Nature Walk

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Nature Walk is a 0.3 mile loop trail located near Barboursville, West Virginia. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

0.3 miles 61 feet Loop

kid friendly


Short nature trail in Barboursville Park, about a half mile long with rolling hills.

2 months ago

The park itself is very nice, well kept and pleasing to anyone that enjoys the outdoors. However, the trail system lacks detail on many levels. First: the trails themselves are located in obscure locations in and around the park. However, if your lucky to find a trail head?!?! I say kudos and job well done. Although, once you find a trail, you'll now find yourself fumbling and stumbling over trails that intertwine and overlap without warning. I'm uncertain of the zigzagging concept regarding this trail system?!? However, it's a great location if you want to work on your survival and land navigation skills. Will I go back? "Certainly" not all in the wilderness comes easy.

4 months ago

11 months ago