Trout Point

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Trout Point is a 12.6 mile out and back trail located near Ashland, Wisconsin and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from June until September.

12.6 miles Out & Back


The trail head is 1.3 miles from The Stockton Island Visitor's Center on the Quarry Bay Trail past the wilderness sign. From the visitor's center it is 6.3 one way. The trail goes across Stockton Island to Trout Point. Trout Pt has one individual campsite and a small beach, no privy at this time.

2 years ago

Trout Point trail is very challenging. It is a wilderness trail when you reach the trail head. There are downed trees many of which had the trail marker on them. Bring a GPS/Compass to navigate the trail.

3 years ago

From the visitor's center at Presque Isle you go down the Quarry Bay Trail to the Trout Point trailhead just past the wilderness sign. The beginning of the trail is grassy and early in the season may be overgrown. The bugs can be bad at times as well. You cross many creeks with boards over them that can be slippery when damp. The trail has many blown over trees not removed from the trail. You either go over them or around them. You can get lost at places because it is a wilderness area without a lot of markings. The hemlock forest and oak grove is great in the interior. Hiking along the ravine 3/4 of the way is nice. It is wide like an old logging road. The edge of the meadow near trout point can be overgown and hard to find the trail. Raspberry bushes can be a bother to some. Once through the campsite is beautiful and primitive. The beach was nice but has a rocky bottom. Not good for boats to pull up on.