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Photos of Haleyville Bird Watching Trails

off trail
over grown
17 days ago

this trail was not difficult physically, but was fairly difficult to navigate. no markers whatsoever, lots of guessing on where to go. so many creek crossings that it got old. we started counter clockwise and only made it to what the map said was Eagle Creek falls before we just turned around and went back the way we came. it was very pretty with the rock faces and mossy rocks, but be prepared to scramble a lot and knock down spider webs with your face. a little more than halfway to eagle Creek falls (according to map) is a large waterfall that I think IS eagle Creek falls. easiest to go here then turn around. the "trail" gets more difficult to follow past there. pretty sure the interest points or the waterfalls listed on the map are not accurate. could be my lack of service on the trail though.

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