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Combo of Blue to White from the waterfall!

Great trail, been doing it a couple of years now. The 7 mile is challenging, have not done the 11 mile yet. well traveled with friendly people.

From Turnipseed. Campground, we hiked out to the Lake Chinnabee dam and back. It rained very hard yesterday and Cheaha Creek was difficult to cross. It’s a moderate to easy trail except for the creek crossings in fast deep water. Really enjoyable.

Beautiful trail that we ended up taking as an alternate route. Hiked in from the southern parking lot up to Bee Branch on Friday night, camped through a thunderstorm, enjoyed a day of hiking on Saturday, and came back to much higher Borden creek on Sunday morning. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of taking a swim, so we went up the west side of the trail, crossed at the bridge, and came back down the east side. It was a nice trail and a good alternative to drowning

Breathtaking in more ways then one. The lake at the start is a little scummy with alot of turtles and there are fish there so I am told. As usual, watch for snakes! The sights on the trail are beautiful. The trail veers back and forth away from the creek all along the way. There are 2 major waterfalls along this trail. The first, which is about a half mile in, is The devil's den. About a 20ft fall with a large pool below. The water is cold, but the thrill is there. A great place to relax in the water on the rocks above and catch some rays. Hike about another 2 1/2 miles further and you'll find the Cheaha shelter complete with fire pit, picnic table and an awesome view. Hiking just a little bit further down the hill from there and you find Cheaha falls. A 25-30ft drop that I wouldn't recommend jumping from unless you've got a harness and rope. Some very nice and level spots to camp next to the stream near by also.

Great trail. Easy hiking

Easy trail.

One of those trails that you just have to see in person. It’s a long hike so do take some protein and water but well worth it! Low traffic so we enjoyed the trail to ourselves mostly.

Nice set of trails. Very easy walk. Great for seniors.

I hiked this trail early last summer and It was beautiful...Cheaha Falls and Devil’s Den were full of water. I attempted to go back from Chinnabee Lake this January 2019 and the access point from the lake was closed. However, you can access It from the Turnipseed trailhead just a short distance away. You can get a paper map of all the Cheaha Wilderness trails from Cheaha State Park in the Park office/store. You don’t have to pay entrance fee to stop by there.

Fun hike! We did this trail clockwise and camped out near the falls. Plenty of water throughout..the water was pretty high so we found ourselves having the take off boots in order to cross. Incline towards the end of the trail is no joke, but the views are worth it! My dog did fine on this trail too:)

8 days ago

This is a wonderful trail and it is a National Recreation Trail

Beautiful place!

Really peaceful beautiful place!

My favorite trail to date. A true wilderness. Did this loop in January, round 40 degrees, did not realize I would have to cross the Sipsey twice on this loop. Know you’re going to have to get a little wet out there, but that’s part of the adventure. Randolph was fairly boring till you get closer to Sipsey from there, the whole time your traversing along the River, there’s consistently something to see and something to maneuver. Really wonderful trail, I’ll be back to Sipsey very soon!

Loved it!

Mostly flat easy paved/sidewalk route. I did 2 miles today. Lots of students use this walkway due to convenience to campus.

Moderately flat. Parts of it followed the creek. Nice cascading small waterfalls. Very well-maintained and trees were marked. Trail is also s mountain bike trail. There were 2 folks hunting squirrels so next time I’ll wear a bright orange hat!

I believe this is one of the newer CRATA trails. Drove over Thursday from Montgomery for a day hike and some me time. Really enjoyed the trail. Was really relaxing as the trail meandered by the stream. The Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association does a great job. The four benches and the picnic table are a great addition. The hills are kind of tiring. Was glad I had a hiking stick on the boulder section. The pine straw was kinda slick. Overall a really nice trail. One of my favorite in the area.

I believe this is one of the newer CRATA trails. Drove over Thursday from Montgomery for a day hike and some me time. Really enjoyed the trail. The Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association does a great job. The trail was relaxing when it meandered by the stream. The four benches and picnic table are a nice addition. A good place to rest and enjoy the serene views. The hills are a bit tiring and I'm glad I had a hiking stick coming down the boulder section. The pine straw was a bit slick. Overall a very nice trail. One of my favorite in the area.

Did this trail twice. First time was a mistake. I entered the horse trail, not the hiking trail. The horse trail is more than twice as long as the hiking trail. I had to turn around at one point just to make sure I got out of there before dark, because I didn't bring a lot of gear. When I finally went back and did the hiking trail, it was the hike of a lifetime. Its amazing. There are a few little campsites along the way and a very old small cemetery. One gravestone is in good condition and they apparently died in 1860. 10/10 would recommend.

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15 days ago

Absolutely worth a trip out to see. Don’t listen to the negativity of the previous reviews. It’s a super easy trail to get to. Park in the area right next to the ball field and just walk over through the gate. You keep to the right on the path and you’ll come across an old stage and a wooden platform down past the stage that overlooks some of the gorge. The area is absolutely beautiful and extremely easy to view. This isn’t an elaborate hike that requires a pack and a lot of endurance. It’s a short walk in the woods with a lot of pretty views. If you keep to the trail to the right of the wooden platform you’ll walk around a quarter of a mile and come out in a large overlook viewing a second waterfall and a large drop into the gorge. In my opinion it’s just absolutely awesome how deep the gorge is. It’s a great place for photos with family and so on. If you continue down another half a mile you’ll come up on an area that’s perfect for sitting and having a picnic or just some quality alone time with a breathtaking view of the mountains. The area is perfect for bird watching or just sight seeing in general. Although this is all a short walk, it’s absolutely worth taking the time out of your day and viewing. I personally wouldn’t say the trail was anything more than easy to navigate and traverse. We will definitely be going back for a nice picnic, or some evening views of the valley and moon.

15 days ago

We arrived at Adams Gap trailhead at about 3:30 the previous day. Conditions were foggy and wet as we set out clockwise on the loop. The wet rocks and leaves on the narrow trail were pretty sketchy, glad I brought trekking poles! By the time we went through the first mile or so we decided to go off trail and set up camp. I think it's the same site referred to by other reviewers. Rain continued all night and most of our gear got completely soaked. We almost bailed but eventually we decided to continue.

The Skyway Trail was very challenging, lots of rocks, slippy parts and steep ups and downs. Water was no problem. We followed blue blazes and Pinhoti trail blazes the whole way but somehow missed the turn-off to the Lake Chinnabee camp area by a long shot. We would have loved to do the Chinnabee trail loop but we passed by the junction somehow. Deciding to continue on to Turnipseed camping we went on to no avail.

I'm not used to a lot of elevation change myself so unless you are, know that the Skyway Trail is quite strenuous, it would have helped if trial junctions were clearly marked so that we could have made our waypoints. Something strange ensued.

I'm befuddled as to how we ended up at the trail intersection of forest road 600-2 and the Pinhoti trail SW of the trailhead. I was experiencing early hypothermia and extreme fatigue at that point and we ended up walking the forest road back to the trailhead after using Google Maps to find our location.

All in all quite the adventure. The skyline trail is very rugged and you better be in good shape for it. I'm only giving it three stars because I think the Forest Service could mark trail intersections better. If we weren't as resourceful as we are we could have had a serious survival situation on our hands.

15 days ago

I went after tons of rain, and I’m so glad I did! It was super muddy from the cemetery to the falls, so I would definitely recommend at least one trekking pole.

Once you get to the creek and see the falls and think you can’t go any further, put on some water shoes, cross the river, and keep going up.

Took my 26 pound dog and he loved it.

What a nice surprise!

My GPS clocked 8.25 miles and I went all the way to the top of the falls.

Amazing scenery, waterfalls, and people! if you love to climb there are a lot of opportunities!

Beautiful waterfalls after the earlier week rains! Easy walk down a logging road for most of the way, then a trail that opens to beautiful green cedar trees and other evergreens. Getting down to the falls could be challenging for elderly or young children but it is so worth it. Coming out is mostly uphill so take your time if your not an avid hiker.

16 days ago

Breathtaking waterfall!!!! Very easy to get to.

Fun day trip! Great scenery. Listened to other reviews and climbed the ledge at the pool and found the beginning of the falls. Well worth the climb.

We love this trail. Very muddy and slippery on the last mile to the falls tough climb back out. But overall an awesome hike we plan to return when dry
My GPS. Recorded 8 miles round trip and took 6 hrs spent about an hour at the falls.

This was a great trail. At first it starts out easy and I was thinking it was rated wrong but then...nope. I went in December, not sure about all year but be prepared to get your feet wet. I did get a little perturbed at how many times I had to cross the creek to stay on the trail. Very narrow on spots. Had to walk across a log at one point. But still great

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