Davis, Teaberry, Middle Rdg, Mossy Rock, CCC

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Davis, Teaberry, Middle Rdg, Mossy Rock, CCC is a 4.5 mile loop trail located near Charleston, West Virginia. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

4.5 miles 695 feet Loop


11 months ago

My wife and I hiked the trail yesterday. Overall an easy hike but it was spoiled by countless mountain bikers. They didn't quiet understand the fact the uphill traffic has right-of-way. By the way, take a light lunch and enjoy Teaberry Rocks. it is a beautiful overlook.

1 year ago

I walked this trail from the kiosk by the pond at the park's entrance starting on Davis Creek trail. I followed it to Teaberry, to Middle Ridge, to Mossy Rock, and finally to the CCC trail (gravel road) back to my car. My GPS says I walked 8.6 miles. Take a GPS and a map, and bug spray if it's warm out. Trails are marked and well maintained however there are no way finding signs. So at intersections there is no information on what trail that trail connects to. Also Middle ridge is heavily used by mountain bikers and there are lots of blind spots so be careful. Teaberry connects to a service road so you can bypass Middle Ridge, which just weaves back and fourth across the service road, all together if you want but you'll miss out on some forested area where it's likely to see wildlife. When you first meet up with the service road, go right. even if you take Middle Ridge it will bring you back to the service road several times before you reach Mossy Rock trail which I thought was the coolest part.

The large rocks with a view near the top and the end of the Teaberry trail is the best place to stop for lunch.

If you want to cut the trip short take Alligator rock trail from the service road over to the CCC trail.

Walking up Teaberry is the only difficult part of this trail, I was glad I brought my hiking poles. There are lots of rocks to trip on, they were nice to have coming down Mossy Rock as well.

3 years ago