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I was surprised with this little loop. Needed to get out of Auburn and take the hound for an early October hike near some water so he’d have a place to cool down. The trailhead is easy to find, well marked and just down the way from the Cherokee Ridge trail. The beginning is ok. An easy plod along an old road along the river. Swings uphill some and the dips into the forest. Things are a bit lame on this section as it seems to be an old hillbilly dumping ground. Lots of trash and abandoned refrigerators. Once the trail turns up into the forest things get much, much better. Nice forest stroll along a little brook. Quiet and serene. After a while in along the stream you’ll head uphill through a pine forest and come out to a surprising vista that reminds you Alabama isn’t all that flat. Good place for a sit (there’s some benches and picnic tables). The trail dips back into the forest and winds up some ridges and over hollows. A good hike back to the parking lot. Everything is really well marked. The trail association out here is pretty impressive.