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1 day ago

Was a great trail only 15 minutes from home. Will be going back again.

This is a great little Nature Preserve. The trail shown here is a mild amble along the creek side and not what I consider a hike. Other trails not shown here include the Narrows Ridge trail (3.2mi.), the Thompson Trace trail (1.4mi.) and the Handby Hollow trail (0.9mi.). These three trails intersect at several points throughout so it’s easy to get some extra miles. I started at the entrance gate and hiked the Narrows trail, which is a loop, and then drove a very short distance to the Thompson trail head at the Recreation area. From there I hiked Thompson and connected with Hanby which made a loop back to the Thompson trail head. I got about 5 miles overall and thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s also another 0.3 mi paved trail (Highlands Trail) on the other side of the Preserve. The trails are well maintained with clearly marked intersections so it’s impossible to get confused. Go to the Turkey Creek website for hours of operation and to get a trail map ahead of time.

Great trail! Take Possum Loop to circle the quarry to see several great overlooks and to access the quarry itself.

New hike on Green Mountain past the Madison County Nature Trail. The hike is relatively easy for the most part until you get to the waterfall which is very steep but a must see! The trail goes along the edge of the mountain with gorgeous views. Then the waterfall at the end is fantastic, especially after a good rain or iced over in the winter.

Gorgeous trails on the loop. Have many options to make it as easy or hard as you like. Definitely one of my favorites.

Loved this trail. I stayed on the black creek trail and the trees and flowers were blooming. Very pretty and relaxing.

Absolutely beautiful!!! The hike out was definitely difficult but well worth it!! Took my 9 year old son, and we hike at least 2x/month, and he said this was his favorite hike so far. I would not recommend this hike for beginners.

Short, quiet and beautiful. The dog liked it too! Fresh water pumps throughout

4 days ago

Do the canyon during the day...don't expect a light show or anything during the night tour...

I feel like the top area has become too built up. Half finished walls, fountains, Electronic gates, pool patios above dam...bizarre. I don't know why they just haven't kept it as rustic as possible...

4 days ago

Falls are right off road. I imagine this place is crowded in the summer. Volunteer group was there cleaning up trash...it's too easy to get to honestly.

4 days ago

Nice waterfalls, particularly after some rain. Stair step waterfalls down to creek.

5 days ago

Lots of trail traffic.

5 days ago

The falls are pretty but the crowds of tourists ruin a lot of the experience

5 days ago

The falls are pretty but the crowds of tourists ruin a lot of the experience

From Cherokee County road 103 take Back-country road 03. Turn right when you get to Back-country road 11. Trail-head is at end of 11. Enjoyed hiking this primitive trail with wildlife, birds, wildflowers and creek crossings.Here are couple important links to help you plan your hike: https://www.facebook.com/lirinps/
and Back-country map , click blue Park Map symbol below online map for download : https://www.nps.gov/liri/planyourvisit/maps.htm

on Skyway Loop Trail

5 days ago

I hiked this trail yesterday from Adams Gap moving counterclockwise. First - it is not 17.7 miles, but 18.8 miles. I think I have seen someone else mention this. When you are exhausted from hiking this in one day, then finding out you actually aren’t finished, but rather, have one more mile to hike is not good news. Second, your feet are going to get wet. Just go ahead and baptize them early, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Yesterday, the creeks were high and the current was stronger than I have seen it because of all the rain Saturday. I spent 20 minutes trying to find a safe place to walk across at Chinnabee Lake area. The waterfalls are gorgeous on the Chinnabee section, and the rock gardens on the Pinhoti are just beautiful - although make for a very slow ascent to Pearly Gates. Skyway section is great exercise because it is rolling hills most of the way with a good uphill run at the end. This trail is rated moderate, but there are definitely hard sections. The trail is well marked except for the section coming down off Pinhoti all the way to Devils Den. It got a little tricky in a few areas coming down after I left Pinhoti, and I was thankful for GPS to show me where the trail was. There is one creek crossing about 2 miles from finish to Adams Gap that is a T where one creek meets another, and it is a bit confusing because of a campsite being there which dissolved the trail. There are markings here, but it took me a minute to find them, and at 5:45 I was pretty nervous about getting lost! All in all, a good, but EXHAUSTING hike! It would be much better and more fun to take in two days with a camping buddy.

6 days ago

Beautiful April Sunday morning
Temps hi 50s low 60s
Nobody on the trail
Saw 3 black racer snakes and 2 golden eagles nesting
Some elevation at times
Not much
Very scenic peaceful trail

Walked 3.5 miles on this maze of trails today and loved every step. The scenery is beautiful from the tall pines to the beach looking out at the white caps of the gulf. Great for families with kids, great trail for running or simply walking.

I walked about 2 miles on these trails and enjoyed it thoroughly. The weather was perfect. Saw a number of birds I haven’t seen and one alligator. It was an easy trail, one I would certainly recommend for families with children. The trail has maps throughout to give you options and show your location.

7 days ago

Sad to see the “pond” was a stagnant, unkept spot of water. Bamboo was down over the trail.

on Bluffline Loop

8 days ago

This is a great hike but should be rated moderate to hard. The tollgate trail is extremely rocky. Waterline Trail is extremely steep and the trail was easily lost. I did this hike yesterday with my dog and I was afraid of falling at Waterline. We made it and it was extremely pretty but I will go another way to avoid Waterline next time.

8 days ago

Good trails but the bridge is the best part in my opinion. The wildflowers were blooming on the trails and the river is always nice to look at

We went after a good bit of rain, so the creek crossing (you step on rocks to cross, right before the waterfalls) was close to impossible without getting water in your boots. It was absolutely worth it to have wet shoes, because the water features were awesome. So carry extra socks. Also, due the the uphill climb on the return trip, allow much more time to return.

8 days ago

this trail is in various states of order. it is quite versatile, with several options for "bouldering" right next to the water, or taking an exit up to the bluff to walk along backroad 5 or along to ccc road (gillam trail is part of this). though maps show just 3 exits, there are actually 6 well marked exits all the way down to the river mouthing into the other fork near backroad 5 for a much longer and more scenic hike. not well frequented, lost the trail a few times but easy to follow the river and bluff. it seems the trails haven't been tracked for a while but there are some online efforts to update the maps and trail markings. blissful solitude, just me and the birds.

this is a challenging loop hike, but worth the rough trail to see the gorgeous rocks and river. i hiked 201>209>202 on a clear cool april day. a previous hiker posted here that she had to ford the river twice. i instead stayed on the river's right bank. old trail was present, several old campfire rings too, but so many downed trees and steams to leap across that i lost the trail several times, ranger station had warned me, lots of starter saplings, etc. mostly flat terrain, just the descent/ascent to the river canyon had any incline. lots of animal tracks by the water -- deer, raccoon, bear. maps are accurate about location of trails but not always accurate about the water.

One of the best trails I’ve hiked. Privately owned property that is better well kept than most parks that I’ve visited. The owner is very helpful and talked us through the best trails to take on the property. You have to sign the log when you get there and sign out when you leave. The trail is wide and very well marked. Will definitely go back again. The falls were gorgeous!

beautiful place. the falls are great!

Need to have more trail markers on the north side. Beautiful walk.

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