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6 days ago

This was my second time doing this hike. Little did I that I would become the unwilling chaperone to about six other hikers that were as green as they come. PLEASE, if you are an inexperienced hiker, get a few treks under your belt before tackling this one. Today very well could have turned into a rescue effort. Hard on this app means HARD.

We did the Alabama trail in and out. 2nd time doing this hike. Several unique features along the hike and the destination is really cool. Took us an hour and a half in and an hour and a half out. We spent about an hour exploring the different falls and streams. Make sure to climb all the way up. We brought swim suits and took a quick dip. Water was VERY cold. I would not recommend jumping right in. It will take your breath. The hike out is pretty tough. Apple Watch measured and roughly 3.75 miles each way. Hiked 5/10/18. Started 6:20 Am. We were the only ones there but saw several people coming in as we were going out.

The hike was approx 3 miles each way and took us 1:45 in and about 2 hours out. We spent about 5 hours total. We took it pretty slow...it could definitely be done faster.

The first half of the hike in was all descent so that meant the last half on the way out was a bit challenging. I’d say it was a moderate ascent.

We wore hiking boots and brought Chacos for the falls. We each packed a small towel and swam in underwear. The water is cold but refreshing.

The falls were small but beautiful. Make sure you climb all the way up to see the hidden falls and views. I’ve definitely seen bigger water falls but I was happy with our trip. It was a nice spot for lunch and our dogs enjoyed the hike.

We ( ages 63-68) enjoyed this beautiful hike ! We parked at Hytop. Took 2 hrs and 15 min to descend. We had water shoes so we were able to wade across and climb on the rocks. Had a snack and headed back out. The trail is well marked. I was expecting something very difficult but coming out wasn’t as bad as Stone Door. We got there about 8 and were the first ones. By lunchtime , there were 7 cars in the lot. I recommend his hike - just be careful on he rocks.

Awesome hike! We entered via the TN trailhead. May try the AL Trail next time. Falls were beautiful. We are planning to camp in the bottom next time so we'll have more time to explore.

great hike but milage is not acurate. its longer than site says.

27 days ago

went in the spring and hammock camped next to the cemetery. got caught in a down pour for 8 hours. the scout troop that were also there had 2 - 4 inches of water thru their camp. so if you plan on camping in spring time definitely recommend rain fly and hammock. the next morning the waterfall was raging and a awesome site to see water shooting out of the rock face.

Beautiful hike, the trail is rocky and slick in spots due to the mudd but well worth it. The hike in is very easy for the most part you are hiking into the valley so it's all down hill, coming back out can be challenging but not difficult. The waterfalls were full due to the recent rains. the swift current in the water crossings could be a problem for some. all in all great hike would do it again.

A fun day hike! Challenging enough to make you feel good when you reach the car but easy enough that my 12 year old was able to do it as his first ever hike. Variety of terrain and great views. Definitely would do it again!

Great trail! Brought my Chacos and they were perfect for crossing the river right before the waterfall. Keep climbing for a bonus waterfall. Love this hike.

Went yesterday. As everyone says, the hike in is easy- back, not so much! But worth it because it’s beautiful right now. Saw wild roses, geraniums, irises, trillium, phlox, violets, larkspur, and catch-fly (bright red). We caught a glimpse of a pileated woodpecker. The water is flowing well. We brought water shoes to cross the creek and were glad because we had dry shoes to hike out. Bring plenty of water!

Absolutely beautiful!!! The hike out was definitely difficult but well worth it!! Took my 9 year old son, and we hike at least 2x/month, and he said this was his favorite hike so far. I would not recommend this hike for beginners.

We went after a good bit of rain, so the creek crossing (you step on rocks to cross, right before the waterfalls) was close to impossible without getting water in your boots. It was absolutely worth it to have wet shoes, because the water features were awesome. So carry extra socks. Also, due the the uphill climb on the return trip, allow much more time to return.

Loved the trail, it is difficult towards the end. Well worth it!

Fun trail but as the reviews before me said, it is a valley so the hard part is in the second half of the hike. I think it's a pretty good trail for a range of hikers - if you're an avid hiker it's not a challenge but it's still nice and if you're newish it'll be difficult but manageable. There are definitely prettier waterfalls in this part of the country that take less effort to get to but if you want to get some exercise in it's worth checking out.

The trail is pretty easy to follow and completely empty when I went. I started from the Alabama side though so I'm not sure how it is from the Tennessee side. You hike down through some woods, across a creek, past a small cemetery, and end up in a natural amphitheater. The trail just sorta ends and you can explore the area. I sorta wish I had brought some sandals when I got to the end b/c most of the rocks were submerged so I ended up getting my feet and shoes wet trying to get closer to the waterfall (and hiking in wet shoes is never fun). Do be careful while exploring the area though. I slipped and fell on the wet rocks and got bruised pretty bad.

Beautiful. Completely worth the time and effort!

My garmin tracked this at 4.8 in and 4.8 out. Not sure where AllTrails get 6.6 in/out. Not accurate. It’s well over 8+ Miles. Also, If you are a avid hiker, I would disagree with the rating of Hard. Out is up, but if you are in pretty good shape this is not a hard day hike. Beautiful!

2 months ago

This was an extremely challenging trail, but it doesn’t get challenging until close to the actual falls and of course the OUT and UP part.

We dropped a car at the Tennessee side and drove back to Alabama side and started there so that we could through hike. I think the through hike was the best idea because we got to see different things which kept it rewarding rather than an out and back situation.

It’s worth it but if it’s rainy it is quite slippery and a little scary. Trekking poles or walking sticks are essential in this sort of situation and would help even if it’s dry when you go.

2 months ago

A beautiful place! Easy hike in strenuous hike out.

Great Hike! But would not give it a "hard" difficulty.

Great Hike! From the TN side, the trail is around 4 miles to the "Walls Of Jericho" section. The AL and TN trails meet at the Walls and it's around 1 mile or so from the Walls of Jericho sign to the actual falls. As others have mentioned, it's a steep climb on the way out!

Amazing and beautiful hike with fun climbs..The distance is greater than 8mi total from the TN trailhead out and back ...and also other loop trails I noticed in the area. Hope to go back!!

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. Great hike yet slippery. According to my GPS and the sign at the parking area, this is a 8.3 mile out and back hike so not sure where the 6 miles on this app came from but it’s longer than 6 on the Alabama trail head side. Either way it’s well worth it.

Hiked the Walls this Past Saturday and loved it! It was beautiful. Very well worth it!!

Challenging, but more of a moderate trail than hard! Beautiful sights, perfect distance. Worth it!

Great trail with great scenery. If you can catch it when the falls are flowing it’s an amazing sight.

3 months ago

I hiked this trail solo in late January. Tips...wear sturdy footwear. Flip flops or open toe footwear highly discouraged. There are many places with exposed and hidden rocks along the trail. Trekking pole with pointed tip helpful since the trail goes along the side of a mountain toward the end. very uneven and steep in places so a pole or two could be good to steady if you are not experienced. There is a rope hold in one area. Take at least 2 liters of water, more if it's hotter months, you will be glad you didn't have to dehydrate yourself. I think 2.5 to 3L would be sufficient for most on a hotter day. There is moving water at the bottom in case you decide to filter instead. The trail is marked with red blazes on the trees and it's approx 2 miles to the first foot bridge at the bottom. After this creek crossing the trail levels out then crosses a second footbridge. A primitive backpacker camping area is several hundred yards beyond this footbridge. Bear slightly right after you pass by the camping area. Look for the trail sign. You will pass a barely visible small cemetary left of the trail just beyond the camping area. You are 20 min from the Walls at this point. Trail continues along a creekbed just to your right and then the trail will veer left and start a steep climb onto the hillside above the floor. Use caution in this section as it is very narrow and uneven. It can get especially slippery in this section so take your time. There is a rope hold fastened to the wall on your left in the worst section. When you come off the hill side you will see the largest pool of water and perhaps a small waterfall. This usually always has water. Traverse the rocks across this pool to your right upstream and you will see a trail running along the creek. It's a brief 25 yard push up the enbankment and then you are on a dry stone creekbed. Just up from here you can shimmy up a ledge approx 4 feet high onto another large flat area. The featured waterfall is down in a hole to the right after you climb this ledge and walk into the canyon approx 75 yards. Some climb down into the cravasse to get close but not advised if you're not a good climber. Average person can do it though. Flow is really dependant on recent rainfall however. I've been down there 4 times and seen it flowing twice. This whole section is a great area to picnic or back at the camping area. Plan lots of stops once you cross back over the footbridge and start the climbout. I am in good cardio health and made the entire trek out in 1 hr 40 min with one 5 min stop. I would not advise this pace for most people since I was cardio training with a 35 lb pack. There are lots of switchbacks with moderate grade incline on the trail. In the warmer months you will have mostly shade from the trees to keep the temp down. Plan 2 to 2.5 hrs out once you leave the walled area. It's well worth it if you plan and give yourself time. I would not advise this hike for anyone who has an untreated cardio condition without checking with your physician first. Getting aide in a timely fashion is improbable. Hope this post helps you prepare to have a fantastic hike to truly one of the most beautiful hikes in this entire geographic area.

You can also hike from the Tennessee side. Continue north on highway 79 crossing over into Tennessee. It is 7.5 miles round trip but the climb out is less steep. Trail is well marked. Parking area and trailhead are clearly marked. I jog/run this trail.

4 months ago

Great trail we did a day hike and the waterfall was flowing well when we were there. Hardest part is coming back up. We would definitely hike this trail again!

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