16.8 miles
5,423 feet
Out & Back



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no dogs

3 days ago

Did the hike July 6th and while there was no snow at the summit or the divide, there was quite a bit along the ridgeline between Albert and Static Divide. I would advise you bring trekking poles, crampons, or an ice axe to help traverse the snow safely if you're hiking before the snow melt concludes.

The way up through Death Canyon is gorgeous and very well maintained, though much more highly trafficked. The trail from the basin to the divide was mostly fine, but it is not marked. If the snow is covering wide swaths of trail it can be tricky to keep track. A map or GPS might be handy if this makes you nervous. From the divide to Static Peak there isn't really a trail, so you'll have to do your best to not crush the Alpine plants by hopping from rock to rock.

No climbing is necessary unless you are trying to avoid a snow traverse.

If you have time, find your way to the top of Mt Albert for an excellent view of Phelps Lake.