Stafford Creek / Standup Creek Loop is a 11.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Cle Elum, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, bird watching, and horses and is best used from June until November. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 11.5 miles Elevation Gain: 3,546 feet Route Type: Loop

dog friendly


horseback riding

nature trips

bird watching


wild flowers

Amble along the creek, climb to views and flowers, descend along another creek To make this a loop, park at the end of road 112. Walk back down 112, and go left onto 9703. Follow 9703 for about 1.5 miles Walk along the road for 1 mile until you reach the Stafford Creek trailhead. The trail travels along the river for about 4 miles before it begins to climb. The flowers and meadows on this climb are beautiful. At 7.5 miles from the car, you'll hit an intersection. If you go right, you will reach Navajo Pass in 2 miles. Stay to the left for the loop. Cross the river and climb to amazing views along the flank of Earl Peak. Look over Ingalls Creek to the Enchantments area. At the saddle between Stafford and Standup valleys there is a great (dry) campsite. Descend into woods. 2 miles from the Navaho Pass junction, you'll come to another junction. Stay to the left, and drop steeply to Standup Creek, and eventually, your car.

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8 months ago

Another day hike for me gone south. I wanted to hike up to Lake Ingall but I never was able to locate the trailhead. I followed the directions to a T but I must've overlooked a turn or something. Anyway. I wasn't about to have driven 90 miles just to turn around and spend an entire day driving to and from Snoqualmie Pass without getting in a hike somewhere, (although, the views are stunning while on I-90). Honestly, I didn't realize how far of a drive this was going to be until I was at the West Summit and realized then I still had 30+ miles to go. Nevertheless, I pushed on. I'll admit. I was a little unprepared for this one. I arrived at Stafford Creek Trailhead, (after not being able to find the Lake Ingall trailhead) and set out. This would be my first time really hiking the back country of Eastern Washington. It's not as pretty as the other side but a hike is a hike, and I love hiking. The air was dry and the scent of alpine filled the air. Stafford Creek babbled to my left as I stepped along the dry, dusty trail. The trail was in decent shape. Lots, and lots of rocks and loose dirt on either side of the trail so watch your step. Also, it appeared there was quite a bit of horse scat on the trail as well. My own dust attempted to choke me out as I went up the steep switchbacks in the beginning and when the trail leveled out, there seemed to be less of it as the trail was matted down with pine needles and rocks. I had just watched an episode of I was Prey, (or something to that affect) the night before so I was a little cautious of bear and wolves. I wasn't trying to get eaten while out here. Since my previous plans to hike up to the lake were aborted, I had no idea about Stafford Creek Trail. I had to resort to my GPS to tell me where I'd be going, how long it would take me to get there and if there were any interesting surrounding peaks to bag while I was hiking around. The only peak that was along the trail was Navaho Peak. But since I didn't have any intel on that peak whatsoever, it wasn't going to be a summit day. The hike was pretty uneventful. I got a few good pictures of Navaho Peak, and also Earl Peak off to my left. The trail was dry. Very dry. And it was hot. Very hot. So if you do this hike in the summer, bring lots of water. I decided since I didn't know much about this trail, and my GPS was showing just a vast trail system all through the area, I would hike up to a certain point, and head back. I hiked in about four miles or so and decided to call it. It was a nice 7-8 mile hike through densely, dry forest. I saw lots of chipmunks and song birds. And if you watch my video I embedded, I ran across a snake that was playing a pretty good game of opossum.

Mon Oct 08 2018

Stafford Lookout Trail: The road up is paved most of the way which was quite nice. I used the gps coordinates from the wa trails site to the lower parking area. Once there, there is a road to the left that goes up right to the trailhead. Many steep-ish dips in the road would make it iffy for lower clearance vehicles. I did the Stafford Lookout trail. Once you cross the bridge the trail appears to go straight ahead, but veering to the left is an old road that heads up. It is a moderate grade the whole way up, but a shorter hike. Maybe 1.5 miles one way at most. Few fall colors, lots of leaves on the ground but the view at the top is great for the little effort required to get there.

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10 months ago

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