5.5 miles
4068 feet
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5 months ago

Hiked on 9/23/2017

This was my third time on this trail and to my surprise there was a lot of people. The autumn colors are gorgeous right now. The creek crossings are very simple, just be careful when stepping on the wet rocks and logs. They can be very slippery. Once the trail ends and you get to the scrambling part near the summit, there are small patches of snow. Either follow the cairns on your way up or go your own way. Just remember the summit is to the far right. I chose a really shitty way to the top and had a few scares, but coming down was a lot easier for me. Hopefully you will have more solitude at the top than I did. There were at least 15 people up there with me, and some very rude assholes. Despite this, I had a very nice gentleman hike back to the trailhead with me, as it was getting dark (I did this hike solo). Bring gloves and layers and plenty of snacks and start as early as possible. I lost some time due to following some cairns that were more than likely placed as a joke by some asshole. Took me way too far up the hill on a bunch of loose shale. I had to carefully make my way down and it was not fun. Another hiker said he had done the same thing. This one took me 9 hours total and it was worth it.