Putvin Trail to Lake of the Angels

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Putvin Trail to Lake of the Angels is a 6.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Lilliwaup, Washington that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until October.

6.3 miles
3480 feet
Out & Back



nature trips





wild flowers


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1 month ago

Very tough but very rewarding. Take Trek Poles for the way down.

2 months ago

Spent a night here. Wonderful hike, beautiful scenery, would do it again in a heartbeat. Come prepared for a good workout...steep, suffered from sore muscles days after and I am an experienced hiker.

2 months ago

I've been on a few steeper trails, but this one is right up there. The payoff vista at the lake is worth it. The headwall section is not very long and looks the worst just at the top. Height helps, but so does the rope someone hung there.

3 months ago

By far the hardest trail I've been on. The headwall scramble was the easiest part of it all. The last 300ft of climbing might as well have been Everest, I was so gassed by that point. Took about 3-4 hours to get to the top. Trekking poles would have been wonderful. The switchbacks climbing from the road intersection a mile up the trail to the headwall are comically short and steep.

3 months ago

Fantastic but fitness is a must.

4 months ago

Amazing hike and the bonus of seeing mountain goats!! Don't go here thinking it's just hard. It's extremely hard. Take plenty of water and food. Trekking poles or staff are a must!! Jump in the lake it's worth it!

4 months ago

BRUTAL! The lake and views (and mountain goats) make everything worth it. The ground was very dry and dusty but the air was super muggy. I would recommend this to everyone but please know what you're getting into!

P.S. The head wall was not hard at all, probably the easiest part of this hike.

4 months ago

The mountain doesn't stop dishing it out. Plan for more than 6 miles everyone we ran into GPS was registering more than 6 miles of total hiking ours was registering 10.

lakes snow free

5 months ago

This trail was definitely one of the hardest I've ever hiked. The first mile or so on the Putvin trail is a walk in the park compared to the steep climb to come. The scramble was actually pretty fun though, and easy to climb with the rocks and roots to use for support. Still A LOT of snow at the top and around the lake. About ten or so mountain goats were at the top as well. All in all, the views were beautiful and you'll definitely feel a sense of accomplishment when you're finished with this trail! Bring lots of water and high carb snacks to fuel up for trek.

5 months ago

made it to top July 1st. lots of snow still, lake is totally covered. kicked my butt. stayed night at trail y Vista just after 2 rock wall. lost back pack off cliff from Vista fell due south pretty far if found reward. has fryguy name tape on it. appreciate it.

5 months ago

Lots of snow the last half mile of the hike. Making it hard to stay the course and find the lake, at least for us. Other than that it was beautiful. We crossed 2 back to back small headwalls on the way up. Possibly a 3rd one to get to the actual lake. I'm not sure, we stopped at the waterfall.

5 months ago

This was the last hike I completed prior to moving from WA to CO last fall. It was a terrific hike. Challenging, but the lake was beautiful and so worth it. There were about 10 other hikers out that day, but I only saw three others at the lake. The head wall will make those afraid of heights a little queazy, but scramble away! It was an amazing morning, and one that I will always think of when I remember my WA years.

6 months ago

Whew! This is a steep hike, especially after you reach the 2mi. to Lake of the Angels. The conditions were good; very few bugs, trail was easy to follow and thoroughly passable. We only went as far as the meadow and didn't get to the headwall, but heard there was still a fair amount of snow toward the top. We will go again later in the summer!

6 months ago

I started this hike very late (noon) which gave plenty of time for everything to warm up as you will find reading further. As the very few previous reports stated, snow starts at about 3700ft. After only a few more hundred feet in elevation gain, it becomes steep and deep. I finally made it to the lake after skinning/climbing for a total of about 4.5hrs with multiple change overs.

Thanks to the two people that laid the skintrack that morning otherwise I probably wouldn't have made it as navigating is tough here. The Lake of False Prophet is rapidly melting and will be impassible soon, so you will need to navigate around.

Active slide areas on the slope when you start heading west at about 4600ft towards Mt. Skokomish are big and covered the skin track. Same situation right after the False Prophet going up the chute at 4700ft.

If you're going to attempt this, I suggest advanced navigation skills and ski's/splitboard with skins as well as ice tools. I don't think snowshoes will cut it on the steep slopes.

The night was cool but not too cold, with very little wind. Super clear and made for an awesome sunrise.

Or just wait a few weeks until more snow has melted out :)

7 months ago

I've hiked this trail a few times now, my father would take us when we were teenagers, and it was always beautiful, a little rough getting up to the meadows, but absolutely gorgeous once up there. There were lots of goats, wild flowers, and clear blue skies last time I was there. We usually do this as a day trip but it would be a perfect place to camp as well.

9 months ago

we made it to the top but got lost in the Meadows

10 months ago

We've hiked this twice. Enjoyed it both times. We didn't find it overly difficult to navigate. Might want to reconsider a name change to Lake of the Goats. The goats are a bit possessive about their little bit of land.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Great trail, well maintained. A definite climb. We didn't make it the last pitch because of rain, but will return.

Monday, October 24, 2016

It's a nice hike to do in summer cause it is muddy , slippery and some parts of the trail with a lot of water, be ready to get wet.
9 MILES NOT 6!!!!!
I totally recomen to bring a map or his app cause is easy to get lost.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Great trail. Middle part is tough, so be prepared. Took 1:40 minutes each direction, with 20 minutes to walk around the lake and take pictures. GPS watch said total distance was 6.9 miles. I highly recommended this trail!

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