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A great walk! Didn’t do the whole stretch from Balloch...instead got a relative to drop me off on the way to Balloch and hiked in a logging road that appears on the trail map as the black dotted line that ends at Craigendoran. That route took about 2 hours up and over Ben Bouie - a mountain of about a 1000ft or so...from which you get really lovely views of the Clyde and Helensburgh as well as on the way up Loch Lomond and the islands. As usual when hill walking in Scotland expect rain out of nowhere! The downhill part toward Craigendoran led through some lovely forest with rich ferns and babbling brooks and some giant slugs!! :) My 11 year old hiking buddy loved those!! Easy to spot from the huge glistening trail of goo they leave behind them!! Assuming you get some sun! ;) A great day and a nice walk into Craigendoran along some beautiful old stone walls, sheep and horse farms and typical Argyll and Bute country charm! When done head into Helensburgh and grab a 99 ice cream cone from Dino’s cafe! Stick with the vanilla!! Believe me!! It’s amaaaazing!! Best I’ve ever had! And then walk Helensburgh’s lovely seashore and boardwalk toward Rhu Spit (point)...and keep watch for washed up jelly fish and a seal that occasionally adorns the Helensburgh pier! Honestly just a lovely town and a great day of walking!

Amazing experience and feeling to complete the highest peak in the Uk.
Weather went a bit mad which made it more difficult but would highly recommend

great hike I love this mountain beautiful is summer and winter but in the winter you need to follow you bearings as that snow under your feet may not have a mountain under it

I absolutely loved the west highland way. Scotland is such a beautiful county and this trail shows you many diffrent sides of it. The rain ads to the true Scottish experience, the people I met along the way are great and the views are breathtaking. This hike is perfect for a first time long distance, sometimes a little challenging but overall not too hard!

1 month ago

1 month ago

We booked the Rob Roy way with Hillwalk Tours, so we had B&Bs booked along the way and also had luggage transport, so we only needed to bring our daypacks. We did it in 6 days (18, 15, 26, 24, 16, 16km) and only skipped one short part that's all along a narrow main road.
Absolutely loved the landscapes and the scenery! the people all along the way we're exceptionally friendly and nice. The track is not very well marked most of the way (it follows the cycle route 7 for long parts which is very well signposted, but the parts that differed often weren't marked at all especially between Drymen and Ardeonaig. From Acharn on it was well marked.)

We had an absolutely fantastic stay, the walk wasn't to hard, but still challenging enough for semi fit people to be a good balance.

Especially the stretch from Acharn to Aberfeldy is absolutely stunning - especially the last leg when you go by so many beautiful waterfalls!

Strongly suggest to bring a change of shoes as there's some part over a moor, that will soak even the best shoes completely in bad weather, unless it's wellies...

Weather: it rained nearly every day, which added “atmosphere” and challenges, but low clouds also blocked many of the mountain views (we saw them on the train ride back)

What’s great: 96 miles (we did it in 7 days). You can stay in villages along the way (don’t have to carry a heavy pack). You can also have your extra luggage transported between lodgings.

The experience: walking an average of 14+ miles a day is good for the soul. My mind found absolute bliss on the trail - even in heavy rain and wind. Loved that aspect (and am struggling a wee bit being back in cities).

The views: the Highlands and Loch Lomand are beautiful. I’d estimate that is about 33% of the trip. Another 33%+, though, is walking across / near pastures / road / train tracks. The remaining 1/3 was in forest or near streams / rivers. So while my mind was able to escape with the rhythm of hiking, I never really felt a wilderness escape. Just adjust your expectations accordingly (ie this is not total wilderness immersion like hut-to-hut trips in New Zealand, Tasmania or other parts of the world).

People: the majority were friendly. Never felt unsafe. Mostly Europeans (not many Americans) and quite a few Scots. The Way never felt crowded (except day hikers at Conic Hill).

Advice: take your time. Take breaks. Find an easy pace - 14+ miles will wear on you if you pound out the miles. 7 days means you probably have one 20 mile day - I was a bit jealous of the people who took an extra day.

Cost: it was pretty reasonable. I used Gemini Walks, who arranged all lodging and luggage transport. I heard only positive reviews of other trip planners as well.

Just completed this in June 2018 over a 10 day period. Some complete this in as little as 4. Overall moderate difficulty. Though some days are more challenging.Highly recommended. See my 10 recordings for a daily record and description for each days hike. Look me up on facebook for a complete photo record of each day. We booked the hike with Macs Adventures who we highly recommend.

Easy trail that ends in a cool town - Kinlochleven- with a few decent restaurants. NOTE: Kingshouse is under construction and NO parking is allowed there. However, you can park at Glencoe ski resort or 2 miles west of Kingshouse where the Devils Staircase begins, this skipping the two miles of trail that follows the road.

great hike

Just completed this in May 2018 - used a different app to record it. The official Way is 96 miles but distance can vary depending on where you stay. I started from Drymen (prounounced Dri-men with rolled rrrr) taking a train and bus from Glasgow, skipping the official start in Milngavie (prounouced Mul-guy). Hiked for 7 days - 15.3 miles (Drymen - Rowardennan), 13.8 miles (Rowardennan - Inverarnan), 6.7 miles (Inverarnan - Crainlarch), 14.5 miles (Crainlarch - Bridge of Orchy), 11.3 miles (B of O - White Corries/bus stop to Glencoe), 9.32 miles (White Corries - Kinlochleven), and 16.1 miles ( Kinlochleven - Ft William) for daily mileage, ending in Fort William. If you wild camp and have more time, you have a bit more freedom as to daily mileage. May was glorious (and I was told many times that it was highly unusual to not have any rain for a whole week) - I booked rooms and hostels 6 months in advance and there were limited options so plan ahead. The hike itself is not difficult or technical, but the old military roads and long daily distances can be taxing on feet and knees. All is cured with a pint at the end of the day. Met great folks and fell in love with Scotland. This was my first long distance inn-to-inn hike. If you do have more time, I highly recommend spending a few extra days in Glencoe.

2 months ago

2 months ago

I enjoyed it but it was a long meandering seemingly never ending trek to the summit, many a time doing the last third we thought the top was round the corner to find out it wasn’t. Next time I’d like to try the more challenging route

We had to push back our summit hike due to rain and no visibility. Luckily, the weather cleared the following day and we were able to summit. Bring layers in case of rain and cold weather especially at higher elevations. Visibility can be an issue towards the summit but the trail is very well marked with large cairns. Water proof boots or shoes are a must unless you don't mind cold, wet feet! Go early as there were HUGE crowds of people headed up the trail as we were making our way down. We started our hike around 8 am and the trail head parking was empty. Stop at the Ben Nevis Inn for some well deserved food and a pint if you are so inclined. I do not typically drink, but when in Rome! Great burger and chips (fries)!!

Very clear trail- we lucked out with perfect sunny weather and 20degrees- does not happen often according to our guide! Great way to spend the day.

3 months ago

Really enjoying this route. It’s becoming more popular too. Mainly following National cycling route 7 means there is a little too much tarmac but the stretches which go high above the lochs afford the best views. So go high at every opportunity. The stretch between Ardtalnaig and Aberfeldy is one of the most scenic but all of the stages have there own high point. You won’t be disappointed

A pleasant walk if you take a less direct approach to the summit of Carn Mor Dearg along the ridge. The steep climbs up from the valley as you get closer to the CIC hut are decidedly unpleasant- they’re a bit better in winter conditions.

The arête makes the day and is great fun all year round.

3 months ago

A pretty tedious way to get up the UKs highest peak. The trail gets you there but is hard to follow at the top. In bad weather the top is very difficult to navigate - you need to know what you’re doing.

This was a fantastic hike!! It starts out quite crowded and relatively easy with switch-backs. The crowd drowns out as the hike continues because it gets progressively harder and more challenging. You'll pass a beautiful and peaceful alpine lake about a third of the way through. From there on it's nearly all scrambling til the top, with snow for the last bit so come prepared!! Wear solid shoes, bring lots of water, and start out early because weather can get bad quickly as the day goes on. Side note: in the time period that I was hiking, there were two helicopter rescues for people that were being dumb and careless- climbing where they shouldn't have and being stupid. Don't be dumb and careless and stupid. :)

This is a good beginner multi day distance hike. It is very wet though so expect to be in the rain a large portion of your time.

6 months ago

Great views with awesome weather! Keep a lookout for false summits and continue the hike till you have a solid 360 view! Cheers!

Absolutely amazing. We were lucky and had cloud coverage on the way up that cleared on the return trip. The feeling of walking up into the clouds and then emerging to the breath taking and endless vista was enchanting. I have knee problems (patellar femoral tracking issues and patellar instability) so the decrnt was the hardest part and took much longer than the ascent.

Great time! Great people along the trail. Use Macs Adventures and had excellent service.

I had a memorable trip years ago through the West Highlands that took me from Fort William to Loch Lomond by way of the scenic A82. I did however make a several stops to explore small portions of this amazing path on foot, most notably at Glen Coe and Glen Orchy/Bridge of Orchy. This area is what I picture when I envision the Scottish Highlands…a beautiful combination of very rugged mountain peaks with the desolate and expansive Rannoch Moor.

By far the greatest hike of my life! The campsite has everything you need. Bathrooms, showers, snack bar, a shop to get camping and hiking gear and a really good restaurant. Nothing but good vibes and energy from this place! I loved every bit of it and I can't wait to go back and do it again!

Did this climb a long time ago. Beautiful Scottish highland scenery.

11 months ago

Breath taking views, walking on the stone path does wear on the knees after a while. Can be quite chilly at top, was 20C at the base and was snow at the top

Friday, August 04, 2017

fucksake bring a jumper and waterproof! I found some one half frozen in the cloud line soaking because they thought "it wouldn't be this bad". weather changes quick up in mountains so be prepared. apart from that tool it was a great day hike, don't rush, take your time to enjoy the view. and its a loch!!!

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