Thorp Mountain Trail

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Thorp Mountain Trail is a 6.8 mile out and back trail located near Roslyn, Washington and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from June until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6.8 miles
2,444 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash


5 days ago

also did this via the Knox Mountain Trail. The road is sketchy for the last few hundred feet so a high-clearance vehicle is mandatory. Ran into groups of people from four different trails

12 days ago

2 bear sightings on 7/9!
Overall, wonderful hike. Slightly overgrown in some areas but easy to navigate through.
Came extremely close to two different cinnamon bears on my way down the trail and was forced to stand my ground with my dogs till they backed away.
Most bears I encounter just run away as soon as they see my dogs and I, but not these ones! Keep your eye out!

27 days ago

Challenging terrain but well worth the effort! 360 degree views from the top. Mt. Rainier, Lake Kachess, 3 Queens, Mt. Stuart and more. Bring bug spray!

4 months ago

Great and amazing hike!! I would probably rate this as hard because compared to other rated “hard” hikes that I’ve done seem a lot easier. Pretty steep at some points and can be easy to lose sight of trail due to weathering. Overall a must go the lookout is breathtaking!

7 months ago

10/7/16. Did this via the Knox creek trail head. First snow of the season hit about 3/4 the way there. Little visibility, but awesome to knock this off the list. Dogs loved the snow.

11 months ago

The lake along the way and the vistas at the top of this hike rate 5 stars but the trail itself is in rough shape throughout. In some places almost brushed completely in and in others has become a steam bed due to lack of water bars. The other note is that this hike while shorter is much steeper in places than Davis peak which is rated hard - i would tend to put this trail closer to hard than moderate. But would still do it again for the destinations.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

My husband and I hiked the Thorp Lake trail to the Thorp Mountain trail on July 30, during a sunny, hot, dry spell. Once we got to Thorp Lake, the landscape became very beautiful, and the ascent to the Lookout brought us through lovely, wildflower meadows and incredible views along the way. The panoramic vistas from the Lookout are really awesome, and there was a cool breeze at the top. The biting flies were fierce, but once we applied repellent, they left us alone. Also, the trail was a bit brushy and overgrown in various sections, which made me wish I'd worn long pants. There are signs, indicating the trails at most, but not all intersections, so I was glad we downloaded a map.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

At the end of June, there was still snow to navigate over on the last portion of the trail on the way to Thorp Mtn Lookout. I had trouble keeping track of the trail, but eventually would find the path. Great hike!

Monday, August 01, 2016


Monday, July 29, 2013

My wife and I took our 7 month old on this loop last Thursday. We started at the gate, went up to Little Joe Lake and had lunch, and continued to Kachess Ridge, connecting with the Thorp Mountain Trail for our descent. The hike up to Little Joe Lake was just that, up. There were few flat spots until you nearly reached the lake. We lost the trail once in a group of blow downs but found it easily as it had been traveled a time or two already this year. The other was through a slide area and was easily found. After lunch at the lake, which I was glad we had bug spray, we continued up the Red Mountain Trail. There were a few good ascents and descents, finally coming to a ridge top overlooking a clear cut. Prior to reaching that, we spooked a moose that had been bedded down. If there was a mistake in identifying it by its look (clearly a moose, about 6 feet tall, huge shoulders, and a nice, wide bowl rack) there was no mistaking it for a deer or elk as it sounded like a freight train had derailed and made its way through the backcountry. Since we had the little one, I was just glad it spooked. My wife claims to have heard a bear grunting off of the trail about a mile after the moose, which I believe. The sound was confirmation enough for me, I didn't need to stick around to see it. There were also several blueberries to this point, some of which bled from the moment you picked them and were delicious to still being tiny green things. Toward the end we had a view of about the top quarter of Rainier. Once we hooked up with Kachess Ridge it was a quick jaunt over to the Thorp Mountain Trail. Due to time we didn't take the spur up to the lookout. I can see the ascent of the last quarter or so of the Thorp Mountain Trail being tough. I was thankful we only had it on the downhill. We saw two deer on this portion of trail. The whole loop in general was dry as a bone. Most of the creeks appeared to have been dry for some time. Overall it was a good hike. Being spray and water.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

recorded Thorp Mtn Lookout

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