took us about two hours, perhaps under. The last 30 minutes it was getting dark so we had to slow down just a bit.

Overall a good trail, dogs would love it, go in the morning or at a time where you can have a good slow pace.

7 days ago

I have to agree with the other reviews. It is a very steep trail but it is worth the effort when you get to the river it offers spectacular views. I loved this trail and would recommend it.

I would not recommend this trail at all. It is very poorly maintained. Very overgrown and hard to get through the weeds. The "pond" was just a mud hole. Don't waste your time there are so many beautiful trails close by that this one isn't worth the effort.

Caney Creek is a great hike. Easy and always refreshing. Please always practice LNT Leave No Trace. Have fun hiking.

we got covered in ticks avoid

7 days ago

Nice hike, good views of downtown Bham

The hike in wasn't bad at all. The last mile has a lot of rocks in the trail so beware of that. Now the hike out was a challenge. The elevation change is mainly in that last mile. The walls themselves are beautiful, definitely worth the hike in and out. For those wanting to hike it soon, there is water at the end right now.

trail running
8 days ago

My only complaint is the trail to cross over solid level ground rather than over the rock circle/retaining pond is not obviously marked. FYI, go left at the chainlink fence or you will disturb the efforts of some very annoyed fishermen... like I did. Also, when you reach the picnic area, the path picks back up on the other side of the pavilion in the tree line closest to the river.

I actually ran Rockpile and the paved Jogging Trail and back out Rockpile. Ended up being almost 6.5 miles. My puppers had a great time! Another side note, some other people did not have their dogs on leashes and would run up to me and my dog.

Great short hike. Trail was very well marked. Sweetwater Lake is a very beautiful, peaceful lake.

Had a great time hiking this Trail could only make it to the 8 story of the tower before I got scared and went back down. I can't wait to come back and do it again and try to beat my score of the 6th story

A good hike for sure! the hikers included me 42yo, 13yr, 10 yr and 2 8yolds. Yes, it's the south in the summertime - be prepared for the sweltering humidity with plenty of water and snacks. The kids got a little discouraged on the way down, but said the swimming hole was definitely worth it. The canopy of trees provides plenty of shade but also locks in the humidity if it has rained recently. Don't rate the trail poorly just bc it's hot and humid! the rock formations at the end are amazing, so suck it up and carry on! Just remember, what goes down must come back up - be prepared for the 100% uphill on the way back out.

10 days ago

Did this trail last year. It's short but spectacular and the peacefulness down on the river is soothing.
The climb back up is a tough one. Take your time.
I spoke with a local and they told me that they used to have concerts down in the gorge. There is old concrete picnic tables, a foundation of an old concession stand and blocks. They said there was a cable lift that lowered the bands and equipment into the gorge. And the Band Alabama is from there, Randy owns a large spread on the mountain, they used to play there back in the day.

This trail is great for biking. The trail has a slight slope at times but it is easy. It is mostly shady and was not busy. My husband and I enjoyed it.

its okay.. but not as free range as id like.

12 days ago

Mostly just old mining roads.

There are some incredibly interesting things in the park. Old mines, confidence courses, tree houses with swinging bridges.
The cutoff trails are really nice but the main “trails” are lots of gravel road walking.

I really like this park.
The overlook at the quarry is a big draw, but the sunrise thru the trees on the Orange trail is spectacular.(Sunrays & spiderwebs)

I normally do the White to Yellow then loop back for 6 miles or.......if Im feeling frisky, White to Yellow to Orange. There are really only 4 uphills on Orange but be ready.

12 days ago

Very nice park.
Park is well kept and can get busy, but worth the trip.
Red trail is my favorite but the falls are a must see.

It’s a beautiful trail, I’m a beginner hiker so I found it challenging in some areas, it was very well marked and has a gorgeous view of the water. Hopefully this trail will become easier for me the more I do it! Warning though, there are so many spider webs!! Gotta constantly stay on the look out

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