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Dadeville, Alabama Map

Always enjoy my hikes here. The flowers along the trail in the Spring are beautiful - my favorite time of year to hike this trail. Summer hikes are doable. Hot but manageable with water and frequent rest stops. There are shortened trails so if it’s too hot you can opt for these trails. Late Fall and Winter hikes are enjoyable with the cooler weather and less humidity.

Great trail with great views of the lake.

Glad I brought my poles but great trail. Will definitely hike it again.

23 days ago

This trail was a challenge. It is not well marked if you go backwards, but the views and the spots to just sit for a spell are awesome. I would not take kids or older dogs. lots of places to fall and get hurt badly. Take the trail slowly and pack some snacks. Take only pictures and leave only foot prints y'all.

If you go past the trail head in the parking lot, there is a road access that turns into a paved access. A lot easier for those needing to use strollers and such.

This trail is a surprising gem in Alabama. Incredible views.

Had a wonderful time hiking. The trail is hard and slippery in spots but well worth the hike. Gorgeous views and great spots to sit on rocks and take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Was a beautiful trail. Well marked with awesome views.

Awesome spot. Lots of history, reading, fire tower view is amazing if you aren't afraid of heights. I would not recommend this as easy either. It's short but steep in parts as well as rocky. May be difficult for people that are not sure footed, kids would be fine...lots to climb on.

3 months ago

Great park for exploring the battle of horseshoe bend. The trails are lovely and the entire park has good signage. You can walk or drive. We stopped in and talked to the ranger who recommended a hybrid walk that was a mix of trail and road it was great.

Only downside was a lack of trash cans. There are some at the visitor center but that was all. Otherwise no complaints. We found the trails very well kept for May. No ticks on us or the dog.

I had a wonderful time taking this hike! The trail was extremely well marked and in late April all the rhododendron and mountain laurel were in bloom. The views are unique for the Alabama area and beautiful for any area. While the trail doesn't seem like that long of a distance, it is on rocky terrain and takes longer to complete than you would anticipate - make sure to wear shoes with good traction and to bring plenty of water!

Need to have more trail markers on the north side. Beautiful walk.

Lovely trail, especially in the spring when everything is in bloom. The views are well worth the trip. While it is rated 'easy', it is slightly steep in places, can get somewhat narrow in spots and has a few small (but easy) scrambles along the way. The trail is very well maintained.

An alternate route to the fire tower is to go by road. The road is partially paved, and while it does have a gradual incline, it is wide, and very easy to traverse. The road is also a much quicker path to the tower.

Very easy hike. Definitely a good one for little kids to attend. Pretty disinteresting if you are looking for a good hike, but great if you like history.

Not a long trail at all but be prepared to hike an elevation the whole way to the tower. Awesome view from the tower, kids may be afraid of the height.

4 months ago

this trail is not an easy hike, but well worth the hike. the views along the trail are really nice. Lots of water views along the trail. A must do hike!! a few great cliff faces to sit and take a break while enjoying the view.

4 months ago

I enjoyed this trail a lot. The views were great! However, there were points where we lost the trail and it wasn’t marked. So make sure you download the app before starting. Also spray down with bug spray that prevents for tick because a good portion in this trail is in the woods. I pulled off a total of 6 ticks between me and my dog. If you have a large dog this trail might be difficult to maneuver because there are points where the trail narrows on the cliffs.

It was a beautiful trail we hiked up with no problem with our four year old. We would have went up the tower if the wind would not have been blowing so hard.

5 months ago

First, let me say I did read the reviews below but I didn’t get from any of them the difficulty of this trail. It was not marked well at all. If I had not downloaded a trail ap we would still be on the trail. It was a very steep and narrow trail 75% of the way. It says moderate but that means if you are an advanced hiker with good hiking shoes. The trail had beautiful scenery but was also wet and slick with water dripping off larger rocks and at points you will be hanging right over the lake. Don’t get me wrong it will be great for anyone experienced in difficult trails. I would not suggest kids unless they have some experience as well. I will do it again but with the correct shoes and equipment. Thank goodness I had my walking stick. It came in very handy.

Just a lot of fun. They've done a great job if incorporating a lot of hiking into a relatively small area. You could spend a lot of time loving it!

Great trail! Lots of variety in terrain type. Moderate hike with awesome views of the lake. Will definitely be doing again.

Be sure to review those written below. They were helpful. It is about 100 yards on paved road from end of initial trail to main trial. Look in left side of road for arrow marking. Initial part takes less time since fairly flat and through woods. Last 1/2 better views but very winding and more rugged. Loved views and outcropping rocks.

There are more routes to explore the trail. I uploaded the trail map photo.

5 months ago

My wife and I did this trail today and I definitely recommend it. There is a new parking area from what I understand the old one is roped off, but it is posted where the new is located just around the corner to the left. There is an approach trail through the wooded area that comes out on the paved road again before turning back into the woods to the left, just follow the arrows painted on the asphalt and it will lead you right to the kiosk where the actual trail begins. Trail is blazed in white. I large portion is along Lake Martin with some great views of Chimney Rock and other islands. I recommend taking plenty of water and snacks. The first mile is relatively easy, but the 2 plus miles along the lake I would rate difficult. Very steep in places even to the point of being on all fours lol. Keep your eyes peeled for deer and other wildlife we saw one of the biggest bucks I’ve ever seen! The trail itself is a loop hiked counterclockwise and then the approach trail and short paved road walk is done the same as when you entered! Hope this is helpful to all and enjoy yourself.

6 months ago

Great trail, good view of Lake Martin.

6 months ago

Great trail. Definitely worth the effort - and it requires some effort.
The FYI in case you've never been. The trail doesn't really begin at the parking area. There's a quarter mile path through the woods that brings you out on an adjoining street. Turn left and walk about 75 yards. Then you will enter the trail approach just across from the fire hydrant.

Trail is blazed to be completed in a counter clockwise loop, but I've done it twice in the other direction. As designed there's a long walk through pines and a descent to the lakeside at about a mile and a half. The return along the lakefront is strenuous. Lots of elevation change, switchbacks, and (if you tend to wander out to scenic points) a little bit of scrambling/boulering. The views across the lake are great, and if you go in summer you'll be able to see the brave folks who jump from Chimney Rock across the way.

The trail warns that those under 12 should not use it and under 14 should only use it under adult supervision, and I believe this is reasonable advice. The trail is narrow, often steep, and the margin for error and carelessness is small. There are definitely sections where serious injury is just a misplaced step away.

Good short little hike. Definitely go up the tower. Great view!

A little cold today but it made for some veey beautiful icicle formations on the rocks. This trail surprised me in every way. It kinda has it all. Wandering through the leafy forest bed, I came up close with a deer. Traverse the rocks and see spectacular views of the lake. Then lastly wind through the waterfront trails under and over rocks and through twisted limb forest with trickling stream. All around beautiful place. Will go back in the summer when I can add in a swim in that lake!

8 months ago

A great family adventure! We expanded our. trek to include the lakeshore trail, which made for a nice four mile adventure. Highly recommended for multi-generational physical activity.

9 months ago

Was out on the trail early this morning and absolutely love it! The south loop is a great trail! Well maintained but it would help if there were a bit more markings. Gotta look hard with the leaves on the ground!!

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