Photos of Open Canyon Trail to Marion Lake

25.2 miles
6,732 feet
Out & Back







wild flowers



no dogs

4 months ago

Beautiful trail!! We did is as part of a two-day backpacking trip, but didn't go all the way to Marion Lake. Our first day we went up Granite Canyon trail and stayed at a campground after we found the fork leading to Mt. Hunt Divide--Open Canyon Trail. There was lots of water access along this trail, so water wasn't an issue (as long as you have a filter). Their designated campgrounds look like they cover a huge area, but there were only 3 or 4 per camping area.

The next morning, we got up and headed up to the Mt. Hunt Divide via Open Canyon Trail. the beginning of the trail was easy, but it gradually got steep and there wasn't much shade and very little water access, so top off before you go up! The wildflowers were still blooming that far up, and they were beautiful! If you take this trail, be prepared to climb over a few a logs, and wear sunscreen. There is very little shade!! But the Divide was incredible, and it was satisfying to stand at 9700 ft. At the Divide, you leave Granite Canyon, and get a fantastic view of Open Canyon. There was still some snow up there, and more flowers. There was not much water access until we got past the switchbacks. The trees and undergrowth were very thick on this end, so there was lots of shade.

We rounded off our trip by taking the Valley Trail to the Granite Canyon Parking Lot. This section was fairly level, but we were tired and it seemed to take forever!

It was a great two-day trip, and we had fun!! Definitely worth the uphill and the elevation.

PS. The campsites are not marked on the map, so be prepared to walk and not know where you're going!! There were only three or four in each designated camping zone, and they were very spaced out. Plan accordingly. ;)