11.1 miles
2,798 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly


trail running






The trail is very well-maintained and the signs are regularly and clearly marked so you won’t have trouble staying on track. There are no switchbacks or difficult parts to the trail. It is a steady incline throughout, with very forgiving intermittent flat/downhill patches. Overall, I really don’t agree with the “hard” rating. It is more intermediate.

There are beautiful views at miles 2, 4, and 6. In June all the wildflowers are in bloom, making the trail exquisitely beautiful. All the snow is gone by now and there were only a couple of small muddy patches, which were very easy to navigate around.

Most people comment on the high traffic of this trail. It is no lie. Going early on a midweek day is your best bet. I went on a Friday morning at 5:15am and I was the only one on the trail all the way to the top (and some birds and a few unfortunate snails). However, on my descent (shortly before 8) I began passing other hikers on their way up. Even still, it did not feel congested at all.

There are quite a few viewpoints along the way with benches. I brought breakfast and a great book and had a wonderful time enjoying the view at the top, eating breakfast, drinking my tea, and later reading the book.

I highly recommend this trail! If you go outside of crowd-time, this is a great trail for relaxing you-time. Have fun!