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Ran this for the first time yesterday, headed clockwise. The trails themselves weren't too strenuous, but are quite technical with various rocks and roots along a majority of this section. I wore minimalist shoes and made it through, but thicker soles are almost obligatory.

I downloaded the map after reading some reviews, but it wasn't really necessary. Cave creek was very easy to follow. The trail does disappear for a bit in a gnarly boulder garden where it meets up with Pinhoti, but there are blue blazes to find if you keep your head on a swivel.

Overall, very nice, technical trail with some decent climbs.

Challenging, but fun.

mountain biking
2 days ago

I Mountain biked the trail.It is now a 19.7 mile loop.Awesome mountain bike trails.Looking at it from a hiking perspective,I think the better hiking would be starting at the pier and going toward the dam(clockwise).That side was the most scenic.

Definitely difficult terrain, especially the last portion near the river. Fallen leaves cover slippery mud, tree roots and rocks. I wish I had a walking stick! Trail isn’t marked well in some areas. However, it might be our age? We were passed a few times by younger hikers that were almost skipping down the trail!

great walk

Beautiful hike with the cooler weather. Really nice when not overgrown. The creek is beautiful, and the kids really liked climbing around the boulders and rock gardens.

3 days ago

I enjoyed our hike back in September!! Seems to be pretty well maintained. Alabama has some great hiking trails!!

Well marked, and you can walk a little or a lot.

Only did the first half, but it sucked.
At first it showed promise but after a while the trail became less managed and the markers weren't very clear.
To be fair I haven't done the second half, so it may still be worth it.
But do not recommend

me and my kids (7 and 3 year old) love this hike. it's so peaceful and easy beautiful views.

It has some very beautiful overlooks.
The only complaint is the trail needs to be a little more well managed

mountain biking
3 days ago

Loved the trails - just moved here from Colorado where trails are amazing so i am thankful to find this one!!! Will be there several times a week

Great hike if you want to wonder why the hell you aren’t back to your car yet for a couple miles. Rocks near the bottom are super slick and could make for a sore buttocks so be careful. Decent views. Easy in, hard out.

Hiked the trail past few days...any Lost And Found?

trail running
8 days ago

Super fun single track trails in a forested area close to different water ways. Stoked I was able to hit it and do some trail running while out here working for the Air Force on an off weekend. No bathrooms, signs are present but don't provide much information. Make sure you check the main map at the gazebo before heading out. Definitely going again while here.

generally very well marked with white blazes. one confusing section about half way on the point where the trail cuts across a wide path that looks like a (not often used) access trail. continue along the shoreline and you'll see the white blazes again.

otherwise really beautiful views of the lake with many access points (great for the dog).

The trail has several overlooks that make this hike worth the effort. We went to McDill overlook and saw the plane wreckage along the way. We did have a couple of places along the trail that was not marked that well. When the trail went from being easily identified to crossing rocks it was rather difficult to follow. If it was marked closer at a couple of places I would have given it 5 but it is a great hike.

Beautiful Fall walk this morning

Really nice spot. Took 11, 9, and 3 yr olds and they all had a good time. Difficulty is what you make it. Somewhat steep track down a hill to the falls, the rocks on the stream can be tricky if you decide to play around on them, but nothing has to be too crazy if you don’t want it to be and you can still enjoy a great view and environment.

An easy trail that offers a journey through some of the popular areas of the park. Goes behind the lodge, through the picnic area, and by the observatory. Well marked with a couple beautiful overlooks.

Trail is exactly as advertised - flat, easy, well marked, and well maintained. Perfect easy hike or warm up. A few overlooks and covered benches along the trail. Views will be best after the leaves fall.

It’s fine.!

10 days ago

This isn’t going to give you big inclines, but it was surprising to see some of the drop offs down to creeks and nice lush growth on both sides of clean singletrack. You actually feel as though you’re “getting away” for a short time.

I guess all I can say is I’m surprised, I expected it to be more walking on orange dirt made for golf carts. Instead, it was mostly very nice trails through forest. I’ll be back.

The volunteers have really done an amazing job of trail maintenance and choosing the track.

This trail is AWESOME! Lots of different areas to see. Some trails were steep and difficult but that's what we loved. Beautiful place. The owners are so friendly accommodating. The trail does have bathrooms and water stations but it still makes you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. We will be going back.

14 days ago

Easy hike with only a few inclines. Easily connects to white and rec.

14 days ago

Peaceful. Only on elevation change. You can continue in white or yellow trails if you want to go farther.

Awesome place .We have been here several times but on this weekend we did a 3 day hike ..We started at the Randolf trailhead .Took the 202,209,and the 200 the first day .In which we figured was around 9.5 miles to where we camped for the night ..The next morning we finished the 200 to the 224,204,204b and then set up camp at the crossing with the 209..We figured this to be around 9.5 miles as well ..This spot next to the river is, in my opinion, the best camp spot Ive found In the Sipsey.. The next morning we packed up and followed the 209 to the 201...Finding the 201 is pretty tough if youve never been here.. Signs are not real clear here ..The trail ,once you cross the river an go right for about 40 yards , will actually go left straight up the hill on the other side ..The beginning of the 201 is a tough one too, but fun and beautiful like all the others here .The 201 took us back to the truck .For what we figured to be around 6 miles ,making the total trip around 24 to 25 miles and the end of an awesome weekend ..Each trail on this loop is unique in its own way..I would say of all these trails ,the 224 would be an easy trail (especially if you went south east on it..It all be down hill ) ..The 204b would be the hardest by far .It can test you for sure .One of my favorites so far . I will definately be back .And looking foward to doing more of the nothern trails ..

Beautiful views once you get to the top from both sides of the mountain! Definitely plan to do this trail again.
We had some confusion about .5 miles in on what direction to take. Once you make it up the incline you come to a T on the path. You need to go right. There is a diamond marker sign to the left which took us in the wrong direction. I think that takes you back down. You can veer off before the T and we may have missed a marker at the 1st path.

tricky for me but the waterfall is worth it

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