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Dothan, Alabama Map
24 days ago

great day to go for a hike. nice identifiable trails. we saw 2 snakes but neither were dangerous. there are always turtles under the long boardwalk. there were alot of bikers out but everyone was courteous and polite and friendly. lots of shade.

1 month ago

This is a 3.3 mile loop around Westgate Park In Dothan, AL. Lots of parking areas and the path is wide and well kept. In some areas the path is share with cyclists but there's plenty of room.

Great walking trail in Dothan for all skill levels. The walking trail itself is better than expected, and many portions of the loop offer a paved surface for biking.

mountain biking
2 months ago

One word to describe these trails...FUN!!!

Me and my husband went with 2 of our dogs. It was pretty hot so we only went with the smaller trail. There are 3 trails combined here. Good amount of shade. Nice clear trail. Will definitely come again when its cooler.

3 months ago

Pretty level trail, would be great if the City would add side trails here and there for foot traffic that are hilly and/or a bit more challenging to supplement and give an opportunity for interval and progressive exercising.

4 months ago

Dry trail today in spite of recent heavy rains.

4 months ago

Tail end of Beaver Trail Flats a bit overgrown for a stretch and fought off a bee for the first 1/4 mi, but love the trail. Thunder rumblings cut it short today, but look forward to completing the entire trail.

Love Dragons tail the most , ecspecially for walking my dog.

Great family friendly activity.

Nice trail..marked well. Nice little Thanksgiving hike

mountain biking
Sat Nov 10 2018

Loved the trails - just moved here from Colorado where trails are amazing so i am thankful to find this one!!! Will be there several times a week

Great MTB trail system.

It’s not the most scenic trail but it is still beautiful. I hiked all but two of the trails in a few hours. For it to be near a residential area you still get some beautiful nature. The bike riders are super nice and share the trail.

I did the first trail with my 3 year old granddaughter. She found a turkey feather. Had a great time.

mountain biking
Sun Apr 29 2018

A hidden jewel that is still relatively unknown in Dothan. I love biking there and my wife loves running. If I am not mistaken, it has 6 different trails with a series of bridges connecting them as well as emergency roads that can be ridden. It is well marked with 3 trailheads. Maps and tools/air are available at each trail head. Total distance is around 10 miles. We probably pass more walkers than bikers and I would urge everyone to pay attention. Lots of twists and turns make for great fun but, also, potential collisions.

Sun Apr 29 2018

Could not ask for more. Bike, hike, run, walk. Alone or with friends and family. A new fitness court has been added with stations for almost any bodyweight exercise you can conceive of. Bike trail is one way and paved except for a few shared areas with the dirt running trail. Mountain bikes are better but you can get by with a road bike. Kiwanis Park is adjacent to the running trail and offers a 1/2 mile paved trial with a pavilion, rest rooms and water.

on Westgate Park Trail

Wed Nov 08 2017

One of my home town favorites!

Sat Aug 26 2017

Urban or suburban, whatever you want, trail that circles the Westgate Complex of baseball, softball, and soccer fields galore. Very level with almost no elevation change. Can be very busy with a mix of walkers, runners and bikers zooming past one another. Also, users tend to no follow one specific route so you'll see traffic going both directions.

Tue Oct 18 2016

I ran this trail twice yesterday and only came out with one rolled ankle. It is a great trail right in the middle of town. Great population of walkers and runners to pace. There was a good bit of wash out where it seemed it had been unkept for a while now. Other than the washouts and "potholes" it was a great running trail. I will be back next time I am in town!

Wed May 18 2016

what a great trail to get away from the hustle/bustle and it's right in town! very well-maintained...

Sun Apr 24 2016

Great trail. Lots to see. Good for families to do together.

Nice trail. Would be great for families since there a lots of play grounds within the park. Went early on a sun and there were no games in the softball fields so it was fairly quiet. Also a nice place to take your dog out for a walk or run.

Thu Sep 18 2014

Excellent trail. Actually 2 separate trails, one for walking/running, one for biking, though they do run together at a couple of points. Foot trail is some special dirt mix that bonds into a smooth, firm surface that's easier on the feet than concrete or asphalt. Currently a little worn in some places, but repairs planned soon. Trail sectors numbered 1-8, so if you need help you can just tell 911 what sector you're in. Fire station is right there on edge of property. Nice variety of flatland and mild hills, pine woods and oak woods. Trail is 3.4 miles around. During hot weather, better to start at Kiwanis park, walk to BMX track, turn around and head back to Kiwanis. It's 4.2 miles, woods almost the whole way. A little cooler, shady. Another reviewer mentioned trash, but not really a lot at all. Dog-friendly trail tho, and many owners don't take the time to clean up after their pets, even tho park provides poop stations with free bags. Overall a really nice trail. I walk it 4 days a week and it never gets boring. Give it a try!

Tue Mar 25 2014

great trail to run. hope go run oh again in the near future.

Sat Sep 07 2013

Have walked this trail often. It is a great family outing. You will see everyone from babies with Mom and/or Dad to toddlers being taught how to ride their first bikes to teens on their first dates to young couples finding an inexpensive way to enjoy each other to retirees trying to continue to move. It also seems to be used by our policemen and firemen as a training ground. I've also seen young soldiers running with gear. The trail borders Westgate Park that has multiple family activities including a playground for the physically challenged. The 3.2 mile trail meanders thru a wooded area to come out on pavement so there is a variety of surfaces. It is really unusual to find a trail that is truly being used on a regular basis and is used year round. The city of Dothan should be proud of the Kiwanis Club for sponsoring such a great asset. I would give it a 5 star rating because they have found a way to use a wasted space for such a great family place. I would encourage all users to carry trash bags and help clean up after those that do not know that trash does not magically clean itself up.

Tue Apr 02 2013

This place use to be pretty nice but it is slowly being littered, messed up by kids with no parents, and the occasional slower older person. If you go there relatively early or later then you will be ok. Mostly just show up when there is no sporting events since it does border right on the baseballs/ soccer/ recreational Water world facilities. I use to walk this constantly. It is very nice if you live right within three miles or so but it can get busy during the spring/ summer time. Do take plenty of water and suncreen. Not very far from any help so picnicing and spending the day is ideal.

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