7.9 miles
1076 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly

kid friendly


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Snowshoeing 3/18/17 with a large dog. Sun and warmish temps are just beginning to make the snow super crunchy which is a little annoying in larger snowshoes because you're constantly stepping off camber because of ridges and tracks frozen in the snow. Dog only had minor occasional problems staying afloat but that's cuz he's a nut and likes to truck off trail sometimes. We went ALLLLLLL the way to the end and that last uphill climb was tough for me. I had to question my commitment a couple times but stuck with it because it would have bugged me not to. There is a viewpoint about 3 miles in, if you climb up a little outcropping on the right of the trail, pretty much the only time once you gain landscape views that the earth would impose to block your view, well climb that for a great panorama and that is an adequate spot to turn back IMO if you're not stubborn like I am. There was very little evidence of traffic past that point, maybe week old snowshoe tracks and a pair of Nordic tracks maybe a few days old. I came to a fork and wasn't clear whether to go high or low and my gps was being jenky, so I went low for a bit, then second guessed myself based on the elevation mapping on the app that I had chosen wrong. So I slogged back down and went the high road. There were continued views, but not anything that I would have been disappointed to miss, and you'll save a slightly painful long uphill trudge. Anyhow, will be uploading lots of pics per my usual and would definitely recommend this as a rewarding snowshoe that gives you a workout. Also, edited to say...I'm not hugely experienced as a snowshoer, but I logged over 8 miles here (thanks to waffling at that fork in the trail) and I was seriously hurting by the end. While the this is fairly easy snowshoeing for most of the terrain, understand that the whole trek is definitely more taxing than 'easy.' Just my 2 cents.