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6 hours ago

Nice views
Great paths
Marked well
Would do it again

10 hours ago

This trail itself good and for the most part it is easy to follow. There were a few places where we briefly lost the trail, but that was likely our fault.

There are tons of rock formations and the river is great. When we went the water was not too cold and the air was the perfect temperature for hiking. I will definitely be coming back to this trail and I feel like I will see something new each time I come back.

Also, I don’t know how common it is to see the bioluminescent worms (glow worms/Dismalites), but I did get a chance to see them for some time in the very early morning hours - very cool to see next to the river!

1 day ago

well we started out trying to hike the Land Trust Loop but we ended up making our own loop. the old railroad bed is extremely rocky but also pretty cool. we met a man on the trail who gave us some nice information regarding the old railroad and made us appreciate the history more. all in all it was our first time on the land trust and we really enjoyed it! thankful for an organization committed to conserving, preserving, and protecting!

followed the map to get to this location and it lead me to a private drive with a sign that says no trespassing .

Trail was poorly marked very easy to get lost several places never did But still A big adventure to say the least To river crossings Lots of water until the last 3 hours out Camp sites everywhere I stayed Where the 2 creeks Fort together closest to the Big tree

4 days ago

This was our second trail of the day. The views were just as rewarding as the first. It's only a short distance off the road but it's a little steep at the beginning.

4 days ago

Tackled this one with Venture Crew 749 because it was adjacent to our campsite. The views at the top are well worth the climb. We particularly liked the overlook near the top where we could look down at the lake far below.

My Husband and I hiked this yesterday! The trail is mostly along the river with a few trees down. We got a little off path on the way there but found our way back. There are no signs. There are many caves along the way, which are cool. The waterfall was beautiful, and there was a fire pit with lots of places to explore! We had the place to ourselves, too. Would definitely reccomend and do again!

I did this a few years ago with a group from church. About the same as the Cherokee Alpine. Great views!!!

Very historical. It is a paved trail. Very easy hike. Good for the whole family.

5 days ago

Pretty but they really need to consider cutting their prices to hike in half...took 1 hour to complete and that is with all of us taking our time. I

Pretty amazing trail. I’ve been on the Cherokee Ridge Trail and the Forever Wild Trail nearby, and while they’re all most excellent, this one has been my favorite. I put it off though because it seemed like it was mostly overlooks and cliffs and I wanted a bit more water access to help the dog and I to cope with this Alabama heat. There were plenty of places, though, to actually get into Lake Martín and take a dip. The trail is easy to find, right in the middle of a neighborhood. When I got there the lot was full but I never saw another person out on the trail. The beginning winds trough a development but give it some time. You end up for a while in a line forest. Eventually the trail turns along the lakeside and things get really impressive. Tons of views. Great time.

I have done the four mile loop twice with my dog. This is a decent trail for training, but there are no views and the vegetation doesn't vary much along the route. Perhaps the seven and eleven mile routes are more interesting.

There are many, many spider webs across the trail this time of year. I spent much of the hike with a stick out in front of me to avoid walking into a large banana spider web.

I would recommend this hike for people who are looking to get distance on trails and don't want to drive far. But if you're looking for a more enjoyable experience, I would head over to the Deadening Trail on Lake Martin or Chewacla.

Hiked mid-day on a Sunday and didn't see anyone else out on the trail. The conditions were very good (no mud, no spider webs, few downed trees). We hiked the loop counter-clockwise to save the best views and the Needle's Eye for last. I found the trail to be moderately difficult in some steep sections. There are a couple of nice flat rock spots along the lake side of the trail for stopping to eat and enjoy the view, but no clearly marked mid-point. I brought my 10 month old collie with us and he was able to do every part of the trail except the Needle's Eye. He also loved being able to get into the water to cool off.

Thanks for the Memories

This was fun. A reviewer had posted that you could see views of the lake. I didn't see them but this was a beautiful trail anyway. I would rate this as Easy. It was perfect for a morning hike. I'm definitely going to go back and hike some of the other trails in the park.

This trail is nice. There are good views and at the end there is a cave loop! Three caves loop. A little strenuous but not too much. Alms House trail is about 2 miles to the the caves and 2 miles back of course. There are other trails around but I have been hiking before this trail so the other trails I did not take. Beautiful views as always promised when hiking in Alabama.

It is an okay trail, nothing too special. It is hilly which I enjoyed.

Easy hike, enjoyable

6 days ago

Awesome trail! My 15 year old son and I hiked this in the morning of our second day of a three day backpack trip. Coming off the Pinhoti trail the first of two miles are a steep decent with the second being a gradual decent into the Turnipseed campground. 1/4 mile on either side of Turnipseed offers excellent camping spots with reliable water sources. Cheaha falls has multiple excellent camping spots with a shelter located about 1/8 mile up the trail heading towards the Devils Den falls. Most of this trail is under canopy; a beautiful hike which should take between 4-6 hours depending on your load and number of breaks you take!

Full of trash, and human feces. Covered bridge was cool.

Had a great time hiking the trails. My dog and I hiked all of the Orange Trail, all of the Blue Trail, all of the Family Loop biking trail (counterclockwise) and hiked from the Family Loop parking lot to the RV campground and then back along the road. All trails were very well marked with paint blazes. The only word of caution is to keep your eyes on the billions of roots!

7 days ago

Steep rocky slope starting out, narrow trail in places. Beautiful view at the end! My husband brought his trekking poles and glad he did, he’s not fit enough for trails like this, he didn’t think it was “easy” at all. Thanks to the past reviews we were prepared for the steep slope.

8 days ago

This is a beautiful spot and a gorgeous waterfall. There are several steps but there is a guard rail . It is a easy walk.

8 days ago

This is a gorgeous spot . Just watch your step if you walk down to the falls . Some of the wet rocks are REALLY SLICK . Beautiful place and an easy walk .

This trail is awesome you can go even further if you would like. We'll do this trail again and spend a night or two hiking it.

8 days ago

Would hike in the fall when the leaves are changing. I took North Plateau to McKay Hollow to Fire Tower route and it was a more gradual elevation change coming back up.

8 days ago

The stone cuts you get to walk through are as cool as you'd imagine!

Veer off and take the West Bluff Trail. The view is better!

9 days ago

Beautiful view at the top and clearly marked trail.

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