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Table Mountain via Aldrich Butte [PRIVATE PROPERTY]

HARD 78 reviews

Table Mountain via Aldrich Butte [PRIVATE PROPERTY] is a 8 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Stevenson, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until December.

Distance: 8.0 miles Elevation Gain: 3,402 feet Route Type: Loop


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private property

no dogs

Due to new private property changes, the ONLY trailhead for access to Aldrich Butte is now the Bonneville Trailhead in North Bonneville. This hike features beautiful wildflowers and incredible views of the Gorge, as well as surrounding mountains. This is an alternative hike to the 15.8 mi, traditional route which starts at the Bonneville trailhead. This route is strenuous due to the overall distance, elevation gain, and terrain, which includes the 1.6 mi (800ft) portion entitled, "Heartbreak Ridge," and the 0.25 mi scramble up a rock talus. Also, the trail can be a bit complicated due to many unmarked side trails/roads that intersect.

Tue Jul 03 2018

heartbreak all the way! that was a good challenge. took my 16 year old son on the hike. it's a good hike although you are in the woods for a large portion of the hike with minimal views. once you get past heartbreak the views are great.

Sat Jun 23 2018

Difficult, recommend poles! The terrain was super unique, so fun climbing the boulders. But this hike is quite challenging. Recommends a full day and plenty of snacks and water

Fri Jun 08 2018

If you're looking for a real challenge, this is it. The only access is from Bonneville Trailhead, making it a roughly 15-16 mile hike roundtrip. The last 1-2 miles nearest the summit are sketchy, including loose rock talus slopes and STEEP inclines--but make it to the top & you can call yourself a champion!! Amazing, diverse wildflowers near the summit when I went in late May.

Sat Mar 24 2018

That trail from the Power line trail is “Closed” and is private property according to letters on posts near gate.

Sun Dec 10 2017

This was definitely a hard hike but worth it. We did this one knowing we probably wouldn’t have a good view at the top but with over a foot of snow, it was still super fun to trek around the top! The 40mph winds were pretty sketch at times so we couldn’t take the scenic way. A few things to note: - Like others mentioned, we approached this trail head from the power line access down the road from the hot springs. Go the power line access until you hit a cross road - turn right and go down the hill. Once you see the hot springs buildings you should see the trailhead on the left. - It’s not marked very well so we ended up being on the PCT most the time but you get to table mountain either way. - Heartbreak is rough... but worth it! Especially with the snow right now! Just beautiful! - We has two huge elk attempt to approach us on the trail which was frightening, no bears though!

Fri Sep 22 2017

Definitely a difficult one. The hike to the mountain is pretty boring, but one of the quietest walks through a forest I've yet to experience, so that had it's on value in that. Very moderate hike until you reach the trail up to Table Mountain, then it gets steep very fast. Worth it though. I didn't have a great view of the Gorge that day but still enjoyed my experience at the top amongst the clouds.

Mon Jul 10 2017

We totally messed this one up. We parked on Cascade Drive and headed up the powerline access road like everyone said. Unfortunately we entered the forest too soon. We got lost and couldn't find a clear trail. After floundering in the woods, and using our GPS from All Trails, we finally made it to a road. Covered in stinging nettles and scratched up, we tried to enter the trail again from the Bonneville hotsprings, but all the brush was overgrown. We are going to regroup and give this another try.

Mon May 22 2017

Started at Bonneville Trailhead. Lots of trees still down across all sections of this trail. The hard route up Table Mountain is hard. Poles for up and down would be useful. Awesome view at the top of Table Mountain at the overlook.

Mon Mar 27 2017

Thu Mar 23 2017

Hiked 3/19/2017. Parked at the alternate trailhead now that the hot springs has changed ownership. Lots of branches across the trail and downed trees. This slowed us down a bit. We brought snow shoes and ended up using them for the last 600 feet of elevation to the summit. The views were great at the top. We hit a sunny, clear day and were able to see Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.

Mon Nov 07 2016

This is a good trail to use on a long hike day. I originally was going to go do Mt Defiance via Starvation Ridge but decided to come here instead and I'm glad I did. The view on the way up and at the top was worth the hike. If you are in a good physical condition and not carrying a lot of weight then this trail is really easy. If you are not and you are carrying a lot of weight then this trail can be challenging. I carried 35 pounds up with some detours along the way and ended up with 4200 feet of gains and 11 miles on my hike and I felt a little tired afterward.

Mon Oct 03 2016

when people say this trail is difficult, believe them! we started at Bonneville Hot Springs and went by way of Aldrich Butte. What a beautiful hike. But You MUST pay careful attention while on this trail because it's not well marked along the way. We also saw bear poop. make sure you pack plenty off water and a few protein snacks to keep your stamina up. Also, hiking poles aren't a bad idea.

Mon Sep 12 2016

This was the toughest hike I've ever done. We started at Moffetts Hot Springs and made the full loop up Heartbreak ridge and down the west trail. Both were brutal beyond description, especially Heartbreak Ridge. The views are amazing but I'd recommend only very experienced hikers attempt it. It's easy to get lost and it is very physically demanding.

Thu Aug 11 2016

This hike was an unexpected hike for me. Started at Aldrich and followed it through till the end near and open field. At the open field to your right, I made a right and took that trail down and eventually came across what was part of the pacific crest trail. Followed this beautiful trail and ended up at the beginning of table mountain. I took the mess steep way up, which was rough after 8 miles of trail, but oh so satisfying. Definitely recommended. Was fun alone!

Fri Jul 08 2016

Difficult hike that is rewarding with great views. Best starting point is now at the warm springs.

Sun Jun 12 2016

Got little lost heading down west side, Deffinatly bring a map saved us, be weary there are some cross section with no markers to which direction is the correct way. Overall the hike was AMAZINGLY my legs where gonna fall off when we got back Heart break ridge is worth it just don't give up and also if there time there fun side trails to explore at the top and around the top be careful of the cliffs tho. Ps. Awesome lunch at the top !

Sun May 22 2016

It was a great hard steep hike.

Sun May 08 2016

Great hike, really steep for 5 miles and the last mile up is extremely rocky and dangerous!

Sat May 07 2016

Love a steep hike!...on the way up.

Sun May 01 2016

This was a challenging hike. I hiked it with a friend, and my 10y/o and 17y/o daughters. It was a breathtaking view at the summit.

Mon Apr 18 2016

VERY good conditioning hike especially if going up the rock field way. Be ready for a fairly hard hike up but when you get to the top on a nice clear day it's some GREAT views. There are a lot of loose rocks so if you have knee or ankle issues probably not a good one for you. Just keep on the jeep trail until you see a wooden sign on the tree saying Left (Aldrich Butte) and Right (Table Mountain).

Fri Apr 08 2016

This is a pretty good trail, good exercise. Views along the way and on the top were fantastic.

Sun Apr 03 2016

Simply stunning view that demands to be earned. From a portion called Heartbreak Ridge to sweat dripping as you climb up a rock slide it is roughly amazing! Sitting atop the mountain you can see a peaking Mt. St Helens, while Rainer, Adams, and Hood are in full view! If your debating doing this trail just buck up and make it to the top'

Tue Mar 29 2016

Too many rocks.

Sat Nov 28 2015

I love Table Mountain. There are a number of ways you can get there. To the summit itself you can go up Heartbreak from the south, Westway trail on the west and there is an unmaintained trail off the North end of the Table. If you really want to shake it up you can hike in via Cedar mountain to add a few extra miles and maybe 1.5k EG. From the PCT you can head up Heartbreak or Westway. Heartbreak starts as a very steep hike up to an amazing view point of Table mountain itself, and then over a very large boulder field. A lot of people don’t want to down climb the boulders. Instead of heading up heartbreak, if you continue North on the PCT you’ll come to Westway. Rather than the boulder field you will deal with a lot of scree on this approach. Each present their own challenges. From the top you get great Gorge and Hood views from the south. Hike north through a small forested area and come out on the north with the big views of Mt Adams, Mt Rainier and St Helens. There is a trail heading down from the top of the north side. It’s non maintained but easy to follow if you’re comfortable with that kind of stuff. Follow it a mile or so north and connect up to the PCT.

Sun Sep 20 2015

Great for training for elevation gains. Watch out for rattle snakes.

Tue Aug 18 2015

Not sure why this site suggests this as an 8 mile hike. The real hike to Table mountain starts at the Bonneville Dam Trailhead. It is a BEAST of a trail. You will be scrambling and crawling at parts. The elevation gain is incredible and towards the top of the trail it is easy to get lost. Be sure to bring written directions and trail knowledge with you! If you are looking for a challenging but rewarding hike there's not much better out there. Sweeping views at the top offer views of every Volcano in the area including all the way Rainier when it's clear! Basically if you are a hiker this is a must do, but when I say hiker I do mean fit, in shape, regular hiking. This isn't the kind of trail you go I'm an active guy I can handle it. Without trail skills and trained endurance you will get exhausted and quite possibly lost!

bird watching
Wed Jul 29 2015

Awesome hike - most difficult one I've done. The loose rocks and incline is intense but felt accomplished after completing. Not sure I'll do it again any time soon. Harder for dogs on the way down.

Wed Jun 10 2015

Holy schnikes! This is an amazing trail experience, on multiple levels. For the 'real' table mountain trail, start at Bonneville trailhead and at the end of the day you'll be so proud of yourself as you have just completed a near 16 mile baloon. This route is primarily on the PCT and worth every second. 16 miles sounds very long for a day hike, but for the first 4+ miles the elevation gain is a very mellow and very enjoyable route (you'll pass a few creeks and 2 lakes if memory serves me, so water is an option if you have a purification system). The first half mile is getting to a PCT junction, tuning left and heading to Canada! From there the next few miles will be very easy, but it can be pretty easy to get lost as you'll come to cross roads, forks and other side trail options that leave you confused on which way is the right way. Look for trail markers/indicators such as neatly formed piles of rocks (visibility for those was awesome on this trail) or brightly colored ribbons that are tied to branches (careful on the way back as it could lead you to the hotsprings trailhead). Other than that, the trail is not very well marked, until you get to heartbreak ridge. Decision time - you'll have the choice between staying on the PCT for the Westside table of table mountain, or go up Heartbreak ridge for the eastern side (with the cliffs that are seen from I-84). Whatever route is taken, you'll get to see both sides and get the full experience. We went up Heartbreak ridge, which is not recommended for the novice/out of shape hiker as it climbs a STEAP (understatement) 1300 feet in a little over a mile, and you'll also come up to a bolder field that can look pretty intimidating but was so much fun to climb. At this point is where the trekking poles had to go in my pack and I scrambled to get to the top (which also has a killer view of where you just came from, and where you are going). For me, it was much easier to get solid footing and feel safer as I was much lower to the ground helping my center of gravity. After you complete this section, the worst is over (for the ascend at least) and you'll soon be rewarded with your efforts. After that song and dance is completed there's a sign for the gorge overlook which is .28 miles of bliss to the right. Keep an eye out to the left and you'll see 3 volcanos/mountains. Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainer, and Mt. Saint Helens are all visible on a clear day. Keep on the trail and you'll come to the overlook - you'll definitely know you are there once you see the 800+ foot cliffs that are about 2 feet from the edge of the trail. YOU MADE IT! Eat lunch, drink water and take some pictures, this is one of the most epic views the gorge has to offer. Bonneville dam and BOTG are both visible, along with the lake(s) that were passed by earlier. Go back towards the way you came and instead of going straight back the way you came, head right to see all the views the Westside has to offer. Once done with the gazing, head down the PCT that will loop back around to heartbreak ridge. I recommend this route for 2 reasons - 1. You'll get some additional scenery that you missed while dying up Heartbreak ridge and 2. The descend is much easier on the knees going down this as opposed to HBR. Follow the PCT all the way back to the junction with the BOTG trail and turn right, in 1/2 mile you are back at the car! Side notes: We did this on one of the hottest days of the year so far, and a full 3L water resivoir + an extra liter wasn't enough due to the heat and difficulty. Bring extra, or at the very least a Nalgene and a lifestraw. There was a great selection of campsites if one was to plan on backpacking this, with close access to streams it would be great. 1 awesome site on the western end of the summit that was amazing! Lastly, and equally important as water - BUGS BUGS BUGS!!! Your blood, sweat and tears are all attractions to the bugs that are pretty relentless. This was fixed by a bug bracelet (REI - best 5 dollar insect remedy) and a face net. As long as you're not stopping for 5-7 + mins, you should be okay. All in all one of the best experiences for a hard, challenging and rewarding trail. Don't let the 16 miles scare you, this was all done within 10 hours with a lonnng summit break. Absolutely plan on doing this multiple times this year!! Cheers to an unforgettable experience!

Sat Jan 31 2015

Awesome, evil, amazing, ouch! I've done most of the big climbs in the Gorge so I figured, 3500', meh! Wrong. This is a great hike but also a killer one thanks to the terrain profile which starts off nice and easy taking you up 1500' or so over ~2.4 miles. Of course that means the last ~1.6 (there's more distance if you wander up top, talking parking lot to summit based on my AllTrails tracks) is a butt... and quad / calf kicking 1200'+ / mile climb for the finish. Heartbreak ridge up starts out like Kings Mountain's steep sections with a very sloped dirt climb that keeps going almost all the way up to the boulder field. Big steps, more gain, but it's a nice break in conditions before your final summit switch backs. Views at the top were fogged in today but no matter as it was pretty epic just the same. Lots of ice freeze on the trees but clear ground for the trail. Great views of the rock faces against the fog. Very nice and also very chilly, effectively below freezing for sure. A warning: Downhill is brutal. Coming back down the PCT side may be nicer but it's sure not nice with a good 1/2 mile or more of scree / shale rock to navigate down at a serious incline level. Poles are a given here as falling would be very inopportune next to the cliff side and all! Parking is $5 at the Hot Springs. Enter into the SPA at the back (doors face the dirt lot).

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