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It was a very good walk just shame about weather it started to rain half way round. Bit advise to be careful when you drop down to the stream you walk too close to the edge and the ground can give way and you will end up in the stream.

A nice walk through some beautiful woodland but would say it’s more for the mountain bikers , only saw one other dog walker but hundreds of mountain bikers in the whole of our two hour walk.

3 days ago

Beautiful scenery had an amazing time. Didn't do the whole trail as there was a ram at the top my dog took a disliking to but still completed a loop. The rocky cliffs remind me of the rock monsters from the never ending story.

A lovely walk is a picturesque part of the Lakes. The scrambling on Crinkle Crags is a short section of the day, but really adds to the round. Adding on Bow Fell makes a more substantial feeling day and adds to the fun.

4 days ago

A shorter version of the “Mosedale round” also listed. The descent off before Yewbarrow is a steep alternative that saves time but not your knees!

trail running
4 days ago

Probably the most direct, but neither the easiest, most interesting nor most sensible route. If you’re strapped for time and running it works ok.

Other routes from the Borrowdale side generally give more interest as would adding another top like Green Gable or Pillar.

4 days ago

This route should probably be named “Helvellyn via Swirls Carpark” it is a bit of a plod, but the most direct & probably easiest route up Helvellyn. It is not particularly inspiring. The views are great (and the only reason I’d give it 4*s).

An interesting alternative way up is to scramble up the stream that much of the lower path follows ~grade 1. Coming down you can make a loop heading north towards Raise and coming down the fells on that side of the bowl. Be careful to cross the stream away from the cliffs.

One of the more interesting ways to do England’s highest point with varied terrain - but it feels a long way! If clockwise round this loop then going up a scramble on Great End - eg Cust’s Gully is a lot of fun and really add to the day!

good walk, great views but tough for us unfit novices.

great walk on very rainy windy day

This route is described elsewhere under a different name with more reviews. It’s basically The shortest and least pleasant way up. It’s a prerequisite to actually know what you’re doing with a map and compass. ...as well as having them with you as the weather changes at the drop of a hat. The route finding near the summit can be poor. Boots people - it’s a rough hill and far too many people get carried off by MRT.

A great round, but hot in the summer it’s one with little water so make sure you take enough. Adding in Kirk Fell isn’t the most fun route up, but gives more stunning views for your investment (and a fun scramble down) and in balance is worth it if you fancy a longer day.

4 days ago

Probably the most tedious route up to England’s highest point. It is the quickest and the one requiring the least technical skill, but yet a serious undertaking (and often underestimated).

Good navigation skills are a prerequisite as the top is a nightmare if the cloud comes in (and it does rapidly, even in the summer). Trainers and walking shoes aren’t a good enough replacement for boots here - despite good paths, it is a rough, serious mountain.

4 days ago

A much nicer way to do Skiddaw than the main ‘tourist’ path. Great view and far quieter. ‘Moderate’ is a realistic grading.

The trails are good and the route finding easy enough. The descent (if going anti-clockwise) can be harder to find in the cloud. Descent nav skills will see you past this though!

4 days ago

This is neither a ‘hard’ route nor a quiet route.

In the summer months this route is heavily trafficked, mostly due to its easy route finding, very solid trail and great views. Be warned though the top catches the weather badly and it can be VERY COLD and WINDY on the top when it’s lovely in the valley. In cloud navigation at the top deteriorates rapidly - if you’re not great with a map or compass near this in mind.

If Blencathra by Sharp Edge is a ‘hard’ route then this certainly is. The arête is longer and the day itself a bigger undertaking on a higher and more serious mountain (some may say there’s an abundance of paths that make the arêtes and subsequent head walls easier (and thus the grade), but these should be avoided as they supply a large proportion of the accidents that occur and are a true force for evil where erosion is concerned).

The walk up from Glenridding gives great views, but is a bit of a slog. Take it easy and stick to the trail. It may seem like the route on the trail is much longer, but is also more efficient and makes the day both quicker and easier than the map would suggest. Walking up to Stridung Edge you’ll likely see countless people ahead of you and traffic is likely to be the biggest problem in the day. Keeping to the crest is exposed, but take your time and rest assured that the rock is solid. The paths offering alternatives are deceptively bad and slips / collapses occur a bit too often! The end of the arête offers the most difficulties - again keep to the crest, sometimes sitting to reach footholds until you are forced to choose left or right. Neither is massively better, but you’ll find more hand and foot holds to the left dropping down the flakes and round to a stance above a chimney. The other side joins here and had a more sketchy entrance to the chimney. Once down here find your way back to the crest and up the obvious faults in the head wall. The final section is an eroded path leading up left through a grassy slope.

Descending Swirral Edge is much the same mantra - the rock is solid, keep to it. After descending the head wall the rocky arête soon begins and the current suggested route is just to the left. The rocks are occasionally angled away from you so take your time. It’s all grippy and in the correct boots you should be good. There are a couple of paths that drop away most notably to the north that can be sketchy in the extreme.

The rest of the walk is a pleasant amble down on good trails. The views are great.

Beautiful view. Easy trail to hike and walk. Good for all ages.

A great, albeit short trip out. Worth waiting for a good day and getting up early - the crowds can be awful, but the views amazing. The rock on Sharp Edge has been severely eroded over time and is slippery in the extreme in anything other than dry conditions. The paths off to the side of the arête are to be avoided - not only are they one of the main contributors to erosion in the mountain, but also where accidents happen. Trust the solid rock on the right day and you’ll have a great time.

Great trek, to get the heart pumping take the dirt path from car park to the summit of Midsummer Hill. Views from all sides. Stop and enjoy the flowers in bloom and the wildlife.

This was a fantastic hike!! It starts out quite crowded and relatively easy with switch-backs. The crowd drowns out as the hike continues because it gets progressively harder and more challenging. You'll pass a beautiful and peaceful alpine lake about a third of the way through. From there on it's nearly all scrambling til the top, with snow for the last bit so come prepared!! Wear solid shoes, bring lots of water, and start out early because weather can get bad quickly as the day goes on. Side note: in the time period that I was hiking, there were two helicopter rescues for people that were being dumb and careless- climbing where they shouldn't have and being stupid. Don't be dumb and careless and stupid. :)

5 days ago

Pleasant stroll along an easy path.

Fun easy walk along the river. Shipbuilding towns with semiconductor vistas and two charming villages.

one steep climb at the start but a nice couple of hours. lovely in the summer with all the heather and the grouse.
this is one I take the kids on as it's not difficult, has lovely views and a safe walk

mountain biking
10 days ago

Excellent trails, can’t wait to go again!

Fantastic! What a beautiful climb. We did this climb last year while visiting Scotland. I was sore for so many days after. Ha. But I am way out of shape. I still did it. Absolutely a highlight of my life!

15 days ago

I climbed Snowdon with school it a real good challenge but make sure you go at the right time and bring a lot of water because the higher you go the losers the stones are.

awesome place to walk

Great circuit with beautiful views. The partner and I very much enjoyed this walk, leaving us eager to explore the nearby areas.

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