Bighorn Pass Trail from Indian Creek Campground

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Bighorn Pass Trail from Indian Creek Campground is a 19.2 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until October.

19.2 miles
2,007 feet
Point to Point



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This is a great hike with one sustained uphill section with amazing views and great wildflowers at the top. On either side of the pass the hiking is easy with the exception of two stream crossings. Best hiked just after the snow has melted as the trail is mostly exposed and it can get pretty hot. Great place to spot wildlife including elk, deer and bison. Some beautiful campgrounds can be had on the crystal clear Gallatin River for an amazing overnight. A loop can be made by coming in on the fawn pass trail and cutting over on the link trail on the backside.

7 months ago

Did this hike as a kid 26 years ago. And just completed it again yesterday. It is still the hardest hike I have ever done in one day, 17 miles up and down. Went at a good clip, 3 miles per hour up and down average, total hike time was right at 6 hours, not counting the break at the top to enjoy the scenery. Saw grizzly bear mom and cubs as we pulled into Indian Creek Campground, but no wildlife except ground squirrels and chipmunks on the actual trail all day.

The hike is strenuous, has two stream crossings on the Indian Creek side, and it is mostly exposed the whole way. I do not think any people have been up this season except us. Trail was overgrown, hard to keep up and spot many times, and we pretty much just followed elk and moose prints most of the way. Coyote paws were imprinted at one point, too.

At the top, we had to scale a snow pack, now practically an ice sheet, for about 50 yards to reach the pass marker. It made for an absolutely fun time sliding back down it on the return.

Views are gorgeous, lots of wildflowers along the way, and you cool off in the streams on the way back. It made for a wonderful day, but yes, you'll be sore. The terrain is rough nearly the entire way. And soooooo many bugs, Deet kept away the mosquitoes, but the flies are tenaciously persistent.

7 months ago