Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hike was great. A challenging stride. Packed my 2.5 y/o son in the Osprey pack and bare minimum supplies. I am one to move along a trail quickly with a lot of weight (kid is big and heavy 35lb'er) and I found the elevation gains and losses perfect for my paces. The climbs are tall but long and the descents are a tad steeper but manageable and nonetheless perfect for my stride. Breaks were short and productive.

We missed a rolling locomotive (which he loves) by just a few hundred yards at the first trail crossing of Skyline Rd but he still enjoyed footing the crossing. I was really moving quickly here to get him there in time to see the train but it just didn't happen.

Started at 1:30pm Went 5.7 miles to the third trail crossing of Skyline/Skyway (CR-600-2) road and arrived at 4:50pm. Made the decision to retreat back to car for risk of duskfall. Made use of Skyline to save time (it was entirely downhill for 1.8 miles) and made contact with a friend who picked me up back at the first trail crossing of Skyline. He drove me the remaining 2+ miles back to my car at the trailhead (6:30pm). Kid fell asleep in the pack for the last 20 minutes prior to rendezvous with friend.

Other than the first summit and then merge to pavement there really wasn't much to look at on this leg. Just some good old fashion distance (which is perfectly fine for me!).