The Grand Teton Loop Trail

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The Grand Teton Loop Trail is a 31.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Moose, Wyoming that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

Distance: 31.6 miles Elevation Gain: 6,909 feet Route Type: Loop




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Parking at South Jenny Lake is extremely limited during the summer season. Plan on arriving early, before 9:00 am, or plan to visit late in the day, after 4:00 pm to have the best chance of finding a parking space.

23 days ago

Did this hike in September in two days, camped at from Jenny lake to sunset lake then back to Jenny lake. Saw a bunch of bear scat around Phelps lake and then coming back down off schoolhouse glacier but no bear sightings until the last mile where a mother grizzly and her two cubs appeared right in front of me on the Jenny lake trail back to the parking lot! Incredible experience, stood my ground and momma looked at me before shrugging me off and we went our separate was peacefully, will never forget that!!! I clocked the hike around 42 miles from my watch due to a few extra switchbacks. Be sure to have ways to purify water and bear protection when going through their habitats. Other than that very, incredible hike, gorgeous views, definitely worth it!!!

7 months ago

As of July 22 there was still a decent amount of snow on the trail between Death Canyon Alaska Basin via Static Peak Divide, so I extended this loop by hiking down Death Canyon and up over the Death Canyon Crest through Meek Pass. I'm glad I did, because Death Canyon is one of the most beautiful parts of this hike. First day was Jenny Lake to Death Canyon (15 miles), second was Death Canyon to South Cascade (15 miles), and third day was out to Jenny Lake (8-10 miles depending on if you take the shuttle or not. Had to hole up for an hour to wait out a storm near Hurricane Pass. Coming over Hurricane Pass and seeing the Tetons right in your face has got to be one of the world's most beautiful sights. Saw endless marmots, two moose, a black bear and her cubs, a porcupine. This is an awesome loop.

8 months ago

Awesome scenic trail

10 months ago

Very difficult and challenging due to elevation. Very worth it. Plenty of water along the trail, absolutey stunning views. It was cool to look down at the trail we were once hiking from all the viewpoints.

Thu Oct 18 2018

Once we left Hidden Falls (Sunday afternoon) the amount of people on the trail dropped away significantly, and after 1 1/2 miles saw no one until the first campsite. We camped in the second. Hiked to Phelps Lake the second day. Unbelievably beautiful. The view from the Hurricane Pass looking ESE was one that will remain with me. I consider myself to be lucky to have been there in that moment. It started snowing at Sunset Lake. We were behind schedule, and had intermittent snowfall all the way to the Static Pass. Going down into Death Canyon was glorious in the afternoon sun after the cold, snow, and wind we had just been through. Camped at Phelps Lake. I was grateful for the flatness the majority of the way to the intersection with the Amphitheater Lake Trail the next day. Saw a black bear just off the trail first thing in the morning hiking back up to the main trail from our campsite.The hike up to Amphitheater and Sunset Lakes was a good workout. It was just below freezing when we got in about 4pm and there was snow on the ground. The water in my bottle was partially frozen the next morning. It was all down hill and flat back to Jenny Lake.

Mon Sep 10 2018

Cool hike! I did something similar in a single day but instead went all the way to granite canyon, and also did avalanche divide. It's a hard hike - probably in the 35ish miles, but well worth it! The trick is to not do the valley - instead I was able to hitchhike from granite to jenny lake fairly easily.

Wed Jul 25 2018

Completed this loop July 21st-23rd 2018. Two nights and about two and half days total hiking, with campsites at South Cascade Fork and Surprise Lake (slight detour). I logged about 40 miles total with the 6 mile total side trip to Surprise/Amphitheater Lakes, so the Alltrails mileage is a bit off. A few notes: Teton Crest Trail (North to South)- Plenty of amazing campsites along the South Cascade Fork. Two short snowfields left to cross or detour around. Amazing view of the three Tetons from the top of the pass. Crosses into Alaska Basin (National Forest territory), where there is also dispersed camping around Sunset Lake. Wish I would have known that going in but oh well. :) Alaska Basin Shelf Trail- This is where it got tricky. There were about 10 large snow fields to cross where there were no decent detour options. Over Buck Mountain Pass you think you're done but oh no, there's a massive steep snow field that wraps around the basin leading up to Static Divide. Spikes and an ice ax would have made my life a lot easier here. Crossed it and a few smaller ones to get up to Static Divide. If you have a spare 15-20 min, go ahead and bag Buck Mountain right off the divide. Gorgeous views, and steep switchbacks with some snowpack left going down. All other trails were smooth sailing. Overall, a stunning hike and awesome backpacking experience. Definitely coming back to hike the whole Teton Crest Trail next.

Fri May 11 2018

Did the loop in 2004, amazing backcountry experience

Sat Aug 26 2017

Fantastic day! Highly recommend.

Tue Aug 15 2017

Love this place!

Mon Dec 05 2016

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been!!!

Sun Nov 27 2016


Mon Sep 19 2016

Beautiful place!

Tue Aug 30 2016

Went up Moran and Middle Teton...... Breathtaking

Fri Jun 17 2016

Great trip beautiful, but didn't care for Alaska basin.

Sat Feb 27 2016


Fri Jan 15 2016

A milestone in my families life

Tue Jan 12 2016

Amazing, something I will remember forever

Fri Oct 31 2014

I've been to many National Parks, preserves, forests, monuments, and scenic areas, and Grant Teton National Park still may hold the highest place in my heart when it comes to nature. It has it all, from the wildlife, towering peaks, pristine mountain lakes, and well kept trails. I make it there almost annually anymore, and plan to do so until I've explored every inch of it.

Sun Oct 05 2014

I love the Tetons

Tue Jul 30 2013

By far the most spectacular views and scenery of any park I have yet visited and without lots of the touristy crowds that Yellowstone has. Jenny lake and cascade canyon areas are breathtaking and pretty easy terrain for the most part. Water sources available if you have a filter. Bring bear spray. I encountered a grizzly but luckily it was 100+ yards away. Keep an eye out for moose and marmot too. Temperature drops 30+ degrees at night so pack a warm sleeping bag.

Sun Jul 28 2013

An iconic National Park hike that should be on everyone's bucket list. Not an easy hike so get in shape and get adjusted to the altitude before you start. Completed this hike in July 2013 With Madeline Mann and Sue Buckingham. Great campsites and amazing views each and everyday.

Sat Dec 08 2012

Awesome NP in America. The views are stunning and the tetons and wildlife amazing.

scenic driving
Thu Aug 23 2012

WOW!!!! STUNNING!!! AWESTRUCK!!!! Any other adjectives???? Unbelievable splendor. Jenny Lake, Oxbow Bend, The Tetons, the waterfalls, lots of wildlife as well. Would recommend this scenic drive!!

scenic driving
Tue Mar 08 2011

The mountains, streams and lakes are great, and this was our first close encounter with a bison in nature - he licked the car window before kind of walking around/over the front. The entire drive, including from Jackson Hole and north of the park was great. We took the tram ride up to see the Tetons really close. We went overnight horse camping just south of the park, and it rounded out this part of our trip perfectly. We got in some short hikes, all of which were worthwhile but easy, with more spectacular scenery. We traveled mostly out of season, but the first week of summer school break was crowded.

Sat Feb 19 2011

Clearly the best....a must for any true hiker. Spend a couple of days doing day hikes to acclimate to the climate & elevation before starting on The Big One. Lots of GREAT shorter hikes in Teton Nat'l Park. I just might have to do this again, but it is a challenging one.

scenic driving
Wed Feb 16 2011

Enjoyed driving through this park coming down from Yellowstone, heading for Salt Lake City. Wish we had more time---the mountain and lake scenery was spectcular!

Thu Sep 18 2008

We did part of this loop and part of the Paintbrush Canyon / Cascade Canyon loop in a 5-day trip. We started at the Leigh Lake trailhead and went up through Paintbrush Canyon, over the divide, down the North Fork Cascade Canyon, into South Fork Cascade Canyon up to Avalanche Divide, then back down and out through the Cascade Canyon past Hidden Falls. This trip was amazing. Everytime I saw something, I would think, it can't get any better. It just kept getting better and better. My favorite part has to be coming over Paintbrush Divide and looking down upon Lake Solitude. The view was a great reward for the tough climb up. Additionally, the campsite, about 1 to 1.5 miles below Lake Solitude, was phenomenal. We were in a dual campsite, but had the better of the two. We were adjacent to the creek and were able to set up the eating area across the creek. We had a group of wildflowers between the rock we were on and the creek, which gave a beautiful table setting. The colors in the North Fork Cascade Canyon were stunning. I've never seen views like it. Unbelievable Yellows, Reds, Greens and Blues. Amazing. We timed this trip perfectly, as the wildflowers were popping, the temps were perfect and the crowds were non-existent. Once we left the day hiking areas, we saw maybe 10 people in the 5-days we were there. We did, however, get a bit of snow on our last night there. We were camped at about 9,000 feet in the South Fork Cascade Canyon. It was a delight to wake up with about 3 inches of snow on the ground. We felt like we saw it all. I highly recommend this area, and doing the route we chose, we felt like we got to see the highlights and had plenty of time for relaxing and exploring. We left Hurricane Pass, the Alaska Basin, Static Peak and Phelps Lake for another trip. Looking forward to that.

5 months ago

6 months ago

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