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Scotland, United Kingdom Map

Very nice wieves.

Nice view but not an easy hiking. Weather changing so fast so better be ready.

3 days ago

steep climb to the top whuch is well worth it just for the amazing view.

This is a relatively easy and pleasant walk that includes open views and short wooded areas. The pathway is predominately tarmac although you can choose to walk on short grass at many parts. It is used for walking, running and cycling. Most users are spatially aware and considerate but it can be busy on dry weekends.
You can choose a variety of alternative paths, mostly woodland, that increases the rise and fall and difficulty level.

crowded at first, but once you get through the first part of the trail it not as bad. very beautiful, do CCW. Seems to be much easier going down the muddy steep incline. First half is going around the rock cliffs, second half is ridge walking on the table part and then ends with the steep muddy incline where you see people going up and down. lots of bugs and cattle

did our own path, so many trails and places to explore. very beautiful. need to go early before 9 am, crowds start gathering after 10.

very crowded. can get muddy but worth the views. be careful of rock slides. we heard rocks falling from the big rock face cliff, of course people shouting wasn't helping.

did the entire loop. beautiful views

Better to go CCW. CW will put you going down the steep way. Some rock scramble. Easy enough for me with a bad knee. Beautiful views, worth the effort.

Honestly was a little disappointed with the Fairy Pools. Yes, the little waterfalls are pretty, but I was expecting to find these during a little forest hike. It's literally an open field, crawling with people.

Really enjoyed this hike. I love that their are lots of different trails so that you can see Oldman Storr from different view points. You can also wonder off the trails and do your own thing. We wondered far enough away from the others visiting Storr so that we could take our drone out. It's absolutely beautiful here. We arrived at about 1pm and the parking lot was full, but to be fair that parking lot holds maybe 10 cars. So people were parking along the road. There were also quite a few people there when we arrived, but once you get further up the path, people go their own way and it feels like you're the only one there.

Nice easy walk. Some nice valley scenery along the way to the falls.

7 days ago

too many people. just some waterfalls.

7 days ago

Hiked this as a “spur of the moment” thing when we visited the Scotland monument. Beautiful little walk.

7 days ago

Nice wee walk

All I can say is awesome!!! 5-6 hours top to peak and back. Ben Lomond is the southern most Munro (peak over 3000ft) and it’s all downhill from the top of Ben Lomond to land’s end in southern England. I took about 80 photos as view after view just kept getting better and better! Views of Loch Lomond one way...into the highlands and rolling hills the other way...and roaming sheep will photo bomb you!! :) And amazingly you’ll find them grazing 100m from the peak you just busted your butt hiking up! ;) Check the weather forecast and definitely pick a sunny day to go. Clouds and rain can quickly envelope the peak robbing your efforts of the payoff views...and making it a miserable, slow and slippery hike downhill on the quartz and granite rocky path. Great exercise! Calves will ache the next morning!! But wow. What a great hike! A must do! And awesome training if you’re thinking of attempting Ben Nevis.

A great walk! Didn’t do the whole stretch from Balloch...instead got a relative to drop me off on the way to Balloch and hiked in a logging road that appears on the trail map as the black dotted line that ends at Craigendoran. That route took about 2 hours up and over Ben Bouie - a mountain of about a 1000ft or so...from which you get really lovely views of the Clyde and Helensburgh as well as on the way up Loch Lomond and the islands. As usual when hill walking in Scotland expect rain out of nowhere! The downhill part toward Craigendoran led through some lovely forest with rich ferns and babbling brooks and some giant slugs!! :) My 11 year old hiking buddy loved those!! Easy to spot from the huge glistening trail of goo they leave behind them!! Assuming you get some sun! ;) A great day and a nice walk into Craigendoran along some beautiful old stone walls, sheep and horse farms and typical Argyll and Bute country charm! When done head into Helensburgh and grab a 99 ice cream cone from Dino’s cafe! Stick with the vanilla!! Believe me!! It’s amaaaazing!! Best I’ve ever had! And then walk Helensburgh’s lovely seashore and boardwalk toward Rhu Spit (point)...and keep watch for washed up jelly fish and a seal that occasionally adorns the Helensburgh pier! Honestly just a lovely town and a great day of walking!

8 days ago

Amazing views! Took my 11 year old daughter up and we both took 1000 photos of Edinburgh! :) Do not skip this hike on a visit to Edinburgh! Second time here and stuck to the castle and art galleries and shopping last time. This hike honestly really made Edinburgh sing to me on a level waaay beyond the castle and sites. Do it!

9 days ago

Visited the fairy pools in May this year. We arrived at 7:30 in the morning to avoid the crowds. The car park was completely empty. It was a short easy walk to get to the pools. We started at the top and worked our way down. Took wetsuits so we were then able to spend lots of time exploring, climbing and jumping into the amazing pools. Spent 3 hours here. Well worth the visit, but would definitely advise arriving early, there were coaches and buses and a packed car park as we left.

beautiful views

beautiful views

Big reward for a pretty easy walk (except the last 1/4 mile)

Challenging yesterday afternoon with steady wind and gusts ~40mph. Great hike fantastic views on clear day.

Amazing experience and feeling to complete the highest peak in the Uk.
Weather went a bit mad which made it more difficult but would highly recommend

great hike I love this mountain beautiful is summer and winter but in the winter you need to follow you bearings as that snow under your feet may not have a mountain under it

14 days ago

very easy to moderate trail! lovely views.

14 days ago

Suggested by a local to climb clockwise vs the steps. The advise was great. More enjoyable to climb rocks vs. the hundreds of steps.

Very nice hike through beautiful sheep and cow pastures. Spectacular cliffs and a very impressive American monument erected to honor WWI sailors who sunk nearby. This trail is rated hard but I’d say it’s moderate, if not easy.

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