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There are caves in the area, but they are not easy to find. Gotta know the history. A very large recess behind the waterfall. Most days of the year the falls are breathtaking. The trail is a bit rugged and slick here and there,but all together pleasant. As usual around water sources, watch for snakes. Caught a few cute little yellow ring necks near the falls. Seen a few guys ride their kayaks off the top of the falls once. VERY ILLEGAL!! Nobody was hurt. At least a good 100ft drop. It was awesome!!

Short, but moderate difficulty in places. No picnic tables or trash cans. People have left litter, unfortunately. Beautiful area.

17 days ago

The trail is an easy walk which which consist of mostly boardwalks above a swamp. Expect to see birds, butterflies and wetlands plants.

trail running
22 days ago

This trail is a very straight trail with bridges and a stream that handrails the path. Lot of friendly equestrian enthusiast utilize this trail and seems to be well maintained. I will run the entire trail ......

trail running
25 days ago

The trail is very scenic, beautiful, easy, and great for beginners. The only downfall of trail is that after heavy precipitation some parts flood out discouraging the faint of heart.

Nice hike. Flat. Great for dogs and kids.

1 month ago

This trail can be as short or as long as you want it to be. I saw deer everywhere. Will be going back to finish the devils racetrack

well be going back a good trail to burn some calories and carbs and a beautiful scenery

Great for young kids and dogs!

Nice trail..marked well. Nice little Thanksgiving hike

We had a great time. Should’ve brought our trekking poles though.

The best walking trail in Athens! Beautiful forest with some large old growth. Relatively flat with nice a creek that runs along parts of the trail. Only negative is that the trail could use some maintenance: potholes, trash, and moss overgrowing on the pavement.

me and my kids (7 and 3 year old) love this hike. it's so peaceful and easy beautiful views.

Easy 7 mile hike/walk. Had to stop several times to remove gravel from my shoes though.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Went there today and really enjoyed it. Past the pavement is great for a mountain bike. Saw 3 deer and of course squirrels. Nice trails, quiet woods.
Wanted to check out fossil bench trail but not reachable on bike. Hiked and pushed and then turned around. Just did the loop a few times.

My wife and I did this last year. The best view of Lake Martin PERIOD as you climb to the top of Smith Mountain tower. A must see!!!’ Bring your camera.

Wasn’t marked- couldn’t find trail to go under 133 from rockpile parking. Needs some serious maintenance and cleanup. A lot of trash - several alcoholic bottles lying around- campground looked like homeless camping... very disappointing... my mom and I both have hiked quite a few miles in Bankhead and Appalachian... this was sad... hopeful they’ll get it cleaned and marked.

Short trail with some moderate incline at beginning. Tower was pretty cool, and there were some interesting geological features on this trail!

trail running
4 months ago

My only complaint is the trail to cross over solid level ground rather than over the rock circle/retaining pond is not obviously marked. FYI, go left at the chainlink fence or you will disturb the efforts of some very annoyed fishermen... like I did. Also, when you reach the picnic area, the path picks back up on the other side of the pavilion in the tree line closest to the river.

I actually ran Rockpile and the paved Jogging Trail and back out Rockpile. Ended up being almost 6.5 miles. My puppers had a great time! Another side note, some other people did not have their dogs on leashes and would run up to me and my dog.

Had a great time hiking this Trail could only make it to the 8 story of the tower before I got scared and went back down. I can't wait to come back and do it again and try to beat my score of the 6th story

This trail is great for biking. The trail has a slight slope at times but it is easy. It is mostly shady and was not busy. My husband and I enjoyed it.

its okay.. but not as free range as id like.

trail running
4 months ago

Well maintained trail on Rucker that isn't busy. Lots of shade and it is paved the whole way. 3 different distance options make it nice depending on what you're there for.

Nice flat, easy trail. The trail switches between gravel and paved road so we saw a few cyclist, not sure I would use my thin wheeled road bike on it though. A nice amount of Pokestops for players and we spotted a snake in a tree.

5 months ago

A beautiful trail with minimal interference from wildlife. There are an abundance of butterflies and dragonfly’s which is lovely at first, but can become a nuisance. The trail is safe and conveniently shaded from beautiful trees. There are adequate benches to rest your legs or stretch them. There are bins for recycling as well. My only complaint was there were no trash bins for our cups or snack wrappers. I enjoyed walking the trail with my family and look forward to walking it again in the future.

Agree with Moderate rating. There are about two patches that need to some maintenance/cut down and maybe some better signage toward the end of the trail. We will definitely hike it again!

trail running
5 months ago

I wouldn’t call it an easy run. It’s pretty hilly and somewhat challenging. It’s the distance that’s not challenging. The trail connects to the golf course (heading north take the first right) and left at the road and loops around back to the track and can give you a good 5 miles. Heck of a lot of spiders this time of year. I’ve nearly gotten a face full of an orb weaver and her web the other day.

5 months ago

Beautiful. Make sure to not let your toddler bring a tricycle as they will come out in their golf carts and yell at you. It didn’t even cross my mind that this goes into the “biking” category. Kid goes slower than my slow walking pace

5 months ago

For an Alabama trail, this one is very nice. Not hard at all, and offers some cool views of downtown Birmingham.
Worth the while to go up the steps to Vulcan Park and view the city/take photos from up there!

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