Olympic Hot Springs Trail

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Olympic Hot Springs Trail is a 21.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Port Angeles, Washington that features hot springs and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October.

Distance: 21.2 miles Elevation Gain: 3,166 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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washed out

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Road in may be CLOSED to vehicle traffic due to flooding/washout Open for pedestrians, bicycles, and dogs on leash Madison Falls parking area is open, parking is limited (trail has been changed to reflect this route. The first approx. 9 miles are paved and can be biked.) A short, fairly easy hike through moss covered trees leads to a series of hot springs scattered throughout the woods. The water is a great temperature, there is camping in the area (with free permits), and there is a chance for a secluded soak depending on which pool you choose to soak in.

washed out
1 month ago

Nice challenge on the way up, personally I did not feel comfortable when I was going by the landslide area that narrowed the trail. Since we got a late start that day the half bridge and the log bridge to get to the hot springs was unnerving. I would definitely do this again, though I will be waiting for dryer weather as well as longer daylight.

mountain biking
washed out
1 month ago

Overall nice trail/road up. Hard-pack snow the last mile or two. Most pools are only knee deep and not as many as I was expecting (maybe I didn't explore enough).But, the pool we went in was amazing. I highly recommend biking as the down is almost exclusively down hill. More challenging than I expected it to be, although I think it's because it was quite cold.

bridge out
washed out
4 months ago

I love this adventure soo much! I have made this a goal to complete at least 1x a year. Each time there is a different twist to the trail. This year, the first bridge washed out at the beginning so we had to go on the bypass trail with our bikes. I had never been on those side trails so It was a great opportunity to rally my MTB! These hot springs are not an easy hike or bike I'd say. definitely not for the weak at heart. But soo worth the challenge. The pools were amazing. a great recharge for our muscles and joints from the climb up. It took us about 7.5 hours round trip with a good 1.5 hour soak. Definitely great to make up lost time cruising down on bikes.

4 months ago

Wear comfortable shoes over hiking boots. Trail is 10 miles paved (except for 1/4 mile bypass detour), mostly all up hill. Then 2.4 miles wide soft trail with a few easy river and or bridge crossings. When you see the big wooden log bridge you have basically arrived. Best spring I believe was 3rd one on the left side under 2 towering black spruce trees. Low sulfur, deeper, and the perfect temp. Big enough for I’d say 5 people comfortably. I’d estimate around 104ish degrees compared to the first few. Maybe reviewer below was too blistered up to explore (smirk). Was a 12 hour day with 3 hours spent at hot springs. Phenomenal weather and day and I’ll be sore tomorrow no doubt. Day hiked it. Need a backcountry over night pass to stay in the campground near springs obtained at main visitor center. I slept in my truck night before at trailhead, had no issue. No camping allowed there.

bridge out
washed out
4 months ago

Since the road has been washed out for two years very little has been done to maintain the trail. Lots of washed out bridges and awkward climbs. The old damn was a cool thing too see. Both on the Dam and seeing it from the look out... kinda wished we’d turned back at the look out... Hot Springs are small and shallow and none to impressive. Definitely not worth the blisters

mountain biking
washed out
7 months ago

Trail is washed out about mile or so from the closed gate. There is a short trail to get around washout. I had to pick my bike up over some logs and push up some hills but it’s mostly paved road to the Hot Springs. It was a fantastic trip. The ride back is almost all downhill. I was flying down that mountain at speeds of up to 35mph.

Sun Sep 30 2018

September 30 2018 Road closed. 10+ mile hike to springs from road closed gate. We were time restricted and disappointed we couldnt do it. Road is washed out allegedly.

Sat Aug 04 2018

Nice walk through the old forest growth. We ended at the creek, but we think the trail ends before the steep descent.

Fri Jul 06 2018

Road closed can’t get there

Wed Apr 25 2018

Late review, but was a great hike in October, 2017. Brisk but you get a workout. I wouldn’t call it super easy with the hills. The two suspension bridges were amazing. Hot springs are small and always occupied. Also clothing optional — with users expressing ZERO modesty — so watch with kids. Alcohol was definitely being imbibed out there.

Mon Mar 26 2018

You have to hike 10 miles of road just to access the official Olympic Hot Springs Trailhead. A couple miles in, the road is washed out and uncrossable (deep water). There are several re-routes around the washout. The first is a ~1/4 a mile before the bridge on the Elwha River Trail. Second is right before crossing bridge, though route is rough (steep/flooded/not official trail). The third re-route is a log crossing on the left, in between bridge and road washout. There are red/pink flags marking routes, but these can be confusing. May be difficult with heavy bikes, but doable if you’re adventurous. There were cyclists who did it while we were there. Past the reroute, the road is gradual up to the old Elwha dam. Beyond that it gets steeper and winding, with lots of trees and debris to cross over/around. When you reach the official Trailhead, the snow goes from a couple inches to up to 12’ deep in areas. Hot springs are filled with green algae, and the first 4-5 are Luke warm and shallow (less than knee deep). Get there early to get the deeper pools. Boulder Creek Campground is right there, less than .5 miles from springs, with bear wires and pit toilets. Permits required to camp and no fires/dogs allowed.

Mon Feb 19 2018

Feb 2018 - Inaccessible at the moment due to flooding in November that wiped out the trail and both campsites.

Mon Sep 18 2017

Cool springs. Not literally of course. One was too hot for me to put feet in. The others were a little cooler but the Sulfur smell was strong so I didn't anyways.

Thu Sep 14 2017

Decent trail, well maintained and easy to hike on. A heads up, most of the hot springs are pretty shallow and only 1 out of the 5 is large enough for more than 3 people to comfortably use. If you want to protect your feet walking between hot springs, bring sandals with ankle straps, NO FLIP FLOPS

Sun Aug 20 2017

Was grueling for an intro WA hike but the fiance and I made it! tough for us flat land Floridians ;) hot springs were very warm indeed.

Sun Jul 09 2017

The trail AND hot springs are CLOSED until late summer. Check NPS website or with a ranger. There is extensive repair work underway.

Sun Jun 25 2017

the trail is currently washed out due to flooding and is closed. the park ranger told me it would be reopened some time at the end of august.

Mon May 01 2017

Easy hike, the springs are nice. When I went in August 2015, there were several groups besides ours. Would definitely recommend for an easy overnight trip or day trip.

Mon Aug 22 2016

I've been here before and it was a nice easy hike. The only downfall was the trail was paved most of the way. The road is closed right now though, so you won't be able to get to the trailhead unless you walk from the Madison Falls trailhead which will add about 3.5 miles to your hike. I hope the road opens soon!

Sun Jul 03 2016

Road closed 10 miles before trailhead

Thu Mar 31 2016

Great! Not hard at all.

Tue Jan 12 2016


Fri Jan 08 2016

Easy trail.

Mon Sep 14 2015

Great hike for all skill levels. Hot springs are a nice break when you get up to them and people have put rocks around them so people can decide to sit and dip their feet or get in and relax. We did this hike with our 1 year old and 3 year old and they did really well and enjoyed the hot springs.

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