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The scramble at the end up true start of the climb to the summit can be hard going at times but the views are outstanding

For the people who don’t want to or can’t hike up to the top, a moderately challenging climb up to the second lake of Glaslyn will give you beautiful views after which you could choose to return.

23 hours ago

You can take the easy road by simply circling the lake at lake level (very easy road) or you can climb up towards devils kitchen and make a slightly larger circle (this hike). There are some places you need to use your hands to scramble over some rocks (north-west part of the walk) but the view up there is beautiful and if you take your time it is doable for most people and you’ll still feel nicely challenged on the hike. Would rate it easy to moderate, but only moderate for a very small part.

2 days ago

Not a lake! A reservoir!!

Great walk. Rubbish description!!
I do this walk regularly. .

But, it not Staffordshire!!! It’s Midlothian. And there are no lakes there. There are reservoirs.

2 days ago

id recommend going around this loop anticlockwise for more of a scramble up and gradual decline down; as I found it difficult to climb down when going clockwise as it can get very steep with some slippery rocks.

You see so much at your own pace, we even stopped in at different pubs along the way!

Beautiful scenery. Amazing rock faces. Waterfalls are pretty at this time of the year.

Easy and pleasant walk, quite nice views on a beautiful day


8 days ago

Definitely the park has a noteworthy engraving in the fabric of the Old Londtra, it seems - and it is - a common good; in fact, there are thousands of people who use it daily but in reality things are different. The Park is a good of the Kingdom and is usable by all subjects. It has been possible to preserve it over time thanks to the noble hierarchy that was ascribed (Henry VIII, 1536) with extreme ease immeasurable (monasteries) goods and which have now remained untouched but usable by all. Good? in the end yes: a lung of over 250 hectares in the middle of the city!

10 days ago

Nice in parts. Went anti clockwise so to get the long road out of the way. The route then took us through the golf course which requires following the red line on the phone very carefully as there is no path and it rather alarmingly took us across two fairways where fortunately no one was playing a shot. Then back onto busy roads and so the first 30 minutes was not great. After that it was mainly pretty countryside interspersed with occasional bits of motorway and A road. Going anticlockwise means the one big steep hill is down rather than up.
At the end there was a sense that you never really properly escaped the metropolis but it had its moments.

11 days ago

Absolutely perfect. A lot of people at the top. A little challenging for the beginner in some spots.

This hike was truly incredible. However, it’s difficult to find and keep the trail at parts. So be careful of getting off course.

This truly is an epic walk! We parked down at the bottom as we were worried about the steep hill and didn't know there was a huge free car park at the top. So we'll definitely park at the top next time.
The views are spectacular! And there are loads of hidden surprises that I won't spoil but wow! Some bits are definitely not for the faint hearted.
As far as it being a loop, that is more difficult as the paths to come down the other side is not at all clear. We lost battery all of a sudden on the phone (at 40% so weird) so unfortunately the app was no help either. We ended up picking our way through the rough and even climbed down a stream but it was all good fun. We actually found the path at the bottom so next time we'll start that way and see where it joins the top. The path the other side is huge and unmissable.

Nice place and great scenery for a stroll

15 days ago

A journey through the amazing lochs

17 days ago

Stunning landscape!

17 days ago

Lovely cliff side trail. Great views of the white chalk cliffs. Steep inclines in some places but very smooth walking.

17 days ago

Great trail, very well marked. Stone steps that can be slippery when wet. Great views of the waterfalls.

17 days ago

This is a beautiful area to explore. The trails are very clearly marked as you walk alongside the lakes and river. Most of the trail is fairly flat, but there are some areas with a fairly steady incline. There is plenty of forested areas to walk through.

Parking £2.50 for the day at Harrietsham Station. Lovely views. I would say more moderate than easy on this one as I am by no means a hiker, but am walk/run fit, this was on a similar level to a harder trail I followed recently. The weather was good but there was a lot of mud and large puddles, some blocking paths completely so go prepared for this if using the trail at the tail end of the year! I have added some photos to show just how lovely this countryside is! Look out for birds of prey too!

Make it circular

We went on late October. The starting trail is easy and chill with amazing view of the lake and autumn leaves. It must have rained the previous day. Going down hill is difficult for us as it’s so slippery there are no stairs or enough gravels to support hikers. Overall experience is great and definitely recommend it.

20 days ago

We approached this from the south side and then followed the footpath.
A lovely climb to gain height and some fabulous views on a beautiful sunny day. Great 2 hour walk.

Pretty snowy and be ready to scramble over rocks. Gorgeous views

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