9.7 miles
5252 feet
Out & Back

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7 months ago

Hiked solo to mount Pugh.

Road in very good condition, I've arrived from Darlingtonn side, not Mountain Loop Highway, much less gravel road this way.
Started at 11:30 and reached the top around 3 pm, returned to trailhead at 6pm. I did couple stops - at small lake and at boulder field. I've met three or four people going up as well, but seems they all turned around at scrambling part, to be honest I also thought about it all the way up since I don't have lot of scramble expirience, all scrambling I did before was much easy. I met last people going down when I scrambled the ridge and I climbed to the top completely alone and stayed at summit almost half hour also alone, the mountain was mine :) Views around supposd to be just awesome and you should see many peaks and mountains, but bad thing is that smoke has returned again and I've seen Galcier peak and Baker little bit.

some notes from me:

1) Bring a lot of water, there is only one accessable stream at the begining, nothing more. I brought 2.5 liters and was out of water at half way down.
2) Go early to avoid oncoming cars at development road, it too narrow.
3) Watch Pugh scramble on youtube before and If you decide you ok with that, than go! Apart that scramble most of the trail is pretty boring, neverending swithcbacks just killing me sometimes.
4) Way to the true summit from the false summit easier than way from the ridge to the false summit.
5) Way down on scramble part was easy than way up, usually vise-versa
6) Bring light backpack, I brought mine 38 liters osprey with all essentials, too heavy for scrambling.
7) Don't forget to put your name in notepad at capsule on the top.