Ray Trail

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Ray Trail is a 1.6 mile loop trail located near Conconully, Washington that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and birding.

1.6 miles 167 feet Loop




1 year ago

Camped the week at Conconully State Park and wanted to try to find this trail one of the days. It is an unmarked trail and is really just some old overgrown forest road. I am glad we did it however. I thought the trail had 2 Trail Heads and when we came to the end of the trail (easy to know, the road just stops and overlooks the valley below) our group keep looking for where it continued. We were using the record feature of the AT app and decided to follow some old cow trails around the other side of the hill back to our car. I was glad we did. From the middle of town (Main/Broadway) it was about 8.1 miles to the trail head, a small area you could park 4-5 cars on the side of the road. If you go past it there is another spot that look like it could be the trail about 1/4 mile up the road, also on the Right but stop at the first one. The road appears as though it ends after a few hundred feet, but just walk around it and the road is still there, it has been dug up to prevent motor traffic. If the weather is clear, I would suggest giving it a hike if you are in or around Conconully. I guess it's a bird watching hot spot according to http://www.mybirdmaps.com/topo-maps/US-birding-locations/Washington/Washington-Trails/Okanogan/Conconully_West/Ray-Trail-historical