Taylor River Trail

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Taylor River Trail is a 10.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near North Bend, Washington that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 10.9 miles Elevation Gain: 908 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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Northwest Forest Pass required.

5 months ago

Nice trail throughout. Great for dogs and bikes. Well traveled. Many were headed either to Otter Fall or Snoqualmie Lake. We forked to the right for Nordrum lake 2.5 miles up with about 2000 foot elevation. Beautiful lake limited camping area. Trail is rough at best especially with backpack.

7 months ago

long mostly uninspired hike. some nice waterfall on the way and the lake is nice. not many views however.

8 months ago

The falls were majestic today and the weather was perfect. Also hiked to Snoqualmie Lake, which I highly recommend as it's beautiful and will add some significant mileage and elevation gain if you're looking for a longer day. There's still snow on the trail at the lake. Also tried to hike to Nordrum Lake but the river crossing was impassable. Trail in very good condition. It's rocky and rooty but almost all dry except for the numerous water crossings. Come early as I got there at 10:30am and the parking lot was full and overflow parking on side of road was nearly full.

8 months ago

Good early season hike to get your legs back under you! WTA was out working on the trail yesterday, so a big thanks to them as always. Trail is pleasant to hike with very little elevation gain. Trail is clear all the way through until it picks up the Snoqualmie Lake Trail, which does still have some snow as you approach Snoqualmie Lake. Not much in the way of wildflowers yet - lots of Trillium but still a little early for anything else. A pleasant afternoon!

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Mon Jul 09 2018

Road seems to have been repaired - the patch before you reach the trail is now closed to vehicle traffic and they have a parking lot and restrooms at the trailhead. This seems to be the same as the Snoqualmie Lake Trail, and we followed that to Otter Falls, which was a spectacular sight and worth seeing. Might visit again for camping, but overall a great trail with direct access.

Mon Apr 09 2018

Loved it you can use this trail to adjust how easy or challenging you want it to be :)

Sat Jul 29 2017

Easy flat hike. Trail is in great condition. About 1/3 mile out from the parking lot there are some ditches in the road that only allow on high clearance through. Plenty of subarus and and Audi Q5 made it. I started early and it was getting busy on the way back. There is a lot of camping around the trail head and leading up to it. Parking is therefore difficult but there is plenty on road parking.

Tue Jul 11 2017

Excellent remote walk by a river, good for rest days when you don't want to climb big elevation. Road is good to close to the trailhead and there are several spots where you can cruise down by the river and hang or jump in

Wed Aug 03 2016

Went mid August, road to drive there was completely washed away. Had to walk .5 miles to the trailhead. It was 11 miles out and back, and elevation gain was only about 500 feet, very flat the whole way through. Not very well marked, but was an adventure! You pass two large river crossings which you have to walk on rocks and logs to cross, the second one you pass and will see the trail to get to the river off on the side. The trail to get to the creek is marked by an arrow made by rocks pointing into the woods. Very beautiful but not well marked. Would do again!

Thu Jul 09 2015

Great, easy hike. Be on the look-out (as others have stated) for the turn-off to the left up to Otter Falls. Also, pack your bug spray-we were pestered by flies the whole way back to the trailhead.

Thu May 14 2015

Really liked this hike. The road out is a little bumpy. Some construction but not active as it was Sunday. I didn't find it all that bad but if you are in a car rather than a truck or SUV, I can see it being a bit rougher. The trail is nice but gets narrow in a few placed due to some thorny vegetation that was shoulder high. Gradual incline. Not difficult. The side trail to Otter Falls has been marked with lots of rock arrows and a few crude carvings. It would be nice if there was a formal sign. But just keep an eye out for it about 1.5 hours into the hike. You will see it on the left. Falls are lovely but a place to sit next to the water is hard to find if there are more than handful of folks around.

Mon Jul 28 2014

After a bumpy ride (as advertised) to the trail head, we didn't get very far. It was a pretty drive, and the woods along the trail were beautiful. However, within five minutes we were beset with horseflies, wasps, and tiny biting insects. I'm embarrassed to say we literally turned around and ran back to the car it got so bad. Perhaps we should have started the trek with a bath in deet.

Wed Jun 04 2014

06/01/2014 - If you are thinking about hiking this trail, be sure to read my review of the Snoqualmie Lake Trail. There's some road construction and closures to be aware of. As I wrote there, getting to the trailhead is half the journey on this one. It's well worth the trip though. The falls are unlike anything I have seen before and we had a great time there. Total hiking time was around 4.5 hrs and that includes stopping to eat at the bridge and playing fetch with the dog in the small lake at the base of the falls. I included a photo of the current state of the trailhead break-off to the lake as well as a photo of the "trail" itself. I was worried I might walk right past the trailhead, but plenty of other hikers have generously prevented that from happening. Unless your eyes are shut, you'll see it. More on my hiking blog at cairnguru.com

Sun Jun 30 2013

This was a fun little hike to the falls. Easy trail, very little up/down with the very cool falls as your reward (or the lake if you keep going past the makeshift falls arrow). The little natural waterslide was pretty fun and the lake was good for a refreshing swim on a warm day. The comments about the road are right, it's a long drive swerving around all the potholes, but I think it probably thins the crowd a little.

Sun Jun 23 2013

First off, the reviews from Karla and Michelle were very helpful in both finding the right trailhead and knowing what to expect as half the challenge is just getting to the Snoqualmie Lake Trailhead and then finding the actual trail that breaks off from the main Snoqualmie Lake Trail and goes up to Otter Falls. I've added some additional photos (photos 52 to 55 for those using the AllTrails app) of the spot where the "Otter Falls Trail" breaks off uphill to the left from the main trail to help make sure no one misses it. As to the hike itself, I gave it 4 stars because even though the trail is a bit rocky, it is still well maintained and there is a nice gradual incline on the way in which isn't difficult and makes for a nice easy descent on the way out. The trail also follows the Taylor river which is nice and there are some pretty streams and little water falls from the washouts that go across the trail (some can be a bit of a challenge to get across if you don't want to get wet, but that made it fun for us). The best part of the hike, of course, is Otter Falls. It has a unique beauty in that the water doesn't fall straight down, but cascades down the steep, sloping face of the cliff. The pool below the waterfall also looks like a great place to swim and play in the falls. Would definitely be worth a trip back on a hot summer day in August!

Mon Jun 17 2013

Overall we enjoyed this hike. At times the trail is wide enough to walk side-by-side. It also follows a river so you can hear water during the hike. We agreed that it is a good hike to start with if you've been in hibernation for the winter months. I rated this hike 3-stars for the following reasons: the road is full of pot holes on CR 56. Be prepared to swerve all over the road to avoid them. The hike itself is very rocky so we spent most of the time looking down at the trail and our feet. And lastly, the view at the top is just OK, in comparison to other PNW vistas. Note that you actually follow Snoqualmie Trail Lake hike to get to Otter Falls. Had we known this from the beginning it would have saved us some time trying to find the trail head. The trail to get to Otter Falls is poorly marked. Someone carved it into a tree and made a make-shift wooden arrow pointing the way. We almost missed it. I posted a picture that marks the trail. We're glad we went but one time if probably just fine.

Fri Jun 07 2013

We hiked the Lake Snoqualmie trail to Otter Falls in mid May. Lots of wash outs. Couldn't get the dog over one of them. Plus side: some of the washouts made beautiful falls of their own.

Fri Mar 15 2013

The trail was mostly covered in deep snow. With trekking poles and snow baskets we made it to 5 miles, but we couldn't find the trail to Otter Falls, and at that point we kept sinking through the snow pack so we turned back. It was very isolated with no other hikers nearby and it made for a very pleasant hike. We're excited to go back after the snow melts so we can make it to the falls.

Mon Mar 11 2013

This trail was laden with heavy deep snow, it was both pretty & picturesque, but made it difficult/ impossible to complete. At about the 3 mile mark many hikers were turning around. Every footstep ventured beyond this point was met by knee to thigh high depth. I believe if we had continued a little farther we would have found the lake, but it would have been a hard go even with snowshoes. We never did see the trail up to the falls. This will have to go on my summer hike list, that and bring an off road vehicle to rock n roll through the maze of pot holes & round ditches for the 12.5 miles it takes to reach the trailhead.

Thu Nov 29 2012

cool trail, could be a thru hike with some lakes but we did an out and back overnight from the north bend side. Otter falls is an easy to miss turn up away from river, short side trip up from main trail but worth it

Thu Aug 30 2012

This is one of my favorite hikes. It's great for letting dogs off leash and the falls are gorgeous. It's also a pretty steady elevation gain without many extreme spots but it's not too easy.

Tue Jul 31 2012

Totally worth the hike on a hot day to swim at the base of the falls.

Sun Feb 26 2012

Here's some solid directions: The forest service road is VERY bumpy!! Driving Directions: From Seattle, drive east on I-90 to exit 34 (Edgewick Road). Turn left (north) onto 468th Street and follow it to the junction with the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road (Forest Road 56). Turn right and continue up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road for 12.5 miles to the Taylor River Road (just past the Middle Fork trailhead parking area). Turn left onto the Taylor River Road and drive to a wide parking area at its end, in about 0.5 mile.

Fri Jan 20 2012

Location is wacko. This is a great hike, but it starts at the Taylor river bridge. I tried to change that but it wouldn't let me.

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