7 months ago

I just downloaded the app. This was my first walk with my dog after recovering from flu. I Chose a really easy one to ease myself back into it.
I parked on a street as the car park was being developed. I went clockwise around from the car up past an old mill and through fields until I reached Rainow. The path was easy to follow as it was mostly paved with .old flags. The countryside was rolling and there were some streams and a waterfall which were quite full due to recent rain & snow.
On reaching Rainow you join the main road through the village past an old church up Tower Hill before cutting back along a bridle path past the site of Cow Lane (Tower Hill) Mill an old cotton mill that was last used 1907 and only a few remains are left. This bit of the walk was very boggy and I ended up on my backside a couple of times.
Through a gate and the path went to the left up a steep hill, this was the most testing bit of the walk probably not helped by my recent flu. Fortunately a nice flat rock at the top by the gate made a good place to sit & eat lunch. Views were good across snow capped tops.
Just a bit higher up & suddenly you reach the highest point & have the Cheshire Plain mapped out in front of you. On a clear day you can see for miles.
Through a gate turn right and follow the stone wall to another gate that when you go through & turn right there is White Nancy ahead, such a good way to near the end of your walk. A quick photo & then down a steep slope that has helpfully been laid with stone steps. Makes the descent much easier to navigate.
At this point I think I took a slightly wrong turn but it only added a little to the overall walk.
Very pleased with myself for using the app & navigating the walk.. It took a lot of battery life but I had taken a back up charger. If I am going to use it a lot I would certainly invest in the pro version which enables you to download the information.
I would certainly recommend this app.