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YOU CAN DO THIS HIKE. As long as you don't have an issues with vertigo or balance, anyone can do this if they take their time. This hike scares alot of people who come to Acadia, but you CAN do this, but don't bring super small kids. I'd say bring them up if 10 or over, just keep a close eye. It is worth every minute. Lots of rock scrambling, but lots of great traction bc of the granite and lots of foot/hand holds.

in 5 months

This hike has a pretty moderate incline and as a medium level hiker it wasn't too much of a challenge. I thought because of the mileage it might be a bit of a process for me but surprisingly it went smoothly. There are so many beautiful places to take breaks along the trail. There are many creeks, small waterfalls and beautiful trees and greenery along the trail. Honestly, this hike is so worth it. When you finally get to the top its just incredible. The color of Colchuck is hypnotizing. It is a tranquil teal blue and the ice caps and glaciers nearby on Asgard are pretty cool to check out as well. It is such a great place for photographs. An amazing hike for anyone in my opinion!

Definitely family friendly. The lakes are pretty and the hike is not difficult. It isn't a stunning hike like the lower enchantments, but if you want a quick jaunt to some nice lakes, it's a good way to go.

People need to keep their dogs leashed, though. I don't care how "nice" your dog is. It needs to be on a leash when you're on a public trail. An otherwise pleasant hike was ruined by an irresponsible dog owner whose dog advanced and chomped on my sister's dog before she could jerk her away. There were a lot of off leash dogs on this trail so if you take your dog, be aware.

We had a great time! Thought the hike was reasonably easy though it seemed like more than 2.5 miles to the lower lake. Absolutely beautiful hike! Check out the video of our trip here!

in 1 month

This was a totally amazing backpacking trip! (only a couple of caveats). We hiked up in the rain for about 4 hours to stay in the lookout at the top. Once the clouds cleared, the views were absolutely stunning. Biggest issue was someone wandering into the lookout while we were out on a day hike in the middle of our two night stay. Check out the video of our trip here!

This is not a review but a question for those who had the opportunity to experience what looks like an incredible place! -
I am planning a trip through Utah's NPs May 17-26. Would love to hike out to the hot springs and camp there to have a really early morning soak. Is this something that can be done at Fifth Water Hot Springs? If so, are there plenty of spaces to camp assuming many others may have the same idea as well?
Thank you in advanced!

I have completed the majority of this trail in sections from Franklin to the Douglas/Connecticut line.
In May I plan on completing the entire trail in one day.
If anyone wants to join me, please let me know.

in 7 days

Lite hiking to see the lakes.

it's a multitude trail network that is used a lot by mountain bikers. lots of up and downs.

Can not wait for this park to be completed. Beautiful, easy hike.

Tough hike! We parked at the bottom of Oat Hill Mine Trail, and Ubered to the top. It looked us over 6 hours.
Time for a massage!

This trail is closed,we waisted a trip

The first part of this trail jas been logged due to pine beetles but the latter part is beautiful. The falls are truely spectacular and definitely worth the trip.

21 hours ago

Nice little park. Easy trail, a few hills. Saw deer and turkey.

21 hours ago

Great track, park across the road. Uphill most of the way. A few other tracks lead off the main, but always follow the path most used. We had great views in April, wonderful sightings of Turkey vultures and hawks, snow capped mountains and still had wild flowers blooming. Took my 10 year old niece and she did great too.

Wonderful trails throughout.

21 hours ago

there's a beaver that has set up about halfway down the trail that you can view. if you get lucky, you may get a view of this beautiful animal

21 hours ago

I've always loved this hike. It's a loop so you can start one way or another. Keep right and head to the back to start with the waterfall and a relatively easy incline/decline. Go left toward the stairs and get a good 20-25 minutes of steep hiking with a rewarding view at the top, and finish it off with the waterfall. Either way, it's bound to be a decent little hike. It's particularly great around this time so soon after the rain... Flowers are out and the waterfall is going. Bring sunscreen!

Love this hike, mostly for its cardio. After the mile or so of wooded, in-the-mountain terrain, it gets super exposed to the sun on the fire road. It's steep for a few miles until you hit Parker Mesa. Nice view of the ocean. I've seen a few snakes up here. You can also find solitude in this hike as it's more difficult and less people take on the challenge.

Out of every trail I have done, this is my favorite. The Billy Goat trail at Great Falls, MD is short but holds a special place for me and White Oak Canyon is even better. I have done it 3 times now, out and back, to the top past Skyline drive. It can be very challenging at the upper parts and if you dont stop, you are exhausted by the time you reach the road. it is a nonstop waterfall the entire way up. word pf caution, I was 2 inches from sitting on a copperhead or whatever it was by the careful. you will not soon forget this one.

Scenery amazing. Loved the waterfall. Liked that there was an off the pavement option along the river. Very enjoyable.

This is probably the single least impressive ruin I've ever seen, but it's worth the 5 minutes it takes to walk the trail. There's a brochure you can grab which explains the ruin and points out some plants along the way, which is cool.

22 hours ago

Loved this trail! Enjoyed the fact that it does not seem to be a high trafficked trail and that my group were the only ones out there. My dog loved the trail too.

22 hours ago

Recommend for a pretty easy to moderate hike if you aren’t in great shape! It was beautiful and not busy on the day we went, which was great!

22 hours ago

So glad we found this, despite the complexity and lack of signage. Gorgeous! Be prepared: it may take much longer than anticipated. We did this in April and the creek was going pretty quick, so was complicated. Also physically challenging, and my husband and I are athletic. We followed the creek but some areas were not sure where to go, so was slow. We crossed the creek back and forth over rocks dozens of times. Lots of scrambles over rocks and boulders. We had 18 pound terrier mix with us and she mostly enjoyed it but some places we had to carry her due to scrambling. Not many cairns to show us the way but we managed. No trail signs except at beginning. At the 2.7 mile mark, where my phone died and I couldn’t get the locator on my AllTrails app, we weren’t sure where to go-we ended at the Jeep trail. There were no signs saying Go this way, hikers, so we turned around and went back the way we came. Mostly. The trail was not as easy to find on the way back. Once phone recharged, I see in order to do the loop we should have followed the Jeep trail!

Some parts can be a challenge due to rocky terrain. Beautiful vista and enough tree shade to cool down on a sunny day. Waterfall was rapid due to abundant rain. Will do this one again

Beautiful view of the valley and really nice hike to do, we went back using opposite trail, muddy and slipper but it was worth.

Very nice and easy for all levels.

Long, bugs, took new route

Beautiful, great avacado samster at top, views views views

That’s hiking

Definitely easier to start counterclockwise.

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