Photos of Patterdale Civil Parish Trails

If Blencathra by Sharp Edge is a ‘hard’ route then this certainly is. The arête is longer and the day itself a bigger undertaking on a higher and more serious mountain (some may say there’s an abundance of paths that make the arêtes and subsequent head walls easier (and thus the grade), but these should be avoided as they supply a large proportion of the accidents that occur and are a true force for evil where erosion is concerned).

The walk up from Glenridding gives great views, but is a bit of a slog. Take it easy and stick to the trail. It may seem like the route on the trail is much longer, but is also more efficient and makes the day both quicker and easier than the map would suggest. Walking up to Stridung Edge you’ll likely see countless people ahead of you and traffic is likely to be the biggest problem in the day. Keeping to the crest is exposed, but take your time and rest assured that the rock is solid. The paths offering alternatives are deceptively bad and slips / collapses occur a bit too often! The end of the arête offers the most difficulties - again keep to the crest, sometimes sitting to reach footholds until you are forced to choose left or right. Neither is massively better, but you’ll find more hand and foot holds to the left dropping down the flakes and round to a stance above a chimney. The other side joins here and had a more sketchy entrance to the chimney. Once down here find your way back to the crest and up the obvious faults in the head wall. The final section is an eroded path leading up left through a grassy slope.

Descending Swirral Edge is much the same mantra - the rock is solid, keep to it. After descending the head wall the rocky arête soon begins and the current suggested route is just to the left. The rocks are occasionally angled away from you so take your time. It’s all grippy and in the correct boots you should be good. There are a couple of paths that drop away most notably to the north that can be sketchy in the extreme.

The rest of the walk is a pleasant amble down on good trails. The views are great.