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trail running
4 days ago

There is a western trailhead located just off of Greensprings Highway with parking, but it is a bit hard to find at first. It’s located just across from the Goodwill location and next to Hubbard. Entry is marked with a small Kiwanis sign by the road.

This parking area certainly makes the trail much more convenient to access from this side of town.

My wife set out to run it during lunchtime recently but found it a bit too isolated to feel comfortable running alone.

mountain biking
5 days ago

Cheif Ladiga Trail is a great ride. The diversity you get to see riding it is really incredible. My dad and I have enjoyed biking together here several times. He's even rode from Jacksonville to Georgia. Looking at hitting the trail Thursday afternoon with my dad and daughter. Being able to spend time in the outdoors with my Dad who introduced me to the outdoors when I was just a kid , now being able to share my love for the outdoors with not only my Dad , but my daughter as well is wonderful. Not many places for young kids to ride like this piece of heaven we have right here in our backyard.

I've riden this trail a couple times. always nice. people are nice and friendly and most cars are courteous. beautiful scenery on the island and amazing sounds of nature.

Great asphalt ride

road biking
13 days ago

We rode our bikes on this trail. A good portion of it is paved and relatively level. Occasionally you would get a great view of the city but for the most part you're looking at kudzu. Eventually, the trail turns into from pavement to gravel and your in a more wooded environment. Nice little urban trail though.

14 days ago

As urban walking trails go, it's one of the best. accessible to suburbs, great views of city, parking for visitors, its free...

trail running
20 days ago

Fantastic now that the trail has been completed. Can’t recommend it more highly.

Very easy trails. 4.7 miles in the heat. All paved or boardwalk

road biking
1 month ago

Really liked this trail we rode from Piedmont to the Georgia line and back. Trail could use some repairs in spots due to the roots making the asphalt bulge just be aware of it could cause a wreck. Overall though it was a great ride will definitely go back!

1 month ago

the completed trail is so much fun to walk the dog on. my new favorite trail in Birmingham

Fun easy for all ages

Easy shaded trail along the riverbank.

road biking
3 months ago

I have done this trail four times, I am VERY out of shape so this is the first time I've made it without having to stop and rest. Nice trail, well kept, paved, relatively level.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Was looking for a new place to ride our bikes as a family. Enjoyed the beautiful day and nice and clean atmosphere.

3 months ago

I really love this trail. It has a little bit of everything: a walk through the woods, near a lake, through beautiful botanical garden, up a small incline, near a park fir the kids to play at, and great area to park the vehicle. Great for pets too especially since its at the lake!


trail running
3 months ago

The trail is now complete from Vulcan Park to Green Springs Highway. The path is easy and flat, but the run up Red Mountain to the trail justifies the moderate rating. (There is a parking lot at the trail.). The view of Birmingham justifies the fourth star. Nice addition to the Red Rock Trail System!

trail running
4 months ago

Easy, short, and relaxing

Nice little park with a scenic walking path. Easy trekking, completely flat, gravel top.

We followed the directions to the end of dolphin island to start the trail...it is a mess! Lots of construction and there is no specific area where to start the trail. We drove back and parked in the public beach parking and started there. It was a great ride from there to the other end!

road biking
5 months ago

Great ride!

Very nice set of trails. All paved and boardwalks. My wife and I walked with our black lab and enjoyed it. It was very heavy traffic even for February so I imagine once tourist season gets in full swing there will be little solitude. Great park!

The river half of the trail is great. The city half is that-mostly on city streets. Well marked but shared with cars.

I went on this trail a few weeks ago on a beautiful autumn day in early November and something felt "off" and unsafe about the trail. It might be best for trail runners and bikers who won't be on its 3.7 miles for very long. In my opinion, it's not a leisurely trail that can be enjoyed by walking even in the best of conditions. The history of a railroad being there is cool but doesn't make up for the feeling of it being a claustrophobic funnel.

I enjoy hiking and have been to several places in town - Jemison, Ruffner, Moss Rock, etc. as well as places out of state. I like to have wide clearings for line of sight and safety and this place doesn't have that.

1) The entire trail is gravel, with no pavement except for the short road crossing by the dog park. If you enjoy the Black Creek Park loop you will be okay on the trail. This is not really an issue, just worth noting if you have a trail preference.

2) This is an "out and back" trail as described on this site. It is not very scenic. The trail is very narrow and either side has high embankments with dense trees. In some places you could see homes through the trees but after a while it was just forest. At one point there was an option to walk a trail that passed creek side but it didn't look safe. The route down to the creek bed was not clearly marked and seemed to be overgrown.

3) The benches provided at markers are good, however, there was a shed halfway down the trail with two strange broken up school chairs inside. I did not like that on a narrow trail with potentially no one else around you can't see if anyone is inside until you are next to it. It seems like trouble waiting to happen. I understand the need for shelter in the event of a shower or storm but this structure was foreboding. A canopy structure or bus station-type seating area with open sides or grating would be much safer here.

4) The trails ends on a well-traveled road next to a subdivision entrance. It was a relief to see civilization but still a little jarring, and there was no place to park a car at the end like there is at Lakeshore Trail. So it was back down the funnel.

I highly discourage this trail for use by walkers especially if it's just one or two people. The trail was shady literally and figuratively. Seems like it might be pretty nice for bikers though, and I saw quite a few.

There's far more than 4 miles worth of trails. Come check it out be prepared to run uphill.

Great system of trails and will be even better once the construction is finished with easy access to the beach and fishing pier.

trail running
9 months ago

Best area I've ever run. Boardwalks and paved around the entire state park. Campground is awesome and a good location to start.

The trail was gorgeous in a lot of places that made it worth the trip but some areas were really overgrown and snake-y! And it wasn't really a loop. We had to retrace. But beautiful place!

Trail is currently closed for construction. I had to give a star to comment so don't have a rating yet!

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