Puget Park Trail is a 1.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Tacoma, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 1.2 miles Elevation Gain: 252 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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2 days ago

Good trail for being right in Tacoma. Pretty flat. The Tacoma sewage line is right under the trail so you get a waft if that every now and then. The stream is nice and deer will watch you walk by.

1 month ago

Nice, short and easy hike. Not very crowded so it’s easy to keep your distance from others.

2 months ago

Great for kids 3 and up. Great with packing a baby in a baby wrap too. My kids loved it.

3 months ago

Nice small walk with poochie.

4 months ago

Although it’s close to a hike, after all the stairs I walked down it was a straight shot to the other side. A beautiful little walk good for those with dogs and children.

9 months ago

I'd be curious to know the exact definition of 'easy', because though this trail was short, it was a continuous incline and the last 3/8ths were an EXTREME incline, switchbacks & stairs & tree roots oh my. I loved it, but be forewarned in case that's not your thing.

9 months ago

Kid friendly and muddy

9 months ago

This was a wide nice trail that was actually more of an incline than I expected going away from Ruston but was a nice quick workout with the pup. However it would be nice if others kept a their pups on leash as required by law.

Wed May 29 2019

We did this a couple days ago with our 2.5 year old. It was nice that there was a little creek along the way, but once you got down to the end where there’s a picnic area there were tons of beer cans and other trash. And a garbage can on the other side of it. The laziness never ceases to amaze me from some people.

Sun Apr 21 2019

Tacoma is BLOOMING. I highly recommend this walk. Starts with a stroll on the water, then creek sounds and a nice stair workout on Puget Canyon Trail, then the walk down 30th is lined with gorgeous flowers and landscapes.

Sun Apr 21 2019

If you like stairs, you’ll love this trail. Personally, I don’t hike to descend and climb stairs on a hike. This alleged hike was asinine, in my opinion.

Sat Mar 30 2019

Had a great time, but not because of the trail

Sun Oct 21 2018

This trail was ok. I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve been on and since starting this whole hiking every Saturdays with the kids journey (this being my 4th trail). I picked this trail only because I read the reviews and saw someone had posted there was a treasure hunt here and since I take my 8 yr old daughter and 11 yr old son I thought “that seems fun!” When we got there we couldn’t find any treasure hunt sign which we were kinda bummed out about. The trail began with us going downhill on staircases that seemed to never end but the beginning of the trail was literally the only challenging part of the trail. The straight a way the rest of the way was kinda boring. Once you get to the end of the trail and go past the train bridge you can look out on the water Tacoma water front. The trail kinda smelled too but it was okay. I didn’t take a pic but also someone left an unopened condom in a tree trunk that you have to pass by to get to the bottom of the hill. So unless you feel like giving your children a sex Ed lesson in the middle of a hike this trail is not the best trail to take.

Sat Jul 14 2018

In no way easy! I would rate this trail moderate. Quite a few stairs and elevation change. Note: most of the trail is NOT wheel chair or stroller accessible. Great trail otherwise. Waterfront dining or drinks are a nice incentive to complete the trail.

Sun Jul 01 2018

The trail its self is cool… What made this trail awesome was that there was a sign that said “treasure hunt” at the beginning of the trail. Once we started, there were toys hidden throughout the entire trail which made it a blast for my son. This was one of the funnest trails because of the random treasure hunt that we found. I don’t know if this is always here… But because it was, it made it one of the most enjoyable trails my son and I have been on.

Tue Apr 03 2018

I didn’t know this hike had a name. I always called it “the gulch”. It’s part of my 4 mile loop run that leads out to commencement bay. I do sprint this mile because When female and running alone it can be kinda eerie at dusk; it would seem like a easy place for transients or other mischievous people to hang out. But cool (temp) and nice scenery. If you take it up past the steps that lead to Proctor, it will spit you out on Mason and 35th, I believe.

Sun Jan 14 2018

Watch out for leptospirosis!!! This is the only place I allowed my dog to drink fresh water from a creek before she came down with acute renal failure and spent 4 days in the ICU. DO NOT LET DOGS DRINK THE WATER IN THE CREEK OR THE PUDDLES THERE!

Wed Sep 13 2017

Love walking dogs through here

Sat Jan 28 2017

Good hike for young kids but not much to see

Mon Oct 24 2016

nice quick hike with a great leg work-out

Mon Sep 05 2016

It's a nice break from our usual trails, and it leads down to Ruston Way. If your looking for really rustic trails, with animals, waterfalls, and captivating scenery...this isn't the trail for you. My 2 yr old enjoyed it, but parts were challenging for him. It was a bit of challenge going back. I left the wife and kid down, ran up and got the car. Parts were stinky. I'd probably bring the kid carrier next time for the trip back up!

Fri Jul 29 2016


Sun Jul 17 2016

A challenging hike back up

Sun Jun 12 2016

very easy.

Tue Apr 05 2016

Quiet, a nice hidden spot from the more popular Ruston water way.

Thu Feb 25 2016

Fun trail for my four year old and I. We extended our hike a by continuing down the Tacoma waterfront. My only complaint is the dog waste left in the middle of the trail. A number of lazy individuals contributed..watch your step on the stairs!

Wed May 27 2015

Fun trail for little kiddos (2 and almost 4). Lots to look at.

Sat Feb 14 2015

Love this trail. . easy walk to the water and to explore

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