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this is a well kept paved trail that is 33 miles point to point it is a flat ride very little coasting great trail for a good workout nothing great to see on it but does have a nice creek and a town to check out one end meets the silver comet trail the other is in weaver. good trail to ride to get in some miles out and back is 66 miles.

2 months ago

I've floated different sections of this creek with all 3 outfitters. I really, really, really love this creek! It is a really great place to kayak and fish. It is simply a beautiful, laid back, calm float with scenery. It has a few small rapids. Nothing major, at all. Check the USGS water flow website, to make sure the flow is good. If you floating the lower section (with No Worries or Redneck Yacht Club) take some cash. RYC typically sells grilled burgers and hot dogs at the Hippie Hole. NW has a concession stand at their take out.

The Chief Ladiga, combined with the Silver Comet Trail which it connects to in Georgia, (SC/CL) are a superb choice for bicyclists looking to do a safe, scenic, and (generally) smooth multiday ride. The combined SC/CL stretches 94 miles from the northeast Atlanta suburbs across northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama to the outskirts of Anniston. My wife and I biked the SC/CL in both directions for a total of 190+ miles over 3 1/2 days in late May 2019. Our daily mileages were 57, 57, 62, and 24. Lodging is quite limited along the SC/CL, which means that the number of multiday itinerary options is also quite limited. I’ll detail how we did it below. The SC/CL Trail website has an excellent interactive mileage planner that allows you to play with options that might work for you. The Silver Comet (Georgia) and Chief Ladiga (Alabama) are technically two trails, and there are differences in the character and quality of the two, which I’ll discuss later. But the two trails seamlessly join at the Georgia and Alabama line, and, so, for the purposes of our ride, they were essentially one trail. The Silver Comet between Piedmont and Atlanta was our favorite section of the SC/CL. Most of it is under a shady canopy of trees, a fact that we really appreciated given that we rode during a late May heatwave. The sections east of Rockmart toward Atlanta are especially heavily shaded. Steep rock bluffs rise up on each side along many sections of the trail adding to the cool, shade. The sunniest, most open sections tend to be between Rockmart westward to the state line. The Silver Comet is generally very smooth concrete or asphalt with very few “root bumps,” a marked contrast to several sections of the Chief Ladiga on the Alabama side. Fortunately, along several of the bumpiest sections of the Chief Ladiga, someone has highlighted the worst bumps with spray paint. Still, it pays to be alert on the Chief Ladiga. Overall, like most rails-to-trails, the SC/CL is pretty flat with inclines tending to be spread slowly over relatively long distances. However, east of Piedmont is a very notable exception. Lacking a rail bed in this area, the Silver Comet developers built the trail on the slope of a hill that has become known variously as Mount Trashmore, Surprise Hill, and Trash Hill. Using my lowest gear, and unclipping just in case I came to an unavoidable standstill, I was able to stay on my bike the entire climb up Mount Trashmore, but my speed was about as low as it could be without me falling off. On the Chief Ladiga from the state line to Piedmont, if you’re only looking straight ahead you might think that you were in the flatlands. But, look to either side, and you’ll see you’re in a very hilly part of Alabama. Generally, drivers at intersections along the SC/CL were quite courteous, often stopping to allow us to cross. The exception was in Piedmont, Alabama. Motorists sped through the trail crossings with nary a look to either side. One problem is that we didn’t see any signs on Piedmont streets cautioning motorists that they’re about to cross a bike trail. As for the number of other cyclists on the SC/CL, we considered the bike traffic light. I’m sure this is at least partially due to the fact that we rode Tuesday—Friday. We encountered the fewest riders on the Chief Ladiga Trail between Piedmont and the state line. Not surprisingly, the number of cyclists was highest from Hiram, GA eastward toward Atlanta. The details of the itinerary provide some helpful context, especially for those who might want to do this ride themselves. When we were planning our trip we would have loved to have seen the nuts and bolts of how someone actually managed to ride the entire route, in both directions. So, here’s the nitty gritty of our itinerary: Day 1: 54 miles [drive from Rome, GA to Cedartown] Cedartown Depot (SC MM 51.3) Park car. Bike EAST to Mavell Road Trailhead (SC MM 0) to Silver Comet Connector (approx. 1 mile) to Silver Comet Cumberland Connector (approx. 2 miles) to the La Quinta Hotel, Vinings, GA FOR THE NIGHT. Day 2: 54 miles Reverse of Day 1, then drive from Cedartown to Rome, GA for the night Day 3: 62 miles [drive from Rome, GA to Cedartown] Cedartown Depot (SC MM 51.3). Park car. Bike WEST to State Line (SC MM 61.5 = CL MM 0) to End of CL at Woodland Park/Anniston (CL MM 32.5), then TURN AROUND & HEAD EAST to Piedmont (CL MM 13.6), AirBnB FOR THE NIGHT. Day 4: 24 miles Piedmont (CL MM 13.6) bike EAST to Cedartown Depot (SC MM 51.3). End Ride. One of the keys for us being able to ride the entire SC/CL was being able to park our vehicle overnight, twice, at the Cedartown Depot. We felt reassured about the safety of doing so when we saw a sign in the parking lot stating that the area is monitored by surveillance cameras. Notice that we spent the nights before our two Cedartown starts, not in Cedartown, but in Rome, Georgia, about a 30 minute drive north of Cedartown. We decided to stay in Rome rather than Cedartown because Rome has more lodging and restaurant options. However, Cedartown certainly has a couple of motels and a number of restaurants for those who would rather stay there. If you need a little mechanical help along the way, try Cycology Bike Shop in Hiram, Georgia. It’s an easy half mile north of the SC Trail. Just turn north at the trailhead with the caboose. The staff at Cycology was thorough, courteous, and helpful. Fortunately, my issue turned out to be very minor, We started each morning with three large bottles of water in our bikes’ water bottle cages. By refilling them at every opportunity, we never ran low on water, even though with temperatures mostly in the 80s and 90s we drank a lot of water. We did supplement our water by stopping at a Chick-Fil-A near the Paulding trailhead for diet lemonades and a Citgo gas station on Coots Lake Road just south of the Coots Lake Beach (SC MM 33.5) for a Gatorade. The longest stretches without water fountains (although there are some bathrooms in between) are Smyrna—Powder Springs, 11.5 miles Dallas—Rockmart, 15 miles Rockmart—Cedartown, 14 miles Cedartown—Piedmont, 24 miles Again, the mileage chart on the bikesilvercomet.com website is a good source of information for what’s along the way. Make no mistake, much of the SC/CL is remote. Weather wasn’t an issue, but it was definitely hotter than normal for late May, and that undoubtedly made the ride more fatiguing than if the temperatures had been closer to the averages. Anyone who’s spent any time in the Deep South in summer knows that the effects of heat can go from discomfort to dangerous real quick. Stay hydrated. I highly recommend the Silver Comet / Chief Ladiga to folks looking to do a multiday ride. It’s a gem.

we have went from Weaver a couple of weeks ago to now we are in Piedmont. maybe next Sunday we will finish the whole trail into Georgia.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Cheif Ladiga Trail is a great ride. The diversity you get to see riding it is really incredible. My dad and I have enjoyed biking together here several times. He's even rode from Jacksonville to Georgia. Looking at hitting the trail Thursday afternoon with my dad and daughter. Being able to spend time in the outdoors with my Dad who introduced me to the outdoors when I was just a kid , now being able to share my love for the outdoors with not only my Dad , but my daughter as well is wonderful. Not many places for young kids to ride like this piece of heaven we have right here in our backyard.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Really liked this trail we rode from Piedmont to the Georgia line and back. Trail could use some repairs in spots due to the roots making the asphalt bulge just be aware of it could cause a wreck. Overall though it was a great ride will definitely go back!

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Great ride!

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Very relaxing trip. There were a few spots after the sand beach area we had to be carefull of rocks sticking out of the water because it was only about 200 fps but no problem. Saw a few people in the banks all very friendly and commended us for getting on the water early as us gets quite crowded during the day. Lots of birds, fish and of couse turtles. We used Terripin Creek Outfitters. Really welcoming folks. Also spoke to No Worries outfitter at the end also very welcoming.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

had fun kayaking the man maid deterant were you have to get out and tote your kayak should be corrected

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Have canoed and kayaked the Terrapin several times and each time was a great experience. Have only used Terrapin Creek Outfitters for rentals. They have always been very helpful and have everything you need for a great float trip. There are plenty of places to rest and have a lunch along the way. Please be kind and don't leave anything behind though as most of the property is privately owned!

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

road biking
Sunday, October 01, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

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