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20 hours ago

One of those trails that you just have to see in person. It’s a long hike so do take some protein and water but well worth it! Low traffic so we enjoyed the trail to ourselves mostly.

Not a bad hike the waterfall is about 30-40 min in at a easy -moderate pace

Beautiful place!

Loved it!

Awesome experience

I loved it, but I also love crossing creeks.

Did this trail twice. First time was a mistake. I entered the horse trail, not the hiking trail. The horse trail is more than twice as long as the hiking trail. I had to turn around at one point just to make sure I got out of there before dark, because I didn't bring a lot of gear. When I finally went back and did the hiking trail, it was the hike of a lifetime. Its amazing. There are a few little campsites along the way and a very old small cemetery. One gravestone is in good condition and they apparently died in 1860. 10/10 would recommend.

Parked at Simmons school Trailhead. Followed oranges blazes to High Falls and then to where the trail came out on Chapel Rd

Was marked well. Beautiful!

10 days ago

I went after tons of rain, and I’m so glad I did! It was super muddy from the cemetery to the falls, so I would definitely recommend at least one trekking pole.

Once you get to the creek and see the falls and think you can’t go any further, put on some water shoes, cross the river, and keep going up.

Took my 26 pound dog and he loved it.

What a nice surprise!

My GPS clocked 8.25 miles and I went all the way to the top of the falls.

family friendly, clean, well marked, and great views!

Fun day trip! Great scenery. Listened to other reviews and climbed the ledge at the pool and found the beginning of the falls. Well worth the climb.

We love this trail. Very muddy and slippery on the last mile to the falls tough climb back out. But overall an awesome hike we plan to return when dry
My GPS. Recorded 8 miles round trip and took 6 hrs spent about an hour at the falls.

12 days ago

Kinlock Falls is really easy to get to and is a pretty spot. We went after it rained all week and the road muddy enough that we didn’t want to drive the car through it for fear of being stuck. But, we pulled off the road about 1/2 mile before the falls and just walked to it. It’s worth checking out.

Easy hike to the falls, a little steep going down to the bottom of the falls. I will be going back

Decided to do this hike in January after many days of heavy rains. Wanted to check out waterfalls. This is not for beginner's. There is no marked trail. I basically followed the creek to see the falls. The terrain is rugged, steep, and very difficult. I Parked across Co Rd. 6 from Wolf Pen Camp Road. Begin my trek off an old road going through the woods. I begin at 11 a.m. and about 2 miles in I knew I wouldn't complete the loop before dark. Turned around and headed back out. I would not suggest doing this alone. Scenery is gorgeous. I would go again, just start earlier or plan to camp.

12 days ago

A really great trail. The falls are tiered! Follow the creek past parker falls and take a left at the fork. You will find a fifty foot water fall!

Right on the road. Deep water and rushing water! Worth seeing.

14 days ago

God out did himself with this little treasure of land and water!!!!

SO COOL. The key is to keep going once you get to the little waterfall bit and rocky pool at the end, which is like the head of the little river you follow for the middle third. With a FUN rock scramble, you can climb up to see the crashing waterfall!! Must do that!!

Otherwise, decent hike. Only “hard” because it’s muddy and rocky for that middle third, and the ascent (return hike) is pretty long. Pretty area. We went in winter and are pretty active folks.

Great hike!
You can do it!!
Take your time! Beautiful!!

16 days ago

It’s great for a small hike. Has a rope swing and places to jump in. If you want to stave to the waterfall, I would suggest you don’t drive a small car. There are some spots (especially after rains) that you could get stuck)

17 days ago

Gorgeous. Very short hike, but it is quite steep and was a little slick after a recent heavy rain.

17 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous waterfalls. Trail isn’t marked at all. My son and I are novice hikers. We got a little turned around on the way back and it took us a while to locate the trail. Even with all of that, I consider this a must see/do. Beautiful!

17 days ago

Simple trail that's marked well. Saw several small children handling this one with no problem. Falls were full due to all the recent rain.

A little hard to find the sink hole but it’s amazing when you get there - be careful for slippery rocks.

Great hike.

Beautiful views, but very hard to stay on the loop as trail marks are confusing. Got off on side trail few times. Thanks to blue gps dot on the AllTrails app that I could find my way back. Otherwise five star trail. Will do it again.

23 days ago

A few trees to step over. Trail was well worn but nice walk. Waterfalls we flowing very nice. Able to climb to bottom one with trekking poles and back up to bottom of first one. Worth the trip if you are in the area

Must have permit!! I was able to get a same day permit today and had the place to myself, which was amazing. The trail is very slippery/muddy if it’s rained recently. If you don’t always carry a headlamp in your pack, I would recommend bringing one if it’s an overcast day or late in the day. Cave was pretty dark. Short easy hike to the cave but a little tough to get into the cave if you’re not agile. Always be smart and don’t risk your safety for a cool picture.

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