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7 hours ago

Nice views
Great paths
Marked well
Would do it again

10 hours ago

This trail itself good and for the most part it is easy to follow. There were a few places where we briefly lost the trail, but that was likely our fault.

There are tons of rock formations and the river is great. When we went the water was not too cold and the air was the perfect temperature for hiking. I will definitely be coming back to this trail and I feel like I will see something new each time I come back.

Also, I don’t know how common it is to see the bioluminescent worms (glow worms/Dismalites), but I did get a chance to see them for some time in the very early morning hours - very cool to see next to the river!

Great place, the only thing was with all this wilderness a group of idiots had to camp right by us & make noises & scream all night. Besides that it was very nice.

I went to do a long hike, but was turned around within 1.5 miles by how overgrown the trail is. It's so overgrown that I'm pretty sure I ended up following a game trail instead of the actual trail. Bug spray is a must during the warmer times of the year as the mosquitoes are abundant. A machete might also be recommended to finish the trail. There is a section that connects to a road, but I think that belongs to the hunting club that borders the reserve. If You don't mind a quick in-and-out, this trail will be alright. I recommend you go in the colder months to avoid the hordes of bloodsuckers. First part is great; second part needs maintenance.

It is a beautiful area and my dog and I truly enjoyed our hike. It is very overgrown though, if I didn’t have this app we absolutely would have gotten lost. I had it open and used it as our guide. I’m 5’11 and there was growth up to my shoulders in many areas.

followed the map to get to this location and it lead me to a private drive with a sign that says no trespassing .

Fabulous trail well marked for the experienced hiker. Trails were well maintained. Absolutely beautiful scenery.

Trail was poorly marked very easy to get lost several places never did But still A big adventure to say the least To river crossings Lots of water until the last 3 hours out Camp sites everywhere I stayed Where the 2 creeks Fort together closest to the Big tree

The trail was great Did a overnight all the water is at the bottom Not a lot of used to get to the bottom it's gorgeous the waterfall was dry but still very cool Will go back to see it flow Can't get lost so don't worry just enjoy

Very historical. It is a paved trail. Very easy hike. Good for the whole family.

An amazing experience. I have only recently started hiking so I was a little nervous about jumping right into this, but I am so glad that I did. The scenery is breathtaking. I was definitely winded when I got back to the vehicle, but loved every step of it.

5 days ago

Pretty but they really need to consider cutting their prices to hike in half...took 1 hour to complete and that is with all of us taking our time. I

I have done the four mile loop twice with my dog. This is a decent trail for training, but there are no views and the vegetation doesn't vary much along the route. Perhaps the seven and eleven mile routes are more interesting.

There are many, many spider webs across the trail this time of year. I spent much of the hike with a stick out in front of me to avoid walking into a large banana spider web.

I would recommend this hike for people who are looking to get distance on trails and don't want to drive far. But if you're looking for a more enjoyable experience, I would head over to the Deadening Trail on Lake Martin or Chewacla.

This was fun. A reviewer had posted that you could see views of the lake. I didn't see them but this was a beautiful trail anyway. I would rate this as Easy. It was perfect for a morning hike. I'm definitely going to go back and hike some of the other trails in the park.

6 days ago

Great trail to bike and walk on. Fully paved and has benches along the way to sit and watch the river.

It is an okay trail, nothing too special. It is hilly which I enjoyed.

6 days ago

Awesome trail! My 15 year old son and I hiked this in the morning of our second day of a three day backpack trip. Coming off the Pinhoti trail the first of two miles are a steep decent with the second being a gradual decent into the Turnipseed campground. 1/4 mile on either side of Turnipseed offers excellent camping spots with reliable water sources. Cheaha falls has multiple excellent camping spots with a shelter located about 1/8 mile up the trail heading towards the Devils Den falls. Most of this trail is under canopy; a beautiful hike which should take between 4-6 hours depending on your load and number of breaks you take!

6 days ago

SUNGLASSES: If you happen to locate a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on this trail, then we would love to get them back! (kirk_e_hunt at yahoo dot com) We discovered a pair of sunglasses that someone left behind at the end, brought them back to the trailhead, and left them hanging on the trailhead sign. Hoping the owners will happen to come back and find them and also that one good trail deed will return one to us! Ha!

This was a very enjoyable hike! My wife and I, and our six children (ages 9-14), completed the in & out hike in about 5 hours to include an hour spent eating lunch and exploring the area at the end of the trail. I agree with the “hard” difficulty rating as the ascent back to the parking area is physically demanding. You’re not required to necessarily be “in shape”, but simply capable of physically handling the challenge. The kids handled it well and had a great time! They especially loved climbing and exploring around the area at the end.

The falls were dried up, as the area hasn’t had any decent rain in a while, but there was plentiful water that allowed us to filter and resupply our water before heading back out (water at the end was clear and refreshingly cold).

The trail itself wasn’t anything “exciting”, but the end was fully worth it. Several primitive campsites available in the valley section that I hope to make use of in the near future. Looking forward to going again 1) when there is a good water flow and 2) when the leaves are gone and are not masking a good view of the canyon walls.

Full of trash, and human feces. Covered bridge was cool.

We took a 3 year old, a 5 year old, and two dogs. We didn’t make it all the way to the walls because it was getting dark. But we made it to the waterfall and they boys loved it! We will definitely be coming back!

I was surprised with this little loop. Needed to get out of Auburn and take the hound for an early October hike near some water so he’d have a place to cool down. The trailhead is easy to find, well marked and just down the way from the Cherokee Ridge trail. The beginning is ok. An easy plod along an old road along the river. Swings uphill some and the dips into the forest. Things are a bit lame on this section as it seems to be an old hillbilly dumping ground. Lots of trash and abandoned refrigerators. Once the trail turns up into the forest things get much, much better. Nice forest stroll along a little brook. Quiet and serene. After a while in along the stream you’ll head uphill through a pine forest and come out to a surprising vista that reminds you Alabama isn’t all that flat. Good place for a sit (there’s some benches and picnic tables). The trail dips back into the forest and winds up some ridges and over hollows. A good hike back to the parking lot. Everything is really well marked. The trail association out here is pretty impressive.

8 days ago

This is a beautiful spot and a gorgeous waterfall. There are several steps but there is a guard rail . It is a easy walk.

I did an overnighter on this trail last weekend. Very nice trail. Got a little lost at the shelter which was actually fun. Plenty of water sources available as well as campsites. If you overnight you will have to park by the Turnipseed campsite off 281. They’ve closed the campground at Chinnabee Park so no overnight parking. Take the time to explore Devils Den. The trail is at the ridge top so you will either need to go down one of the many little trails or hike in from the park staying down by the water. All in all, great trip.

So fun!!!

This hike DOES NOT include DeSoto falls. Can an administrator with Alltrails please revise? Desoto falls is north of here a few miles. I have it in my "activity feed" for reference.

Wasn’t marked- couldn’t find trail to go under 133 from rockpile parking. Needs some serious maintenance and cleanup. A lot of trash - several alcoholic bottles lying around- campground looked like homeless camping... very disappointing... my mom and I both have hiked quite a few miles in Bankhead and Appalachian... this was sad... hopeful they’ll get it cleaned and marked.

Great hike! Dog friendly! Make sure you go after it’s been raining, because the waterfalls will be flowing a lot better. Also checkout the cave about half into the hike

16 days ago

Great that connect to one another so calm and peaceful

17 days ago

a very awesome trail I have son the loop. Going back to do the how trail from DSP to 35falls can't wait.

Did this trail with my 5 and 7 yr old. We had a great time. Nice waterfall and view from the overlook.

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