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Kind of a weird trail that follows a gravel road for half the distance and then turns on to a path that you would normally associate with a hiking trail. The falls are nice, especially after a lot of rain like we've gotten recently. Overall an easy hike with a pretty waterfall at the end.

We had a blast. Be extra careful around the waterline trail.

Fun hike! We did this trail clockwise and camped out near the falls. Plenty of water throughout..the water was pretty high so we found ourselves having the take off boots in order to cross. Incline towards the end of the trail is no joke, but the views are worth it! My dog did fine on this trail too:)

Very nice trail. Well maintained.

My favorite trail to date. A true wilderness. Did this loop in January, round 40 degrees, did not realize I would have to cross the Sipsey twice on this loop. Know you’re going to have to get a little wet out there, but that’s part of the adventure. Randolph was fairly boring till you get closer to Sipsey from there, the whole time your traversing along the River, there’s consistently something to see and something to maneuver. Really wonderful trail, I’ll be back to Sipsey very soon!

Great hike beautiful waterfall! As others have mentioned, it’s steep going down, take your time...we had lunch on the rocks as well.

Was a wonderful easy hike. A little treacherous going down to the bottom of falls. Beautiful area.

Very nice trail, extremely neat & clean. Great place for an easy ride or hike just to get out & enjoy the outdoors.

For us, this trail was more like a difficult rating. May not have been as bad if we went left from the trailhead and did the sugar tree portion first. As it was, we hiked to our right onto the Smokerise portion first. It wasn’t too difficult. It offered level parts and some moderate elevated parts. There were some really nice rock formations along the way and it was nicely wooded. We crossed over a few little Creeks and there were quite a few birds. When we turned onto the Sugar Tree portion of the trail, the ascent was pretty steep for us (novice hikers). It was also very rocky. We were glad it was over! To us, the views weren’t really worth all the climbing. Also, you could hear traffic pretty much the entire time. This may be better when the trees are leafed.

11 days ago

We arrived at Adams Gap trailhead at about 3:30 the previous day. Conditions were foggy and wet as we set out clockwise on the loop. The wet rocks and leaves on the narrow trail were pretty sketchy, glad I brought trekking poles! By the time we went through the first mile or so we decided to go off trail and set up camp. I think it's the same site referred to by other reviewers. Rain continued all night and most of our gear got completely soaked. We almost bailed but eventually we decided to continue.

The Skyway Trail was very challenging, lots of rocks, slippy parts and steep ups and downs. Water was no problem. We followed blue blazes and Pinhoti trail blazes the whole way but somehow missed the turn-off to the Lake Chinnabee camp area by a long shot. We would have loved to do the Chinnabee trail loop but we passed by the junction somehow. Deciding to continue on to Turnipseed camping we went on to no avail.

I'm not used to a lot of elevation change myself so unless you are, know that the Skyway Trail is quite strenuous, it would have helped if trial junctions were clearly marked so that we could have made our waypoints. Something strange ensued.

I'm befuddled as to how we ended up at the trail intersection of forest road 600-2 and the Pinhoti trail SW of the trailhead. I was experiencing early hypothermia and extreme fatigue at that point and we ended up walking the forest road back to the trailhead after using Google Maps to find our location.

All in all quite the adventure. The skyline trail is very rugged and you better be in good shape for it. I'm only giving it three stars because I think the Forest Service could mark trail intersections better. If we weren't as resourceful as we are we could have had a serious survival situation on our hands.

The green trail is the most difficult trail at Oak Mountain State Park due to the steep terrain. Beautiful rock formations and views.

12 days ago

Beautiful and very ease access.

Moderate hike with fairly easy elevation gain. We went via the south trailhead, so the most difficult uphill was toward the end. Good finish! Very little in the way of views, just a good walk in the woods.

mountain biking
12 days ago

Great for mountain bikers! safe and quiet. Not crowded at all. you have a view of lake almost entire ride. Love this place. I keep going back. map says 9 miles but it goes all the way around lake which ends up being around 14 miles total. there are several creek crossings so be ready to get a little muddy.

nice break, well-kept trail. quite a few slogs after rain.

Great hike. 1 mile in. Climb down. Two awesome waterfalls then 1’mile out. It’s clean. No trash. Great hike.

The falls are very beautiful after its been raining. Drive to parking at top of mountain. Hike is steep once you get to falls area. Take the time to hike down away from falls for some beautiful creek views down the gulley. Good rocks to sit on and have a snack. We did this exact loop today. The white to green (ridge) trail connector is steep going up but well marked and worth it bc the green trail is on a ridge looking off both sides. In winter you have great views.

Excellent trail. My wife and I walked it thinking we were walking the 4 mile trail and ended up doing most of the 7 mile trail. We will be back.

trail running
17 days ago

This trail is a very straight trail with bridges and a stream that handrails the path. Lot of friendly equestrian enthusiast utilize this trail and seems to be well maintained. I will run the entire trail ......

great water

Great Hike!!! Water and camping suggestions at end.

We did this loop counter-clockwise with dogs. We started at Adams gap. Starts off with a little climb on the Pinhoti. Was up and down, did not see any campsites early.

If you do plan to do this hike and are late in the day, I would suggest to begin clockwise, after a short rock garden, you will find a camp site .2 miles in and about 1 mile in. Night hiking counter-clockwise from Adams gap can be sketchy, (unless already proficient)

Continuing counter-clockwise, you will begin a technical ascent to the highest point of the trail...watch the hairpin turn! We were climbing along an old logging road, missed the turn, went over some substantial blow-downs and went through some thick stuff. My own fault, but a good learning experience. The turn is marked with a post, just on the left side of the logging road.

Overall a great trail.

WATER: plenty of water on trail. 1L bottle or a 700 mL water is plenty with filter.

Camping: tent camping is good, but in a pinch, hammock camp anywhere along the trail. I am a tent camper, but overall, saw 2 tents and 9 hammock set ups along the route.

4 STAR REVIEW?: The reason I gave four stars is a lot of the hairpin turns, especially at creek crossings weren’t marked or blazed, so wasted a lot of time scouting false trails prior to crossing and picking up the trails.

Next time we are rolling clockwise for a different approach, great for preparing for a thru hike.

19 days ago

Cute little "hike". It's mostly a waterfall overlook, but it was a pretty great overlook! Perfect stroll with kids.

love it

20 days ago

Nice, easy trail. Not much up/down. Great for families. Trail goes all the way around - but that is about 19+ miles. The most used part is a out and back with 5 miles each way. Starts at the boat dock and heads north. Nice hike around a lake that is quiet.

Nice for a day hike and could be extended for a nice weekend trip. Clocked in just under 8 miles. Pretty rocky going down via (green trail). Nice elevation gains (1,577 total for me). Not a lot of water on the trail once you’re off the yellow trail. Otherwise well maintained trail. Entry fee to the park is $5 PER adult (Dec 2018).

24 days ago

Great in fall, lots of places to camp along the stream near Chinabee lake.

Easy access. Beautiful falls even on a rainy day!

awesome area, well maintained trails and a ton of cute activity areas for kids. Not too bad of a walk up to the overlook, but a little muddy today! bring some good boots:)

Finally did the full loop.
Started at NTH
Went white to Blue
Very nice walk.
The day after a rain, all the streams were
lovely and falls were roaring.

Will do again.

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