Photos of Scotland Backpacking Trails

An incredible hike experience with truly the possibility of any weather system imaginable. We hiked Ben Nevis late September with 100% rain starting as a mist to pelting cold, icy rain. We were dressed for the weather and were challenged especially above the cloud line. Temps started about 12'C and dropped to the freezing point at the summit (and recent snow was still at the summit). The trail was a consistent gradual climb of 450 floors elevation (Fitbit) over the 12km trek up (took just over 4 hours). Below the midpoint was stunning views and trails like they were right out of Lord of the Rings. Streams gurgling out of the mountain, mountain sheep along the path and the trail wrapping the gorges. Above the mid-point, the trail got rockier and the climb harder to navigate. With the rain, the cloud bank and the fog, at points the trail and the cairn markers were hard to see, but we summited and had lunch in the emergency shelter out of the rain before descending soaked through. Completion stats (from Fitbit tracking) was 31,400 steps, 450 floors elevation, 22.8 km in steps in just under 7.5 hours. For us, a new hiking record that tested us in a wet cold environment we had not explored before. Difficult due to the conditions and the scope, but I would do it again!