2.1 miles
85 feet
Out & Back

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trail running
21 days ago

The trail itself was perfect… Absolutely no complaints. My issue is my lack of planning and some of the characters that exist on the planet.

The first issue is that I started around 1600 and by that time the tide started to rise so access along the beach was difficult. I had to turn around about an eighth of a mile from the end because there was zero access unless I wanted to swim. The perfect time to go on this hike is between 1000 and 1400 when the tide is low.

Second issue was this complete narcissistic douche bag who wanted to sit naked on the beach while everybody walked by him. When he was questioned by a mother with her children he started to talk pretentiously saying that he was in his right and that she should not be bothered with nudity. When he did some subtle insults to her, I spoke up and he instantly shut his mouth. When she threatened to call the cops he got up and he had a plastic cup around is junk… But it wasn’t a cup as in sports, it was a plastic dick shaped cup that fit around his junk. This dude was simply pretending to be nude to get attention… and when he got the attention he wanted he pretended like other people had a problem. I detest pretentious, narcissistic hipsters that feel like the world needs to evolve around them rather than them just showing decency for the culture there in.