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Huntsville, Alabama Map

Beautiful hike with the cooler weather. Really nice when not overgrown. The creek is beautiful, and the kids really liked climbing around the boulders and rock gardens.

An easy trail that offers a journey through some of the popular areas of the park. Goes behind the lodge, through the picnic area, and by the observatory. Well marked with a couple beautiful overlooks.

Trail is exactly as advertised - flat, easy, well marked, and well maintained. Perfect easy hike or warm up. A few overlooks and covered benches along the trail. Views will be best after the leaves fall.

Beautiful views once you get to the top from both sides of the mountain! Definitely plan to do this trail again.
We had some confusion about .5 miles in on what direction to take. Once you make it up the incline you come to a T on the path. You need to go right. There is a diamond marker sign to the left which took us in the wrong direction. I think that takes you back down. You can veer off before the T and we may have missed a marker at the 1st path.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Went there today and really enjoyed it. Past the pavement is great for a mountain bike. Saw 3 deer and of course squirrels. Nice trails, quiet woods.

1 month ago

well we started out trying to hike the Land Trust Loop but we ended up making our own loop. the old railroad bed is extremely rocky but also pretty cool. we met a man on the trail who gave us some nice information regarding the old railroad and made us appreciate the history more. all in all it was our first time on the land trust and we really enjoyed it! thankful for an organization committed to conserving, preserving, and protecting!

This trail is beautiful. The caves at the end are awesome. Always bring plenty of water and food. For yourself and for others if needed.

This trail is nice. There are good views and at the end there is a cave loop! Three caves loop. A little strenuous but not too much. Alms House trail is about 2 miles to the the caves and 2 miles back of course. There are other trails around but I have been hiking before this trail so the other trails I did not take. Beautiful views as always promised when hiking in Alabama.

Veer off and take the West Bluff Trail. The view is better!

The caves are only open with permission or a special event. I don’t even know where to get permission or when an event is. Waste of a 2 hour drive.

we got covered in ticks avoid

2 months ago

Going down the first part was rocky but great. Very nice challenge coming back up. We went past the end to make it more challenging. Great workout.

Great trail if you're looking to escape the city for a few hours. The best part of the trail is the Waterline Trail, as that portion leads to a bowl formation that sometimes has water falling from it. The creek the trail runs beside has some fallen trees that you can walk across. And then at the end of that portion, you have to scramble up beside that bowl formation to make it to the top. Pretty cool stuff. The entire trail is runnable with the exception of that one part.

2 months ago

Fairly easy trail to walk. You're likely to encounter some mountain bikers while hiking this. From Montesano State Park, the trail heads straight down to the valley floor, then up again to where the Stone Cuts Trail breaks off from The Sinks Trail. Stone Cuts has a lot of opportunity for some good rock climbing once you're down at the bottom of the cliff. Older rock, though, so exercise caution! But a good way to spend a day playing around with different routes.

It was fun!!!

This 11 mile loop was a fun challenge and good workout! There were a few rough uphill spots but for the most part it was level and pleasant. The forest got a little monotonous at times, but there were some spots with great views and cool rock formations. Lots of spiders too. There is a point about halfway where the trail goes through a park with a drinking fountain where you can fill up your water. And make sure to keep the GPS on AllTrails pulled up so you can make sure you’re following the loop correctly- it was a huge help!

mountain biking
2 months ago

To anyone who would like to attempt riding this I hope you come across this first and I would strongly advise against it unless you'd rather walk more than you ride, there is one really cool feature on bluff line trail in the middle of this loop that's insanely fun to ride but otherwise it's awful

Really enjoyed this 11 mile loop! Under the forest canopy for almost the whole trail. Saw turtles, deer, butterflies and too many spiders to count. We carried a stick ahead of us to wave away spider webs, and ended up with what looked like a cotton candy treat. Only passed a few people on the trail. Would definitely hike this again in cooler weather.

easy and enjoyable

Some very pretty views. $10 to get into the park for 3 of us. The trails are easy to hike, but they are smoothed with sand. So make sure you have shoes that have good grip. The same shoes we have been loving hiking in were slipping and sliding all over the place in the the sand. Made for some sore ankles after.
Pretty. Easy. But not sure it is worth a return visit.

3 months ago

This trail is somewhat extensive beyond this starting point. My husband and I go in the opposite end via Spragins Hollow Rd. There’s a great little parking lot and sign there with a map of the trails. We went most recently in July. Lots of foliage and wild life, we spotted a deer up near the loop of Devil’s Racetrack. It was very muddy this time of year, but no biggie if you’re surefooted. I’m really looking forward to taking my kids, as the trail isn’t too difficult that they couldn’t handle it.

trail running
4 months ago

Nice, lush, fairly flat 5k loop. The deer in the area are not afraid of humans! I was able to get so close to one, I was certain it was a large lawn ornament!

Do you know which month the cotton field is available as in the pic ?

This trail is well maintained and well marked. There are a couple good overlooks and a lot of wildlife to see. I hiked this with a friend and we even spotted a young male deer.

4 months ago

Super fun hike with lots of shifts in topography. My nine year old and I started at the church and ended at the parking lot on Cecil Ashburn. The trip was roughly 2.5 miles and took us a little over an hour. My wife dropped us off and picked us up.

Make sure you have excellent lugs on your shoes especially in wet conditions. In fact, I would deem this trail very hazardous when wet. You have to do some rock hopping (slippery when wet) and the ground gets muddy very quickly from rain.

The trail bends around the east side of the mountain and is well covered with trees. So, it's nice to do even in the heat of the summer evenings. We started at 4 PM. We saw lots of wildlife including a deer. My son had a bunch of tinny ticks on him by the end. I must not have used enough spray on him.

Well marked trail with great overlooks of the city. Went to this trail on 4th of July to watch fireworks all over Huntsville. Amazing experience.

IF YOU SEE RED MARKERS you are not on Waterline. Easy to get turned around. Go back and find the trail again. The map on this app is invaluable. Other than that, fantastic hike. I’ve gone down Alms to Three Caves and back a good number of times but never did this loop. It’s much better. But beware that starting down Waterline is VERY steep.

4 months ago

The "trail" was mostly concrete, full sun and miserable. There were hardly any places to get to the river, the places that were available was grown up and "snakey".
It's a beautiful place for a picnic, to take the kids, grill out, bike, roller skate or skateboard; a horrible place for a "hike".
I don't normally attract mosquitoes but had to put on my mosquitoe repellent, they were BAD!
I have hiked quite a few hike off AllTrails and this one, by far, was the worst! It's worth checking out for family fun but definitely not a place for hiking.

on Land Trust Loop

4 months ago

hey guys this is not kid friendly I am not very happy this took a very long time it is not fun if you are strong enough to then go for it I am just giving you all a warning it is very hard I can almost not catch my breath

Nice walk in the woods well marked - there is lots of poison oak so I didn’t get to go on some of the deviated trails due to my allergies

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